A/N: So this IS Hunny's chapter, but sorry you Hunny lovers. It's not really Hunny-centric. But he does get a grand finale :D It's just with all these other crazy, dynamic characters, Hunny took a back seat. I do want Mori's chapter to be Mori centric though. Or at least have him talking in it. More than he usually does. The honorifics drove me crazy. Renge uses all sorts of honorifics for the boys in the series so she deeply confuses me when it comes to that. So sorry if I messed up on them.

I used Haru's "Yare yare" because I just had to. I love when she says that.


1. Mori loves animals :D Like raccoons and birds and such! And they love him too!

2. Incase you didn't know this from the anime, the manga will assure you that someone has a very bad temper when rubbed the wrong way.

This is actually my least favorite chapter so far but... ah well, I tried XD The next one will be better! i hope...

The dark blonde giggled from his place at the desk chair, popping another pastry covered fork head into his mouth, strawberry this time. He didn't usually indulge so in the wonders of the internet, but thanks to a certain group of underclassmen, it was becoming increasingly fun! He leaned in closer to the screen, keeping the fork pursed between his lips as he typed something into the new chat box.

HunnyBun1: Ooooh! It sounds like fun, Renge-chan!

FatherlyAffection: What deviltry is this?!

938ChristinaXMalone987 has entered the room.

FatherlyAffection: I did not accept this!

938ChristinaXMalone987: It seems that Renge was able to hack into our databases, making it impossible for us to refuse the invitation or leave the room.

938ChristinaXMalone987: You cover a wide field of knowledge, Renge.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: OHOHOHOHO! ;-D

HaruIsOurToy16: Whose Christina Malone?

FatherlyAffection: YOU! X-(

FatherlyAffection: Kyouya, explain yourself!

FatherlyAffection: What is the meaning of this?!

Haruhi10: Just drop it, senpai!

HunnyBun1: Kyo-chan? Why do you have that name?

HaruIsOurToy16: LOLOL!

HaruIsOurToy16: Christina Malone is Kyouya-senpai?!

HaruIsOurToy16: ROTFLMAO!

HaruIsOurToy16: Hikaru! I think he's trying to fit into his mom role!

HaruIsOurToy16: XD Yes, Kaoru!

HaruIsOurToy16: Can we call you Christie now?!

Haruhi10: -.-

FatherlyAffection: ANSWER ME!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Enough!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Enough!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: ENOUGH!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: It's time to RP!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Each of you must pick another member whom you are interested in playing!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Then we will begin!

HunnyBun1: :-D

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: I will be directing of course!

FatherlyAffection: Kyouya, listen to me!

FatherlyAffection: If you don't respond, I'm coming over there!

Haruhi10: I think I'm going to bed. My head is spinning.

HaruIsOurToy16: No! Stay, Haru! Stay!

HaruIsOurToy16: And why is Tono so upset?

HaruIsOurToy16: Did okaasan and otousan have a fight?

938ChristinaXMalone987: Renge, I really have to be going.

938ChristinaXMalone987: I have important work to do.


FatherlyAffection: FatherlyAffection: I'm getting ready now!

938ChristinaXMalone987: Step one foot on my property and I will have you shot on site.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Oooooh! :( Stay, Kyouya-kuuuuun!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: And I was going to persuade daddy to invest in the new Ootori project too...

Haruhi10: Kyouya-senpai, can you please not threaten Tamaki-senpai?

Haruhi10: You know how he gets.

FatherlyAffection: What is that supposed to mean, Haruhi?! X-(

HaruIsOurToy16: She means you're a humongous noob, Tono.

HaruIsOurToy16: Now leave Christina alone.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: PICK YOUR CHARACTERS NOW!

HaruIsOurToy16: Fine.

HaruIsOurToy16: I'm Kaoru.

HaruIsOurToy16: And I'm Hikaru.

Haruhi10: Couldn't you have at least tried to pick someone else?

938ChristinaXMalone987: An investment?

938ChristinaXMalone987: I suppose it wouldn't hurt.

938ChristinaXMalone987: I'll play Mori- senpai.

HunnyBun1: Usa-chan!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Hunny-senpai! You can't be a plushie! You have to be a club member!

HunnyBun1: Usa-chan is a club member!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Pick someone else!

HunnyBun1: But that's not fair!

WildType: Mitsukuni...

HunnyBun1: :-( Ok...

HunnyBun1: Then I'll be...

HunnyBun1: HARU-CHAN!

Haruhi10: If I do this, can I leave in the next hour?

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Of course, Haru-kun!

Haruhi10: Then looking at the choices...

Haruhi10: I guess I'll be Hunny-senpai.

FatherlyAffection: You all are so mean!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Tamaki-kun! Where have you been?!

HaruIsOurToy16: Probably in a corner as usual.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Well, Tamaki-kun! You have no choice but to be Christina!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: I mean Kyouya-kun!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: And Mori-senpai! You are Tamaki-kun!

WildType: Ah.

FatherlyAffection: WHAT?!

FatherlyAffection: I cannot possibly! I cannot possibly be someone so evil!

FatherlyAffection: How can I be someone who would molest his own daughter?! Or threaten to kill me?!

FatherlyAffection: How could anyone threaten to kill me?!

FatherlyAffection: I mean, just look at me!

FatherlyAffection: I've assembled a photo album for your viewing pleasure.

FatherlyAffection: photobucket,com/albums/h67/KumaKumaChan

FatherlyAffection: Do you see daddy, Haruhi?

FatherlyAffection: I especially like the twenty seventh one.

HunnyBun1: That one is nice, Tama-chan!

FatherlyAffection: Why, thank you, Hunny-senpai! What do you think, Haruhi?!

Haruhi10: I'm not looking, senpai -.-

Haruhi10: My connection is slow.

FatherlyAffection: GYAAAAH!

HaruIsOurToy16: These all look pretty boring to us.

HaruIsOurToy16: Why are you wearing a fairy costume in this one, Tono?

FatherlyAffection: OMG! WHAT?

FatherlyAffection: HARUHI!

FatherlyAffection: THEY'RE LYING! I WOULD NEVER!



HunnyBun1: I'll start! :-D

HunnyBun1: Haru skipped into the third music room. Everything was pretty and shining and super cute! She sat down at a cake filled table with Takashi!

WildType: Tamaki walks in and stands against wall.

WildType: Wall - the wall.

Haruhi10: I really don't know what to say.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: STAY IN CHARACTER!

Haruhi10: Hunny walked into the music room. He wondered why it was a music room. No one ever played music in here. Except for when Tamaki summoned a piano from seemingly no where, but that was besides the point.

938ChristinaXMalone987: Mori stepped into the third music room, attempting to be more careful than usual about scratching and dirtying the marble floor. After all, he was just out on the grounds previously with one of his raccoon friends and the institution requires payments for any damage. Perhaps it would be wise of him to consider this next time.

WildType: Ah.

HunnyBun1: Kyo-chan, are you trying to tell Takashi something?

FatherlyAffection: Very well. If I must.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: IN CHARACTER! X-I

EvilDemonOkaasan has entered the room.

EvilDemonOkaasan: Kyouya flew into the room, evil, webbed demon wings cutting through the afternoon air , his eyes set on his innocent, unsuspecting daughter. He thinks back to the night at the hotel. Why had he done that? Maybe Mori could tell him.

HaruIsOurToy16: Hikaru and Kaoru walked into the room. Greeting Mother Christina, they turned to see their best buddy ever Haruhi surrounded by cake. "Hey, Haru-chan!" they exclaimed. Now the buddy club was complete.

HunnyBun1: Haruhi looked up to greet Hikaru and Kaoru as they neared her. Taking a piece of DELICIOUS looking chocolate cake, she lifted it up and offered it to the two. "Want some?!"

WildType: Tamaki looked outside of the window. Nice trees.

Haruhi10: Hunny guessed... that he wanted some cake. He didn't really understand why he ate and never got any bigger. Or if he did understand, he didn't tell anyone else. To eat so much cake... wouldn't he get tired of it? Cake day after day must get pretty boring. And he was so small like a child. Did he worry that he would never grow?

HunnyBun1: Haru-chan...

HunnyBun1: You don't have to analyze me like that.

Haruhi10: Sorry, Hunny-senpai.

938ChristinaXMalone987: Mori sat down on a sofa and stared out of the window. Of course what he did not realize was that, by staring out of this window, he was ignoring several customers. These girls may designate him for his less than talkative nature, but they do not like being ignored. Perhaps the next day, he would take better note of that.

WildType: ah...

HunnyBun1: Hey

HunnyBun1: Kyo-chan :-D You should have some cake.

938ChristinaXMalone987: The cake that I'm paying for?

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: In.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Character.

EvilDemonOkaasan: Before the demon flew Mori's way, he just wanted to note that the buddy club was most definitely NOT complete. It was a well known fact that Suou Tamaki, the beautiful, handsome, amazing, angelic, strong, kind, and princely KING of the host club was in the DADDY- BUDDY category and therefore part of the buddy club as well. The demon stretched a claw out to shove the gorgeous king away from the window and into the buddy club so that it would be complete. Now that this was taken care of, he could confront Mori. "What did I do to my daughter?!" he bellowed.

HaruIsOurToy16: Hikaru and Kaoru caught the noob before he could infiltrate the buddy club (of which he was most definitely NOT a part of) and locked him in Nekozawa's lair. "Now Haruhi!" Hikaru said. "About that bento box!" Kaoru finished.


PrettySoldierSailorMoon: QUIET!

EvilDemonOkaasan: Renge-kun! It's not fair!

EvilDemonOkaasan: That's godmodding!

EvilDemonOkaasan: I came across it in my eslang studies!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Hm...

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: He's right.

HaruIsOurToy16: AW! Come on, Tono!

HaruIsOurToy16: Why do you even CARE?!

HaruIsOurToy16: You're Kyouya now! Since when does he care?!

HaruIsOurToy16: You're OOC!

HaruIsOurToy16: Right, Haruhi?!

Haruhi10: OOC?

TamakiLover has entered the room.

Strong-Silent has entered the room.

ShadowKingsMistress has entered the room.

WeLoveHaru has entered the room.

SweetAsHunny has entered the room.

TwincestFTW has entered the room.


ShadowKingsMistress: OMG! I KNOOOO! EEEEEEEEEE!

Haruhi10: Renge?

HaruIsOurToy16: What's going on?

EvilDemonOkaasan: Customers?

EvilDemonOkaasan: But how?

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: I don't know.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: How strange. I didn't invite any of them here.

938ChristinaXMalone987: Well, it's simple really.

938ChristinaXMalone987: If I didn't take advantage of this opportunity it would have been a complete and utter waste of my time.

938ChristinaXMalone987: This way, it is beneficial to the club as well 8-)

938ChristinaXMalone987: And to these lovely ladies of course. I hope you don't mind, Renge.

Haruhi10: Another typo?

938ChristinaXMalone987: Naturally.

EvilDemonOkaasan: Kyouya... X-(

HaruIsOurToy16: But shouldn't you have changed your name, Christina?




Haruhi10: -.-'

938ChristinaXMalone987: Now, now. Let's not keep our customers waiting.

938ChristinaXMalone987: On with the Role Play.

HunnyBun1: Haruhi lifted up his bento box and opened it to reveal sheets of a variety of different types of cake. The aroma was heavenly. He stuck a fork into one particularly moist piece of strawberry cake and devoured it whole. It was so good.

HunnyBun1: Brb :D

The boy leaned over to pull a large multi-layered strawberry cake forward. That's when a new window popped up.

Haruhi10: Hunny-senpai?

Haruhi10: Maybe you should make me act more like I really do.

Haruhi10: It's a role play after all.

HunnyBun1: You mean you don't like cake, Haru-chan? O.O

Haruhi10: No, that's not what I meant.

HunnyBun1: Maybe I should make you eat more lemon flavored cake! Would you like that?!

Haruhi10: Never mind, Hunny-senpai.

HunnyBun1: Lol :D If you say so, Haru-chan!

Haruhi10 has closed the window.


WildType: Tamaki opened the door and stepped out. He sat down by the window again and watched the birds.

WildType: Mitsukuni?

HunnyBun1: Takashi!

HunnyBun1: Are you having fun?

WildType: Tamaki IMed me.


EvilDemonOkaasan: Excuse me, Mori-senpai, but if you are going to mimic me, then you should at least do so properly. A form like mine is not meant to be subdued at all times, trapped and unmoving. I should be bursting into life much like a piece of surreal art.

EvilDemonOkaasan: Here :D Go by these rules.

WildType: He gave me a link.

HunnyBun1: But it's a role play, Takashi. It's up to you how you play Tama-chan.

WildType: Yeah.

Haruhi10: Hunny looked around at the insane bunch of people. Why had he ever quit the karate club in the first place? This didn't make any sense. Nothing here made any sense. He didn't make any sense.


"How depressing..." Tears gathered in the boy's eyes.

938ChristinaXMalone987: Mori leaned back onto the sofa, once again splitting his cosplay uniform in some shape or form. A cosplay uniform that could have been sold again for a better price if it was still intact. Perhaps if he asked for a bigger size once in a while, this would not happen. But Mori prefers a closer fit, no matter what you tell him. Perhaps Mori should buy his own cosplay material for now on...

HaruIsOurToy16: LOL!

WildType: a...


WildType: I think I will apologize to Kyouya tomorrow.

HunnyBun1: Aww :-( Poor Takashi...

HunnyBun1: Lol... Maybe we should stop.

938ChristinaXMalone987: Oh, no.

938ChristinaXMalone987: We have customers.

938ChristinaXMalone987: And you thought it would be "fun", remember?

Haruhi10: Are you feeling okay, Kyouya-senpai?

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: IN CHARACTER!



938ChristinaXMalone987: Renge is right. We're entertaining right now.

EvilDemonOkaasan: No!

EvilDemonOkaasan: This is important!

EvilDemonOkaasan: What did you do to Haruhi?!

Yawning, Hani struggled to keep up with the conversation, but it was beginning to blur before his eyes. It was a bit past his bedtime and before he knew it, he had fallen asleep at the desktop.

Haruhi10: Senpai, it was nothing!

HaruIsOurToy16: Christina did something to Haruhi?

TamakiLover: Kyouya-sama did something to Haru-chan?!

WeLoveHaru: OH NO! HARU-KUN!

WeLoveHaru: WHAT DID HE DO?!


Haruhi10: He didn't do anything to me!


938ChristinaXMalone987: argethtjuwyrj

SweetAsHunny: I think...

SweetAsHunny: Kyouya-san must have a crush on Haruhi!


Haruhi10: Yare yare...

HaruIsOurToy16: How about that?

HaruIsOurToy16: Do you, Christina?

EvilDemonOkaasan: no. No. No! NO! NO! NO! NO!

EvilDemonOkaasan: MY PRINCESSES!



TamakiLover: ...

SweetAsHunny: ...

TwincestFTW: ...

ShadowKingsMistress: ...

Strong-Silent: ...

WeLoveHaru: It is becoming apparent that Tamaki-kun is extremely jealous.

EvilDemonOkaasan: WHAT?!

WeLoveHaru: He wanted the boy all to himself, but now someone else has entered the picture.

SweetAsHunny: Yes! It all makes sense now!

EvilDemonOkaasan: NO! I don't love Haruhi!

EvilDemonOkaasan: I MEAN

EvilDemonOkaasan: I DO! lol

EvilDemonOkaasan: As a child of course! I've raised him like my own!

EvilDemonOkaasan: But still!

WeLoveHaru: I didn't mean Haruhi!

WeLoveHaru: I meant Kyouya!

TwincestFTW: OMG! Of course!

TamakiLover: He's in love with his best friend!

ShadowKingsMistress: KYAAAAAAAA!

EvilDemonOkaasan: OMGWTFSRSLY?!

938ChristinaXMalone987: Tamaki, please contain yourself in front of our guests.

WeLoveHaru: But not if Mori has anything to do with it!

WildType: Ah?

WeLoveHaru: Mori-sama, who is secretly in love with Tamaki-sama, is greatly jealous of Kyouya-sama!

WildType: This is getting crazy.

WildType: Mitsukuni?

WildType: Did you fall asleep?

Strong-Silent: NO WAY!

TwincestFTW: I always suspected it...

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: OHOHOHOHOHO!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: HOW AMAZING!

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: I COULD EAT 563 BOWLS OF RICE!

Haruhi10: Why that exact number?

Haruhi10: And you do understand that by making us all homosexual, that ruins any chance that you might have with us?

ShadowKingsMistress: What's your point?

938ChristinaXMalone987: I think it's time we ended this RP.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: Don't be silly, Kyouya-kun! It's just beginning!

TamakiLover: WE WANT TO STAY!

SweetAsHunny: YES! LET US STAY!


HaruIsOurToy16: Let them stay! Let them stay!


Strong-Silent: PLEASE?!

ShadowKingsMistress: WE'LL BEHAVE!

WeLoveHaru: PLEASE?!

938ChristinaXMalone987: Renge, you're going to have to let us out of this room.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon: OHOHOHO! Why should I?





Hani's eyes blinked open, though they weren't their usual warming hazel.

EvilDemonOkaasan: Haruhi! Tell daddy!

EvilDemonOkaasan: Tell daddy what happened!

WeLoveHaru: Yes! Tell us, Haruhi!

HunnyBun1: poeiwhgi

Haruhi10: Hunny-senpai?

HunnyBun1: I'm growing tired of you idiots and your insufferable bickering and AIM noises.

HunnyBun1: I'm trying to sleep.

HunnyBun1: If you want to go on babbling about your insignificant problems, keep me out of it.

HunnyBun1: Now close this damned window before I get angry.

HunnyBun1: And I'll be expecting that cake tomorrow, Kyo-chan.

938ChristinaXMalone987: As always, Hani-senpai.

PrettySoldierSailorMoon has left the room.

TamakiLover has left the room.

WeLoveHaru has left the room.

Strong-Silent has left the room.

ShadowKingsMistress has left the room.

SweetAsHunny: Hunny-senpai!

SweetAsHunny: How could you?!

938ChristinaXMalone987: Let me assure you, that was not Hani-senpai.

938ChristinaXMalone987: Rivals of the Host Club often hack into our affairs in order to sabotage us.

938ChristinaXMalone987: We can usually keep this under control, but I'm afraid they got through this time.

938ChristinaXMalone987: To make up for it, you will receive free one on one time with Hani-senpai on a day of your choice this week.

SweetAsHunny: Oh, thank you!

SweetAsHunny: I'm so relieved!

SweetAsHunny: I'll see you all tomorrow then!

SweetAsHunny has left the room.

HaruIsOurToy16: Nice save, Christina.

Haruhi10: That was really Hunny-senpai?

EvilDemonOkaasan: That was so scary, Haruhi!

EvilDemonOkaasan: Daddy nearly had a heart attack!

WildType: I just called his mansion. They're putting him to bed now.

938ChristinaXMalone987: I'll have to contact all of the other girls and give them free one on one time as well.

938ChristinaXMalone987: Perhaps I should raise your debt, Haruhi.

938ChristinaXMalone987: After all, if you had kept Tamaki busy as I suggested, perhaps I would have completed my tasks and wouldn't have been available when Renge started this role play nonsense.

Haruhi10: Suggested?

Haruhi10: And that's stretching it a bit, Kyouya-senpai -.-'

EvilDemonOkaasan: Stop tormenting our daughter!

EvilDemonOkaasan: The two of you still have some explaining to do!

EvilDemonOkaasan: I'm not signing off until I know what happened that night!

938ChristinaXMalone987: Then don't sign off.

938ChristinaXMalone987 has left the room.

Haruhi10: Goodnight, senpais. Hikaru. Kaoru.

EvilDemonOkaasan: Haruhi!

EvilDemonOkaasan: Wait a second...

EvilDemonOkaasan: Why is TwincestFTW still here?

HaruIsOurToy16: OMG!

HaruIsOurToy16: Hikaru!

Hunny didn't get any further than that, as he was being carried off to bed. He hoped that Takashi would be okay without him...

A/N: NOOOO! I didn't mean to put Hunny to bed so EARLY! I start these things, I have a plan and then they just get carried away with themselves. Well, I hope it wasn't too confusing. Writing with so many characters is no picnic. Especially since I added the MOE girls. But I HAD to add them. They make you feel kind of bad because you know you've sat down contemplating Ouran yaoi couples as well... oh... is that just me? Well... this is awkward. (Hides.)