It was a nightmare. A horrid nightmare. In fact it was worse than a nightmare, because it was so distressingly real.

Horatio struggled to keep his hold on sanity, but he could feel it slipping further and further from his grasp each time he was forced to match wits with that madman.

That madman, the 'Captain,' was becoming more irrational, more bloody dangerous with every passing day. Hobbs and Dr. Clive could barely sooth his paranoia anymore. No one on the ship, be it the careless drunkards who called them themselves 'crew' or the more cautious and ever fearful officers, was safe from the ravings of the lord and master of the Renown..

Something has to be done. Horatio decided, blinking his eyes tiredly and gazing towards the darkened horizon. Something has to be done lest the entire ship fall prey to the lunatic we are all sworn to serve.

But what to do? On the ship the captain was king, he was god. And no third lieutenant could hope to launch a successful strike against him. He could only watch, horrified, as the ship was torn to pieces; waiting for an opportunity to release them all from the madness.