*Knock knock*

There was light tapping at the door that brought Hinata out of her sleep.

"Come in." She said still in the bed half awake. She knew it could be only one person with a soft knock like that.

"Oh...I-I'm sorry...I didn't know you were sleeping. I'll come back later."

"No Nanami, it's ok come on in." Hinata rubbed her eyes and thanked goodness that she put Sasuke's shirt on before he left this morning or else she would have been naked under the covers. "What time is it?" Hinata asked as she sat up in the bed.

"After 1:30 in the afternoon." Nanami said as she walked over to the bed.

Hinata stretched her arms shocked that she had slept so late. "What's up kiddo, How are you feeling?"

"I'm much better now. I wanted to thank didn't have to do what you did just for me." Nanami said and looked down a little. Hinata reached for her and pulled her into her arms.

"You didn't have to thank me, I know I didn't have to do it but I wanted to. I care a lot about you and I'll be there for you whenever you need me." Hinata felt Nanami wrap her small hands around her. They talked for a bit more until Nanami left to go downstairs to get some food for herself and Hinata.

Now alone in the room Hinata stood up and went over to the curtains and pulled them open. She squinted a little bit as the bright sunlight spilled into the room. She looked at the blue sky with few clouds floating and then down toward the street and saw the town in the distance.

She thought about Sasuke and what he must be doing to not be home yet from his meeting with Hiro. Then thoughts from last night poured into her mind and she smiled as she walked over to her drawer and pulled out clothes for the day.

Tying her hair up in a bun she ran the hot shower water as she stripped from the shirt she was wearing.

After a nice hot shower and washing her hair Hinata got dressed and went downstairs to see how Nanami was doing with the food. She found her in the kitchen with a two bowls of fruit salad and orange juice along with sandwiches for them both.

"Wow you did all this?" Hinata asked pulling a chair out next to where Nanami was sitting.

"Well I told the cook Mr. Aaron to make it for us but I helped cut the fruit." Nanami said taking a fork and eating a piece of fruit. Hinata joined her and they enjoyed their lunch together. After eating Nanami went upstairs to help some of the other maids clean. Hinata felt a little bad that Nanami didn't really have a place she belonged with a normal childhood. She pushed those thoughts out of her mind as she heard the phone ring. She went to the living room and picked up the phone from the receiver.

"Hello?" Hinata answered.

"Hey Hina! It's Tenten, how are you? Is everything okay?" Tenten's voice brightened Hinata up.

"Yes, I'm...we are perfectly fine." Hinata said referring to her and the baby. Tenten was so happy to hear that everything was fine. They spent a bit of time talking on the phone util Hinata heard the door open and close. She finished her conversation with Tenten agreeing to meet tomorrow for some girl time.

Hearing her talking on the phone Sasuke went into the living room and wrapped his arms around Hinata as she was hanging up the phone.

"Hey, how was everything with Hiro you were gone for a long time it's after 3p.m." Hinata said hugging Sasuke back.

"Yea I'm sorry, I didn't know it would be an all day thing. But it was very interesting." Sasuke said loosening his tie.

"What was it about?" Hinata asked curious. Sasuke sat down on the couch and Hinata joined him.

"Well Hiro and his company owns about 40% the town. The Uchiha's own the other 60% . My family and his family have been close for a very long time and he wants me and him to become partners. A Join of Uchiha and Asuma in the business world would be an unstoppable force. I told him I would think about it and give him an answer soon."

"Is that what you want?" Hinata asked moving closer to him.

"I'm not really sure. If I do agree then I would be spending my days in the office so that would leave you alone here and I'm not sure if that would be such a good idea with your condition." Hinata looked at him funny.

"Condition? Sasuke I'm pregnant not terminally ill." They laughed a little. "I'll be fine here and besides I wont really be alone There's the staff and Nanami and if I really get bored I can hang out in the attic." Hinata said and moved to sitting on Sasuke's lap.

"Well I'll think about it. Who knows I might just be too lazy." Sasuke said jokingly and then began to tickle Hinata. She laughed and leaned back to laying on the couch and then on of the maids interrupted them.

"Excuse me Sir, Your father requests the presence of you two." The maid bowed deeply and then left. Hinata and Sasuke looked at each other and Hinata could see the question in Sasuke's eyes. Neither of them knew what this was about.

"What do you think he wants?" Hinata asked.

"He's unpredictable so I could guess but then I might be wrong." Sasuke said helping Hinata up as they left the living room and began going up the stairs.

"Why doesn't he ever leave his room or the floor he lives on?" Hinata asked realizing that she forgets he eve lives there sometimes.

"My father is a very private man. He would rather be isolated so he has some of the staff bring him his...meals...and he has everything he could want up there so he only leaves if he has to." Sasuke said as they made their way to the dark isolated part of the mansion a level below the attic.

They walked up to his father's den and he knocked on the door.

"Come in." They heard a muffled voice from behind the door.

When Sasuke opened the Door and Hinata walked in they were both in shock.

Hinata gasped as she saw the body of a woman on top of Fugaku's desk, lifeless...and he was biting her neck furiously. Blood all over his mouth and dripping onto the desk. Sasuke grabbed Hinata and stepped in front of her in an attempt to block her eyes from his father's feeding.

Fugaku looked up at them licking the blood from his mouth.

"Please, have a seat." Sasuke glared at his father and held onto Hinata's arm as they sat in the leather chairs on the other side of his desk. Hinata's face was as white as paper and Sasuke was worried she might throw up.

Hinata tried to regain composure and to stop looking at Fugaku feed. It shouldn't bother her that much, after all he was a full blood vampire. She swallowed and teared her eyes away from the body and up to Fugaku's eyes.

"What is it that you wanted father?" Sasuke asked wanting to get this over with.

"Hinata how are you, you're glowing." He said ignoring Sasuke's question.

"I'm..fine thank you." Hinata answered trying not to look at the blood dripping down the side of his mouth. He licked it off and bite the girl's neck again then looked up again.

"I feel so sad that I have to find out about your engagement and pregnancy second hand. My son tells me nothing these days." Fugaku said glancing at Sasuke but focusing mainly on Hinata.

"I'm sure Sasuke told you about the necessary steps that must come after this point."

"Necessary steps?" Hinata asked looking over to Sasuke.

"I haven't told her yet. A lot has been going on." Sasuke said to his father.

"Excuses, excuses. Hinata since you will be marrying into this family to Sasuke my heir since Itachi has taken himself out of the family, it is tradition that we throw a sort of engagement party. All of the rest of the Uchiha clan and Vampires in this village come to honor the joining of you two." Fugaku explained.

"I'm okay with that, who am I to stop a tradition. When will it be?" Hinata asked.

"Seeing as you are pregnant I believe the sooner the better. So how's the middle of Next month." He said more as a statement and not a question.

"Father that's way to soon. I don't want to put too much stress on Hinata." Sasuke said.

"There will be no stress to worry about Sasuke. I will appoint two very capable assistants to help. All Hinata will have to do is decide on what she will wear." Sasuke knew it was no use in arguing any further. When Fugaku Uchiha made his mind up there was no changing it.

"That's fine. It's okay Sasuke." Hinata said feeling the tension in the room rise slightly. She was ready to get out of there before her stomach began to turn even more.

"Great. I will notify all of the guests. Yin and Romi are the planners and they will take care of everything. And if you would like they will run the final decisions past the two of you." They both nodded and Fugaku ended their little meeting so he could finish his lunch as he put it.

When they left and where at the stairs Sasuke grabbed Hinata's arm.

"Are you okay...really okay?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes." Hinata said simply. She thought she was going to lose her lunch in there but she held it all down. Still, something seemed off about Hinata to Sasuke but he didn't press the issue.

Night came and the others went hunting. Hinata was standing in the bedroom looking out the window. The streets where quiet and she looked out at the dark city in thought. She felt Sasuke's hand on her shoulder and she brought herself out of her thoughts.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked softly from behind her.

"Nothing...I'm fine." Hinata said turning around. She smiled but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

"We don't feed on humans...if you were wondering. We feed on animals. Them mostly, I can eat human food because I'm half human but my energy and strength is replenished quicker with blood. They can eat human food but it has no taste." Sasuke said figuring that she was thinking about that after seeing his father feed on a girl.

"I guess if you did feed in people I couldn't really hold it against you." Hinata said walking past him over to the bed. She began taking her clothes off and pulled out one of Sasuke's shirts and put it on. "I'm tired, let's go to bed." Hinata said to Sasuke who was already wearing pajama pants and no shirt. He got into bed next to her and wrapped his arms around her.

Kissing her on back of her head he closed his eyes. It wasn't long before he was asleep, he had a long day.

Hinata stayed up. She couldn't sleep. Normally Sasuke's warm strong arms brought her comfort but she couldn't get comfortable. She kept thinking about what Sasuke's father said. The entire Uchiha family...his family. she would be meeting his family. That didn't bother her, she wanted to meet his family. So what was it?

Then it hit her, the problem was there all along. Hinata sighed and looked at the clock. 2:45 a.m, she had been out later. Hinata got up and slide on some clothes and left the room going downstairs. She hoped she wouldn't run into the others coming in from hunting on her way out.

Luckily she didn't. She grabbed Sasuke's car keys and left the house. Starting the car she drove away from the Uchiha mansion and to a very familiar direction.

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