My Music Camp

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.


After endless summer jobs, Mikan Sakura has finally made it into a prestigious summer camp, a camp dedicated to only one thing - music. Mikan, with her amazing singing ability, has got to learn how to fit in, stand out, and survive. Because after her meeting with Natsume Hyuuga, the "king" of the camp, survival is a must.

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Measure One: Cafe Accident

"Thanks Mrs. Nasigawa!" A slender, hazel-eyed brunette called as she fingered the money the elderly lady had given her for her hard work, "If I work part time at that cafe down the block then..."

She reached her home, slipping in the doorway.

"I'm home!" The brunette called, her voice ringing throughout the house.

An elderly woman at about her thirty's popped around the kitchen door. She smiled, "How's work, Mikan?"

Mikan, the brunette, smiled back at her mother, "Fine. I earned one thousand yen! Almost, but not yet enough for the music camp..."

Yuka Sakura, Mikan's mother, fingered her chin, as if deep in thought, "Hm... Well, I guess I could pitch in... Let's say, 5,000 yen?"

Mikan beamed, "Really?! WOW! Thanks so much!" She yelled ecstatically, throwing herself into her mother's arms.

Yuka giggled. Sometimes her daughter was a bit too bubbly. That music camp was hard to get into. She had passed the test, now all she needed was the cash.

"It's not enough, I still need 3,000 yen more... Ah! With that job at that cafe, I can earn a lot! How much have I got already? Okay... there's the babysitting I did for Mrs. Nagisawa, the chores I did for Mrs. Hoshina, the part-time job at Cafe de la Tres, pet sitting for Mr. Hinamori... I guess that's it... Then there's mom's 5,000 yen, and also the money I saved up from my birthday..."

Yes, the camp was incredibly expensive. 20,000 yen. Right now, she only had 17,000 yen.

But with 3,000 yen from working part-time at Cafe Sweets, a small cafe selling delicate pastries and sweets, she could do it. Besides, the uniform was super cute.

"I better go apply for the job!" Mikan yelled, running out the door, "Bye!"

Yuka smiled. Mikan certainly could make it into the world with a successful life, but what she was really worried about was who she was going to spend it with.

"Do you have any experience?" A tall, blonde woman asked Mikan. They sat in a small office, Mikan on the guest chair and the woman behind the desk.

Mikan nodded her head childishly, "Yes, yes! I've worked in another cafe."

The woman smiled, "That's fine. You're hired for part-time only though."

Mikan beamed, "Thanks so much manager-san!"

The manager handed her a folded uniform, "You can change over there." she said, pointing over to the dressing rooms, "And by the way, my name isn't manager-san, its..." But Mikan was gone.

Mikan walked over to the room, opening the door. It was a quaint room, open windows, with benches and employee lockers.

Mikan dressed into the uniform. It was adorable, or so she thought. She wore a white dress, with frills on it, a pink apron with embroidered cherry blossoms on it, on her head was a frilled headband. On her legs were pink and white striped socks, her shoes were white and buckled with pink polkadots.

Mikan gushed at the new uniform with delight, "CUTE!"

Heading out of the room, she gave herself one last check in the mirror. Looking good.

Taking a small pad of paper and a pen, Mikan headed over to the counter. A bunch of good-looking boys entered the cafe. They were the first customers of the day.

She approached them with a smile on her face. There were 4 boys, one had dirty blond hair, the other had blond hair and cerulean eyes, a boy with sandy blond hair and glasses, and the last one had raven black hair and crimson eyes.

The three boys besides the crimson-eyed one were laughing. Mikan smiled at them, "H-hello! Welcome to Cafe Sweets! What would you like to order?"

The three looked at her, eyeing her up and down. They smirked, especially the raven haired one.

The sandy haired one had a weird smile on his face, "Hey sweet thang! I wanna hot waitress parfait!"

Mikan clenched her teeth. She had no idea how rude boys could be, "S-sorry, we don't have that here."

The one with glasses tried to calm his friend down, "Y-you shouldn't do that to the poor girl...Koko..."

The said boy, Koko, grinned, "Nah! She doesn't mind. Don't you, sweet thang?"

Mikan could have just punched that guy in the face, "Just tell me what you want to order. And it actually has to be on the menu."

Koko sighed, "You're no fun for someone so hot..."

Mikan had the last straw, "Look?! Are you gonna order or not?!"

The boys besides the glasses one smirked. The raven haired one finally spoke, his crimson eyes gleaming, "Looks like sweet thang here's got a backbone." His voice was deep and husky.

Mikan frowned, "Just order!"

The boy smirked, "Fine, fine. Get me coffee."

Mikan wrote it down, and pointed her pen at the rest, "You?"

Koko grinned, "I wanna... cake! Cheesecake!"

Mikan nodded and jotted it down, "Last two. Waddaya want?" She pointed her ballpoint pen at the other two.

The blond one looked at the other one with glasses, "Yuu, any suggestions?"

"U-um... T-the chocolate cookies sound g-good..." Yuu said nervously, stuttering.

"Kay, we'll get that and... strawberry parfait." The blonde one said, nodding at Mikan.

Mikan wrote it down and turned around to go back to the kitchen.

"Wait a minute." She turned around to see the raven haired boy again right behind her, "I want some of that strawberry parfait too."

Mikan nodded, "Fine." She jotted it down on the pad.

"Does it taste any good?" He asked, looking at her inquisitively.

Mikan nodded. She had been in the cafe a few times and tasted the parfait. One word. Delicious.

"Hm.. Yeah!" she said grinning. The boy smirked.

"You've tasted it?" He asked, creeping closer to her, though she didn't notice it.

"Yeah!" Mikan replied, grinning as she reminisced of her first time in the cafe. It was the first dish she had ever tasted. From the cafe, that is.

"Then you don't mind me tasting a bit of what you tasted, do you?" He said swiftly, and before she knew it...

He suddenly pulled on her collar, and their lips locked.

Mikan's eyes grew wide with shock. The boy pulled away, "Tastes good. Really good."

He smirked. Mikan gasped. H-he was her first kiss!

Oh, he was so gonna get it...


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