Well, I was struck with boredom so I wrote basically pouring out my minds contents… GEE, do I feel like writing a long story.

Maybe I should try one.

Anyone got any suggestions, even though I thought of a story line it might not be good.

Got no couples either

Anyways, Kiba X Ino people!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Warnings: Mature Content and OOC.

I always wondered, pondered if you let me a big word such as that…Akamaru says there's something of a rule that if you can't spell it you can't use it.

But hey, when do I ever listen to a dog when it comes to the subject of Women.

Especially of Ino Yamanaka, the pure soul no one has diluted yet and I felt just the right need to do that.

Kiba Inuzuka was a lady's man after all…

Whenever I happened to mentioned it around my teammate, he let out a chuckle which was really uncommon to the Aburame and it scared me shitless.

Then I understood, he was laughing at me calling myself a ladies man and I felt the sudden urge to punch his lights out.

Of course though, in the long run, I probably couldn't do it, he was too smart.

I felt the utter need to figure out my problem by myself and that included me seducing Ino.

Who, seemed like she was PMSing every single day with the loud shrill voice that made me hold my ears in pain.

I guess she was training my ears so I wouldn't be affected by anything related to hearing.

This included listening to her jibber-jabber, in which she started a whole new round of yelling.

Seriously, how much could a girl get her period?

With Ino, it must have come three times a week and when I suggested it to her; she proceeded to beat me until I couldn't think properly.

The exact point she wanted it to get to

There was a task at hand though, and I had to win her over with my charm, intelligence and good-looks.

Akamaru laughed at this one, freaking nin-dog and his mind reading techniques, course I had to be born an Inuzuka.

So I labored on, until I was on speaking terms with her, then hugging, then kissing and finally the ever awaited stage of boyfriend and girlfriend.


I learned she didn't want to have sex till she was married

I grieved for 3 whole weeks, thinking my mission was impossible; but I knew it had to be done.

I did it like a women would do it to a man I put the foreplay action on her until she begged and pleaded for more it took very hard control on my part but I still managed.

As I pushed in fast and her barrier broke I waited.

Like I was waiting for the apocalypse, or something

When she moved her hips to signal that she was ready I almost cheered out loud but, I was in cognito.

So I started pushing in and out of her and she finally scream I actually did mangle out a,


Luckily, it went along and my mission was a completed one.

Who'd a thunk it?

Ino was a Screamer.

Neji owed me 20 dollars.


I'm Canadian, and have no idea how the money system works in Japan to make Canadian...

So, I made Neji owe him 20 dollars sorry if it doesn't seem realistic enough.

This idea hit me when I remember SOMEONE asking me about being a screamer or a moaner I had no idea at the time what the heck they were talking about.

Luckily, I got an explanation from a friend.

If I seemed out of character at the beginning sorry, I was acting as Suigetsu last (Remember roleplaying with friends?).

Don't ask about that "Who'd a thunk it" It's off of Saturday Night Live, I think… which i Don't own