Me: This is my first Naruto story, and also is my first Yaoi (Well kind of), that I have put on fanfiction. This is going to be a SasuNaru (Sasuke/Naruto) story, and maybe hint's of Sai/Naruto. SasuNaru is my favorite pairing off Naruto! I do really like Sai/Naruto too! but SasuNaru wins! :)

Sasuke: You can tell...

Naruto: That's mean Sasuke!

Sasuke: Naruto... Have you read the first chapter...? Your a girl."

Naruto reads the first chapter.

Naruto: AHH! Lyndi your evil!

Me: I am not! You make a cute girl -

Naruto: No I don't!

Me: Sasuke thinks so!

Naruto: Did you just smile Sasuke!?

Sasuke: No, you loser...

Me: Anyways!

Anyways, I don't own Naruto, the anime or manga, I own only the plot of this story.

It was just a normal day, a pretty much normal mission; Tsunada sent team 7 to find a dangerous sword called "The sword of Change".

"Tsunada, says this sword's dangerous?! I bet it's just a piece of junk! Why can't she give us a good mission?!" Naruto yelled, walking along side Sai, who was now staring at Naruto, as was Kakashi, and Sakura.

Naruto noticed the stares from his team mates.

"What?" Naruto said confused.

"Naruto…! This mission is ours either way! So shut up!" Sakura yelled at Naruto.

'Even though it is totally lame!!' Sakura's inner-self yelled.

"But Sakura!" Naruto tried to explain.

"Naruto!" Sakura rinsed her voice.

"Fine!" Naruto said, finally agreeing.

(Time Skip: Three day's)

After finding "The sword of Change"

Naruto regretted everything bad he said or thought about the sword, the last two days, and even some of that day."

"Kakashi-Sensei! This is awful! What are we going to do!?" Naruto yelled at Kakashi.

"Naruto… This is what you get for grabbing for the sword like that. The Hokage did say this sword was dangerous, and that it can change thing's and people. But you weren't paying attention when she said that. Right, Naruto?"

"AHHHHHHHH! But this is too much! Why me?!"

"Naruto! You idiot!" Sakura started to yelled, but failed and begin to laughing.

"Sakura!! This isn't funny"

"Hahaha!!" Sakura couldn't stop herself from laughing.

"I can't go back to the leaf village like this! Like a girl!"

Sai walked over to Naruto.

"You don't look that bad, Naruto." Sai said calmly.

Naruto looked at Sai and blushed "Thank you Sai!! Wait! Oh no! I'm starting to act like a girl!"

"Well Naruto, you are a girl now." Kakashi said.

"Kakashi-Sensei! This isn't forever…! Is it?!"

"I don't know… let's just go back to the leaf village now, and maybe the Hokage will know something." Kakashi said.

"Naruto! This never would have happened if you would have just waited!" Sakura said, finally done laughing.

Sai just watched Naruto freaking out.

"Let's go." Kakashi said, walking ahead of the rest of the team.

"Yeah Kakashi sensei's right, let's go." Sakura said, and then caught open to Kakashi.

Naruto and Sai watched as there other two team mates walked away.

Sai started walking, and then was stopped when he heard a noise behind him. It was Naruto; she fell to the ground, looking as if she was going to cry.

'Is Naruto going to cry? Is it that bad to be a Girl…?' Sai thought to himself.

"Naruto are you alright?" Sai asked.

Naruto suddenly busted out laughing; Sai's eyes went wide in confusion.

"Naruto…?" Sai asked again.

Naruto stood up, with a smile on her face. "It's like I'm stuck in Sexy Jutsu"

Sai just smiled. Only to be smacked in the head by Naruto. "Why are you smiling?! It's not funny! This is bad! I'm going to be hit on!! Ahhh!!" Naruto said, freaking out again.

Sai started rubbing his head, and then put his hand on Naruto's much smaller shoulder. Looking into Naruto's big blue eyes, "Naruto I'll protect you from all those guys." Sai said with a gentle smile.

Naruto's eyes when wide, She again smacked Sai in the head. "I told you I don't swing that way!"

"You're a girl now." Sai replied.

"What! Sai are you hitting on me?!" Naruto yelled.

Naruto started running away, to catch up to Kakashi and Sakura, who where pretty far away now. "Guy's don't leave me with Sai! He's acting really weird! Weirder then usual! And that's saying a lot!"

"Naruto stop yelling! It's really annoying!" Sakura yelled back.

"Cha!!" Said the inner Sakura.

"Wait! Naruto I didn't mean it that way!" Sai said.

'Way does this always happen when I'm trying to be nice…?' Sai thought to himself.

Naruto finally caught up to the rest of the team.

'That was scary! I hope not every guy is like that!' Naruto thought to himself.

Naruto noticed that Sai also caught up to the rest of the team.

The only think on Naruto mind was 'Awkward'.

(Time Skip: Three Day's)

'I hate you world… we are five minutes away from Konoha!! I can see everyone's faces already!!... Ahh! I can't do this! Maybe I can get into Konoha without being seen? No! Like Kakashi said, Maybe Tsunada can fix this somehow?! I really hope he's right… If not, I don't know what I'm going to do…' Naruto thought to herself.

"Will we're finally back" Sakura said smiling.

Naruto just stood, looking at the ground.

Thinking 'Great'…

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