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The point with the story title is that I'm not planning anything particularly long. Let's see...

Hundred Themes EdWin - 057


(I liked how Ed tugged at Winry's hair lightly in the manga, it was just -cute-. But it was like there was a story.)

Winry usually kept her hair short as a child, but one day, something happened: a memory often revisited. One of childhood and innocence.

The sun shone brightly, filtering into the Rockbell house, seemingly in tune to the hustle and bustle of a brand new morning.

"Grandma?" Ten year old Winry Rockbell asked, sounding like she was in need of a favor.

"Yes, Winry?"

"Can you cut my hair again? It's getting long."

Her hair barely touched her shoulders.

Pinako knew that her granddaughter was hardly vain, and was curious.

"Why all of a sudden, Winry?"

"... Stupid Ed..." was what she received.

Delivered by her morose granddaughter.

Good grief.

"What?" 'Please, please tell me I'm hearing things,' Pinako begged silently. 'I thought it would be at least half a decade before I need to deal with this.'

"Ed was... pulling at my hair. Again. He's... mean."

'Safe.' Pinako smiled.

Winry pouts, deep in thought.

Winry blinked speculatively. "Hey, Grandma? Do you think Ed's jealous of my hair?"

Pinako coughed awkwardly. "What would make you say that?"

"He's always... staring at me. And then he reaches and pulls my hair."

"Did he grab your hair and jerk?"

"... No, Grandma, he was trying to run his fingers through, but when he pulls, his fingers get caught, and it's like my hair's being pulled out by the roots."

Pinako chuckles.

"Do you think..." Winry pauses, deliberating on her next words. "Do you think Ed wants to make his hair my shade of blonde?"

Pinako tries very hard to not choke.

"I mean... If he does, which I won't really get angry at... I mean, it's his hair... but... won't he look like me then?"

Pinako is taking deep, exaggerated breaths, hoping that it would be enough to keep her composure.

Winry blinks owlishly, turning to her grandmother for an answer.

"Well, how about we'll cut it a little shorter than usual, and maybe he'd realize something."

"He'd realize what?"

"You'll see," was the cryptic response, followed by an evil cackle.

Winry decided that there were some times where she didn't know if her grandma was fine anymore.

Like awhile ago, when she was talking, Grandma looked like she was having a fit.

Later, when Winry met the brothers, hair much shorter, she was surprised to see Ed's jaw drop open.

"... Winry?" he said, almost as if he couldn't believe it was her.

"What is it, Ed?" she asked nonchalantly.

She could act normal, like her mom said: Rockbell women are strong.

Rockbell women can kick butt.


"You look really pretty, Winry," Al said, kind eyes shining bright with innocence. "I think brother thinks so too, right?"

Ed's eyes narrowed. "No, you don't," he says before running off, not seeing the hurt welling up in her eyes.

"Brother!" Al scolds, about to go after him before Winry holds him back.

"It's alright, Al," she smiles.

It doesn't reach her eyes.

He looks at her and sighs.

"It's not alright, Winry," he complains. "And you know it."

Edward Elric sits in the shade of the old oak tree, arms tucked into his knees.

"Why... did I say that?"

Winry looks at the sky, looking at the purple streaked, red-gold rays of sunset bathing everything in a soft, luminous glow.

"Winry?" his voice was soft, but she recognized it.

"Ed?" she half-turned, facing him.

"I..." he hesitated, before clenching his fists and looking at the ground. "I'm... I'm sorry, okay? You didn't look ugly. You looked fine."

She waited patiently.

There was more to it.

"And..." he starts fidgeting, digging his toe into the ground. "I... I just thought that..." he takes in a deep breath, saying everything in a rush."... that you looked better when it was long!"

Winry stared, dumbfounded.

A compliment?

From Edward Elric?

"And... and I didn't mean to hurt you when I pulled at your hair, honest!"

Winry blinks.



She pinches herself.

She isn't dreaming.

He smiles at her. "You have really pretty hair, Winry. You should grow it out more!"

She beams back.

"Winry, Winry." Pinako sighed, sweeping the floor. "He's not the only one who needs to realize that he cares for you." She laughed out loud. 'Not to mention that he seems to care about what you look...'

"Grandma?" Winry slams the door open.

"Yes, dear?"

"I think..." she smiles broadly, straightening up. "I think I'll let my hair grow out from now on."

Pinako smiles secretively.

She could trust Ed with her granddaughter, she knew.