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Harry saw a blur of his memories flash by. He was playing Quidditch……. he was kissing Cho Chang…. he was being chased by Dudley and his gang…… he was watching Cedric Diggory die…..

"No," Harry whispered.

The memories stopped and Harry turned to stare at the most hated teacher he has ever had: Professor Snape.

Professor Snape had the usual hooked nose, beady black eyes that reminded you of deep, dark tunnels, slimy, greasy hair and facial hair, and the same sneer as he looked at Harry.

"Potter!" he mocked. "Can't you do any better then that? You are just as arrogant and lazy as your pathetic father!"

Harry lifted himself from the cold, hard floor of the dungeons, where Professor Snape's classroom and office was located. He gave Snape a cold glare. "My father wasn't arrogant! And neither am I!"

"You are more like him then you know, Potter," Snape sneered. "He was as pampered as you are. He strutted around the castle liked he owned the place. He hexed anyone who crossed his path, or just for the fun of it."

"So he was like you," Harry snarled, his hands clenching together to make fists.

"Legilimens," Snape snapped in reply, not bothering to answer.

Harry saw more rushes pf his memories. He was killing the basilisk….. He was rescuing the egg, trying to escape the dragon…. then he saw the one memory he never wanted Snape, the man who loathed him, to ever see.

He was staring at his uncle, who was looking quite livid, his beady eyes flashing, his mustache twitching, and his usually purple face had an even more flushed face.

"How dare you get better grades then Dudley! Who did you cheat from, boy?"

"No one, sir," Harry watched him, the nine-year old, whisper.

"You're a liar!" Vernon spat. "A freak, too! Just like your stupid Mother and Father. They were worthless people who killed themselves in a car crush because they were drunk!"

That was when the worst beating in his life had happened. Vernon had dragged him to the garage, or the torture room as Harry knew it as and promptly threw him against the hard cold floor.

"Please, no, Uncle," Harry whispered.

His uncle paid him no heed as he grabbed a whip from a table, grinning evilly at his nephew. He brought back the whip and, laughing, slammed it against Harry. Harry winced but didn't speak, having known their was no way around the beating.

"You worthless piece of scum," Vernon hissed.

He kicked Harry hard where his stomach was and Harry flung against the wall, his head hitting it with force. Harry landed, hearing a small crack from his left wrist, and he trembled.

"Please Uncle," he begged, tears streaming down his pale cheeks. "I'll be good."

"You deserve this, boy," his uncle growled. "Every freak like you needs this!"

His uncle brought out a long, sharp blade and stripped Harry of his too big shirt and pants. He harshly set Harry onto his back and applied as much pressure as he could muster onto his back. With a sickening grin, he carved the words: Freak. The blood gushed out and Harry flinched in pain, biting his lip to stop the scream waiting to come, and his back felt like it was on fire. His uncle lifted him up by his messy hair and he whimpered. With an angry glint in his eyes, he raised his fist and-

Harry felt the dream stop and Harry landed onto the cold dungeon floor, just now realizing he was crying. A small pain in his knees awakened his feeling and he quickly whipped away the tears, standing up slowly. He couldn't meet Snape's dark eyes, knowing all he would find was strange satisfaction and hatred.

"Mr. Potter, what was that?" Snape questioned softly.

"Nothing," Harry answered quickly, his eyes still firmly staring at the ground.

"Don't lie to me!" Snape hissed. "How did you put that memory into your head? Did Ms. Granger help you?"

"Yes, it was a joke!" Harry said shakily, his eyes finding Snape's own. He was shocked by the level of fury in the gaze, and he instantly froze. With a terrified gasp, Harry fell backwards in shock.

"Potter!" Snape said deadly. "You do know you just tried to deceive a teacher for unwanted attention. You are so arrogant." He stepped forward, moving closer and closer to Harry.

Harry fought the urge to beg for mercy and didn't notice as his hands flew over his head, awaiting a fist to slam against his own. He saw Snape's feet stop.

The seconds ticked by and Harry heard a chocking sound echo through the room. He felt dampness on his cheek and he realized the nose was coming from him. He was crying.

"You're crying," Snape murmured, falling down onto his knees to stare into Harry's face.

"I'm sorry, sir," Harry whispered.

"For what?" Snape asked coldly. "For lying to me?"

Harry trembled. "Please don't tell Dumbledore!"

"I insure you I am going to! You should be expelled."

Harry bowed his head. "I know. I'm just a freak. I deserve all of the pain."

Snape suddenly grabbed Harry's face and he flinched, expecting to be hit, but was confused by the shock on his face.

"What did you just say?" Snape whispered.

Harry shook. "I-I'm a freak and I deserve all of my suffering," he whispered, mortified. "I would deserve any punishment you give me, sir."

Snape moved his hand gently to Harry's face. "You're still crying."

Harry gasped, closing his eyes. "I'm sorry, sir." The tears stopped.

"What is wrong with you, Potter?" Snape growled.

Harry tried to stop shaking. "I'm sorry, sir," he whispered, his frightened eyes fixed on the floor on his right. "You shouldn't have to waste your time with freak like me."

"Mr. Potter I am your teacher!" Snape exclaimed. "I would never lay a hand on you!"

Harry's face snapped to his, suddenly realizing where he was. He bit his lip and stopped shaking. "Don't tell Dumbledore," he begged. "It doesn't matter."

"You've been abused, Potter," Snape said firmly. "We must put an end to it."

"I deserve it," Harry argued at once. "Why does it matter?"

"You deserve it?" Snape hissed. "I think not, Mr. Potter, No one deserves that amount of torture. And only because of good grades!"

"It's my fault Cedric Diggory is dead and Voldemort is back," Harry said in an unsteady voice. "It's my fault my parents were killed! I am the one who always kills someone-"

"Enough Potter," Snape murmured harshly. "Enough."

Harry was again trembling, ripples of agony cutting into him. He again brought his hand to cover his face and then realized what he had done and quickly moved them back down, pretending it didn't happen.

"Oh, Harry," the man whispered. Snape placed his hand on Harry's shoulder. "You will never be going back there again."

Harry turned to look at Snape. "I don't want to be a burden," he muttered.

"I don't want you to suffer," Snape said calmly, surprised at the words that came from his mouth. "You don't deserve this, Harry."

"Why do you keep on calling me Harry?" he asked, his emerald eyes looking into Snape's black ones.

"It's your name isn't it?" Snape asked briskly.

"Yes, well-"

"Would you prefer Potter?"

"No," Harry answered quickly. "Just Harry."

"Why are you so ready to give up your last name?" Harry questioned.

"Because it reminds me that I'm the Boy-Who-Lived," Harry told him emotionless. He got to his feet slowly, Snape echoing his moves. "And I hate the attention."

Snape turned to stare at the teenager he had thought was spoiled and cocky. How wrong he was.

"We need to see the Headmaster," Snape told him. "I can't let you go back to them."

Harry's gaze fell to the floor. "Thank you, sir."

"For what?" Snape asked in confusion. "I didn't do anything."

"Yes you did," Harry said softly. "You cared."

Snape stared at the broken boy before him, again astonished by how grateful he was for just worrying about him. Or as he put it, he cared.

"Are you injuried now?" Snape asked suddenly.

Harry locked eyes with him. "Yes," he admitted quietly.

And Snape watched as the by waved his wand over his body, concentrating hard, and Snape was staring at his body. It looked more like target practice. His body that wasn't concealed contained bruises so plentiful he couldn't see much unnatural pale skin. Scars ran deep down his body, one trailing down the side of his neck to his right arm. His eyes were focused on Snape, sad and shamed. Snape could only stare and curse under his breath.

Those muggles were going to pay for what they did to Harry.

"Come on, Harry," Snape urged him gently. "We need to see the Headmaster then treat those injuries."

"Yes, sir," he murmured before walking behind the potions master, his face twisted in pain.

With a small flick of his wand his wounds vanished and so did the trace of any agony. He was as unemotional as ever, not wanting to show any weakness again.

"What did they do to you, Harry?" Snape whispered one last time, staring at him, before turning away.
His mask had faltered slightly as he looked at the teenager trying to avoid any emotions and sighed. This boy went through so much but was still so pure. He was a light to those who face just the tiny bit of hard times, when he hid his own so well. He really wasn't as arrogant as he had always believed. And, like always, Dumbledore was right about Harry. He did have the worst past imaginable and he had just made everything worse with all the mocks and taunts. Guilt tore at Snape and he winced, vowing he could make everything better for the poor Boy-Who-Lived.

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