This was supposed to be up forever ago, and I'll try to keep writing when I could because though FMA is over, its spirit won't die so easily. Anyhow. This Hundred Themes isn't over, and neither is the Royai one. I took some time off in my senior high school year and hadn't gotten around to posting again til now, when I started college. I can't promise frequent updates, but I'll keep writing. FMA is one of my deepest fandoms.

Hundred Themes EdWin - 069

Not know

Ed hated to not know. Very simply, it was unpleasant to have people who seem like they know so much better than you. He hated to be placed in a position where there was nothing he knew about getting out well and fine and whole.

He hated uncertainties, and he saw that as an alchemist, he could, in effect, take it as responsibility to overcome the unknown and damnitall he'd do just that.

The Truth.

Even as a child, all chubby limbs and impetuous actions, he's hated not knowing. Winry did, too, he remembered. After all, they'd both fallen out of trees for that very reason.

'Mommy, if I go up high enough, will I be able to touch the sky?'

Same week. Both recieved a lovely bump on opposite sides of their stubborn little heads.

Al, of course, was the sensible one and so he stayed away from tree-climbing altogether and chose to call for help when the two stubborn blondes fell.

Winry hated not knowing with a distinct passion because it was like the whole world was leaving her behind.

Ed and Al? Those boys were going forward at fantastic speeds, and the world trudged forwards the way it always did and she was going to try keeping up because she never liked being alone.

"Ed?" her voice was almost whisper soft, slightly muddled with sleep. It was far too early in the morning for him to be skulking about, and Al was nowhere to be seen. Yet skulking about he was when she woke up (she didn't really know why, because she had been up late and she didn't wake up for no reason,) so that left only ome thing that made the remotest amount of sense.

He stopped putting his bright red coat on halfway, not saying anything but he turned halfway to meet her gaze. He was wide awake.

"Where are you going?"

"Not sure." His voice was clear, warm and slightly deeper than she remembered. "Me and Al are heading over to Central to report to the Colonel, but after that we'll be checking something out west. Some shady stuff might be happening, so we'll try sniffing something out."

"Don't get into too much trouble, you hear me Ed?" she said with a semblance of her old sunniness.

"Yeah, yeah," he said, grudgingly as though the words were pulled from reluctant lips. "You're still a crazy woman."

"Damn straight." And then she winked and continued, "Tell me something I don't know," and he was stunned speechless.

She smiled as she watched his retreating back. "Goodbye," she whispered, half-heartedly hoping it would be heard, and the word seemed to stretch after him, to chase him and convince him to turn around.

He wouldn't, though, not as long as she could see him. She knew that from experience.

Stupid pride.

Her next words though, weren't intended at all to be heard by him because he'd hate to promise something he wasn't sure he could keep. "Come back home safe this time. Please."

The last words she addressed to him for a long while were of the sort that escaped lips thoughtlessly, which if heard would make the speaker squirm uncomfortably because it was far too true to be comfortable.

Because it was so true it was raw and sensitive and almost painful and sometimes it was better at least for the meantime to not know.

"I love you."