A/N: Alright. This is a little different than most of my fics. It's my first AU. I need to just explain a few things here cause i didn't know how to explaint hem in my fic so here goes.

in my story, all goddess's started otu as pro-ings, and so, all pro-ings can turn into goddess's should the sould be strong enough.I beliee i will explainw here the goddess/pro-ing sous come from later in the story.

A Complete is a Telepath with complete control over their abilities. They can communicate telepathically without touching the person and they can also communicate with souls, that is the souls within the goddess's and the pro-ings.

An intell is a person with a natural gift for understanding things and figuring out puzzels. they are the ones who aide the Completes and Pro-ings int he conversions from pro-ing to goddess.

Victims True Identity

"Tanhano! Stop leaving yourself open for attack! You're practically inviting Jaron to hit you!" Instructor Cid screamed.

"It's not easy to defend against an enemy whose reading your mind! Ah!" Tanhano's eyes widened as he fell backward and felt the cold steel of the fencing sword against his throat.

"I wasn't reading your mind, Tanhano," Jaron stated calmly as she stared down her sword at Tanhano. She could vividly see the wounded pride in his bright blue eyes.

/What?!/ Her eyes widened and when she blinked she could see that his eyes were brown. Not blue.

"Are you alright there, Jaron?" Cid asked with interest.

Jaron lowered her sword and turned, walking away. "I'm fine."

Shift walked up to be the next to fight, his arm lightly brushing Jarons as they passed Can I talk to you later, Jaron?

Sure. I'll be with 90 as usual.

That night when Shift went to the Pro-ing holding docks he saw Jaron standing before her Pro-ing, staring up at it. Her piercing black eyes were blank and unblinking.

She spoke quietly and vacantly to the Pro-ing. "You were?"

Shift watched with curiosity.

"Yes, please."


"I understand."

Her head jerked back and her eyes widened as she fell to her knees, still staring at the pro-ing. Her eyes suddenly changed color from black to the greenish blue glow of an EX reaction, though he hair remained black.

"Jaron!" Shift ran to Jarons side and put his hands on her shoulders as if to wake her but before he could think he was pulled into her vision as well. His sight went black and then faded into the image of the inside of Pro-ing 90. There was a young man inside with bright blue eyes and platinum hair, operating it. He seemed to be out in space fighting Victim. He was a fair pilot, but all of a sudden his eyes widened and turned the greenish blue glow of an EX reaction, as well as his hair. It was unfortunate for him that a victim was coming straight at him and he was unable to move, his mind open to thoughts all around him.

"So Jake was a complete as well." Jaron spoke quietly.

The victim came at him and drove hard into his right side. Jake let out a scream and his right side ripped open and blood dripped onto the cockpit floor. He clutched his side as he EX reaction faded.

"No…" He said weakly as he tightened his grip on his side.

"This can't be…"

He began to shake. "Was I wrong?"

He coughed up blood.

"Was GOA wrong?"

His body seemed to stop shaking, probably going numb.

"And the Goddess'?"

His eyes slowly closed, his voice becoming faint.

"Have they been wrong… this whole time?"

His body went limp as body went cold and he died.

Everything went black and Shifts senses came back and he looked at the ground before him to see Jaron unconscious upon the floor.