"Ok class

"Ok class!" said Nikaidou as all the children boarded the bus "When we reach camp, each cabin will be assigned a camp counselor. They are teen volunteers so treat them with respect!" He gleamed. After everyone boarded the bus, the driver closed the door and drove off.

Amu slammed her head against the seat in front of her. She was BORED. As she got on the bus, her total intention was to sit next to Tadase, but now she was seated next to Rima (who made no sign of wanting to start conversation) She looked over to Rima. Amu gave a bright smile. Rima frowned and faced the other way. Amu sighed and leaned her head against the window. This was going to be a lOOOONG trip. Soon she felt herself dozing off.

I wish ran miki and su were here. Too bad we couldn't take them with us….

And then she fell asleep

an hour later

Amu awoke to the sound of kids shouting in excitement.

"I CAN SEE THE CAMP" they shouted.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes and sat up straight. Rima was still sitting quietly not taking any part of the ruckus.

In a few minutes they reached camp. Amu grabbed her bag and headed off to exit the bus. They were leaded to an area with benches and tables.

"Ok everyone We will telling you what cabins you are in!! Please Listen up!" said one of the camp directors

"Cabin A" He stated loudly

"Hotori Tadase, Kukai Souma, Yaya (idk her lastname) and….

please let me be in cabin a…thought amu as she crossed her fingers.

"Amu Hinamori"

JACK POT! She thought to herself and grinned

The director spoke once more

"Please report to your cabin, your counselor shall be waiting inside"

they walked down the path to a big cabin with the letter 'a' written on the door.

Tadase held the door open for everyone as they entered.

The cabin was like a small house. There was a kitchen, a small eating area, a bathroom and 4 bedrooms.

"I CALL THE BIG BEDROOM!!" yelled kukai as he raced down the hall to one of the rooms.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" yelled yaya as she ran down after him. There was a big crash and you could hear Yaya laugh in victory and the door slam.

Kukai came out of the hall way with a red mark on his face. "Damn she's strong" he said as he rubbed his cheek. Amu and Tadase laughed. Amu stopped and blushed when she realized tadase was looking at her.

"Oi.." said kukai.

"what?" aske amu as she broke away from tadase's gaze.

"Where's our counselor?" he asked as he looked around curiously

"That's a good question." Said tadase as he too peeped down the hall looking for our counselor.

"Well if he's not here that he means he must be really lazy. I mean REALLY, All he or she had to do was wait in the damn cabin for us." Said Amu. She looked at the small couch with a blanket over it and jumped on it. She leaned back and sighed.

Suddenly the couch started…err.. moving?

"Ugh…you're heavy.." said a deep familiar voice.

Amu removed the blanket to see what was underneath. When she did, her eyes widened. She screamed. A strong hand covered her mouth. And pulled her down.

Tadase, Kukai , and yaya came running into the room.

"HINAMORI SAN WHATS WRO-" he stopped short at what he saw.

Sitting on the couch was non other than Ikuto Tsukiyomi, With AMU in his lap, One hand still covering her mouth. Her face was a bright tomato red.

"Welcome! I will be your counselor for the next 2 weeks." He said with a smirk.