It's gonna be ok.

Twenty thousand dollars left… I'm so close to making it big. This job is sure to get me to the top.

Five thousand…My boss fired me, but there's always work for a willing man. I'll find another job. If worse comes to worse, I can flip hamburgers at McDonald's. laughs It won't come to that, no way.

One thousand left… I've had worse. It can't get any worse. It's gonna turn around soon, you'll see.

Five hundred… No I can make it through this. I'll get more. I'll fix it all again. I know I can.

Won't I?

Fifty dollars left… McDonald's turned me down. I can't let my kids know. I'll only let them down. I have to get more pills…

Ten dollars…Why are all the drawers empty? Where's my car? Where's…my family, wife and kids? She wouldn't leave me would she? She'd understand how hard I was trying. She's probably just taking them to their grandparents. Yeah, that's it.

Nothing left…

I don't understand how I used that money up so fast. This isn't how it used to be. Thing's used to be so different, so much easier. Why did they have to change? Why'd they have to leave me?! Out here all alone. It's cold. Damn snow. Damn cold! Damn everything!!

It's getting harder to swallow these pills without water. The snow is filthy from the roads. It's soo cold. Why…? Why? Why am I so pathetic? Why am I the one alone?

I can help you get them back

Who are you?

I'm no one, but I've always been close to you

You have?

Yes. I've seen how you life has been cheated from you. You worked so hard and now you're stuck on the streets while your family enjoys a warm bed without even one thought of you

This is how they thank me?

Not grateful at all are they? You can change that. You can be the difference they always wanted but were unworthy to have. You can get it all back and more, with my help

But what can I do? I'm on the streets, with nothing and I'm cold.

Conditions do not matter with my business

Alright…..I am so cold.

So am I

What do you need from me?

Hold out your hand

What do you need it for?

Surly you don't mind a hand shake?


Then give it to me



ssp47's Corner Wow it's been years since I've written a fanfic about anything. I just finished Breaking Dawn and this idea came from it. Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think.