Code Geass: Infinity

Code Geass: Infinity


Chapter 1: Awakening


Shirley Fenette was dying, shot by the boy that called himself her love's brother. She didn't see it, it just happened. She awoke to Lelouch Lamperouge, who was begging her to live; he even used that awful left eye of his, the one that was eating his soul from the inside out, by destroying what he cared about.

"Don't die Shirley, don't die" said Lelouch, using his Geass, it worked, but there were things even Geass couldn't do.

"It's okay, even if I'm reborn, I'll still fall in love with you again, Lulu… I love you" those were Shirley's final words, or so Lelouch thought.

24 hours later

"What" said Shirley, all of a sudden coming to.

She was sitting in a pool of her own blood, she was in terrible, agonizing pain, but she was alive. She was still at the mall, though it looked boarded up, and through the window, she could see police tape rimming the perimeter.

She decided to exit the place, not wanting to get caught by the police. The pain had mostly gone away, and Shirley was in top physical condition, so she soon exited through the back, crossing through much debris. She crossed the tape line, until she was stopped by a Police Glasgow Knightmare Frame.

"Hold it, if you were hiding out in there, you will come with us. There were reports of the death of a school girl in there, and that makes you a prime suspect." said the policeman through the mechanical voice of the Glasgow.

"I have to get back to Lulu, and tell him I'm alright, I'll tell this person that I'm Shirley Fenette and he'll have to let me go once he sees I'm alright" thought Shirley.

"Wait, I am that girl, look at me" said Shirley.

"Hold on" said the cop.

He opened the cockpit of his Glasgow and took a look at the girl.

"What are you trying to pull, the girl has two GREEN eyes" said the cop.

"What do you mean?" asked Shirley.

She looked into her reflection in the polished Knightmare, and she gave a shudder, her right eye had turned red, with a bright-red, V-like symbol instead of a normal pupil; she had obtained a Geass, just like Lulu.

"AGHHHHH" screamed Shirley as her memories came rushing into her head.

In the Geass Contract World, 23 hours ago

"Hello, I see you had an incident" said a voice coming through a human figure, though the atmosphere made it difficult to make out details.

"Yeah, I tried to be the one true thing to my friend Lulu" said Shirley, not caring who knew if she was dead.

"Yes, and that Rolo kid killed you using Geass" said the figure.

"Geass?" questioned Shirley.

"Yes, The Power of Kings that allows the user to manipulate the minds of others. Rolo's stops a person's perception, your 'Lulu's' is one of absolute obedience. Hahahahahahahaha, how funny, you tried to protect one user, just to be offed by another, hahahahahahahaha" said the figure, laughing at the poor girl.

Shirley went to the figure, and slapped it.

"Don't laugh at others, you jerk!!" said Shirley.

"Why, such anger, well, should I offer you a deal?" offered the figure.

"What deal?" questioned Shirley.

"I'll return you to life, and grant you a Geass contract so you could have the power of Geass yourself, and you do something for me when the time is right" stated the figure.

"If I can help Lulu, then I accept your contract" stated Shirley.

"Very well. Oh, and if you need to find me, my name is G.G." said the figure.

Back to current situation

"Now explain, who you are" questioned the police.

"I can feel the power… is this what Lulu felt as well, something great, and so terrifyingly lonely… then I will accept this burden, so I may look in Lulu's face as an equal, and be his truth" said Shirley to herself.

Shirley looked at the man directly in the eyes… and used her power, Geass.

In the man's point of view, Shirley disappeared from his sight, and eventually his entire surroundings disappeared in swirl of colours he didn't even know existed; everything seemed surreal, eventually, he started reliving the terrible things he'd done to Elevens, all so freighting real and vivid, as if he was doing it currently. It lasted for hours until reality snapped back to normal, and he was left with his partner telling him to wake up… it was dawn already. Meanwhile, Shirley was exhausted beyond her limits, the Geass taking its toll, she was at the place where she first found out Lelouch was Zero.

"You got quite a powerful Geass" said G.G.

"You followed me!" said Shirley, quite surprised by the fact that her Geass didn't work on the person.

In the dawn's light, Shirley could see that G.G. was a small girl with white hair and white eyes. She looked no older than eight.

"Yes, we are immune to the effects of all types of Geass" said G.G.

"I see" said Shirley "I think my Geass allows me to alter the reality of a person, forcing them to lose consciousness and distort their dreams"

"Ooh, that's an interesting one" replied G.G.

"I've only used it once, so I don't know exactly what it does" said Shirley.

"I understand. So, what do you plan on doing now?" asked G.G.

"I plan on helping Lelouch" replied Shirley "but first… I've got to change my appearance, they don't usually allow dead people back into high school" added Shirley jokingly.

"Your Geass is powerful, but you're going to more than just that, you'll need physical might as well, you'll need a Knightmare Frame to pilot for your Lelouch, you should worry more about that than your appearance and school" said G.G.

"But you see, I know where I can get a Knightmare, and it's at school" said Shirley happily.

The next day

Lelouch's POV

Today was the day, when he would kill Rolo and wipe out the Geass Dicorate, capture V.V., and avenge Shirley's death. He should've been going to her funeral, but he was too filled with hate and despair to do nothing, he had to act.

"Everybody hold your positions, and prepare to evacuate before they arrive" said V.V.

But it was for nothing, because Zero and his Black Knights were already assaulting the Geass Dictorate, killing all inside, whether they were experimental orphans, soldiers, or scientists, they were slaughtered. Eventually, V.V. managed to activate the Siegfried, and attacked Lelouch in the Shinkiro, and Rolo in the Vincent.

"Rolo, get as close to him as possible, I have a plan" said Lelouch.

"I understand, Brother" replied Rolo, he flew towards the imposing fortress that was Siegfried and held on.

Lelouch had a switch in his hand which would activate the bomb in the Vincent, and blow away the Siegfried simultaneously. He almost pressed it, until… A Knightmare Frame came rushing through. Lelouch could tell it was a Britannian model, but he had never seen one like that.

Its overall chassis was similar in design to the Ganymede, though it was much smaller, smaller than normal Knightmare Frames, roughly around 80 the size of a normal Knightmare. It was painted gray with white stripes around its upper body joints, and black stripes along its lower body joints. It carried four slash harkens in its chest, and had two-pronged katars coming out its knuckles, sending bolts of electricity, while MSV shielding appeared on its forearms, shielding itself from Siegfried's Slash Harkens. Instead of the Float System that enabled flight, it had 'Float Boosters', a modified Float system that enabled increased speed instead of enabling flight. On top of its head were the words, 'Ganymede Mk.II'.

"You, in the gray Knightmare, who are you?" asked Lelouch.

"An ally" replied G.G.

Ganymede immediately used its boosters to cover the distance between it and the Siegfried in a remarkable time, then boosted into the air, Siegfried retaliated with its slash harkens, but Ganymede grabbed one, and used a surge of electricity from its katar to stun the harken, then rode on it until Siegfried couldn't attack it or face its own weapons. Seeing the window of opportunity, Shirley called in a support beacon, and booster-mounted cannon came to bond with Ganymede. Siegfried then shook off the Ganymede when it was inserting its right katar into the cannon which then opened up at the firing end and started charging up a Hadron Blast. Siegfried then fired all Slash Harkens at Ganymede, and since it was charging, couldn't boost, and its shields couldn't protect it. Then, Shinkiro protected Ganymede with its Absolute Defensive Shielding, then, it grabbed Ganymede's leg, and swung it towards Siegfried, Ganymede activated its boosters, gaining more speed, then rammed its Hadron Blast Cannon into Siegfried, and fired.

"It did nothing!!" said Zero.

"Just wait" said G.G.

Then, the Siegfried imploded into the Hadron Blast, completely destroying it, while V.V. sensing the true threat of the Hadron Blast, had ejected, and went back into the Dictorate, Lelouch in pursuit.

Shirley's POV

"We did it" said Shirley inside Ganymede Mk.II cockpit.

"Yes, that was a good idea you had about ransacking the school for the Ganymede, and then upgrading it with the technology we stole from the Black Knights" said G.G. inside the Ganymede's head.

"I don't approve of stealing, but since its going to help the Black Knights and Lulu, it'll all work out" said Shirley.

"Do we need to stay here for any longer, that Hadron Blast used up a lot of power, it would be bad if any backup arrived, the Cannon is starting to malfunction." said G.G.

"Wow, it really is unstable" said Shirley.

"Yes, but I'm taking us back" said G.G.

They started going towards Japan. When they arrived, they exited, and submerged the Ganymede underwater.

"Use this to call the Ganymede when you need it" said G.G. offering Shirley a black watch.

"Thank you G.G." replied Shirley "I can finally help Lelouch with my Geass, and the Ganymede"

"Where are you going?" was the only thing that G.G. asked.

"Well, I have an apartment we can stay at, since I can't just go up to my mom when everybody thinks I'm dead" said Shirley.

"Us?" asked G.G.

"Sure, you got anywhere else to go?" replied Shirley.

"No" answered G.G. "I've been alone for awhile"

"That's awful" said Shirley.

"Enough about me, what are you planning to do tomorrow?" asked G.G., suddenly changing the subject.

"Well, after school, I'll follow Lelouch, and ask to become a Black Knight"


I made this because I hated the fact that Shirley died while in a 'useless heroine' status. Sorry if anything's OOC, please review and give me tips, thank you.