Those That Watch (Epilogue of 'The Once & Future Bass') \

"When you know that language, it's easy to believe that someone in the world awaits you, whether it's in the middle of the desert or in some great city… without such love, one's dreams would have no meaning." – The Alchemist

Author: Isabelle

Rating: PG-13 (language, adult situations, violence)

Spoilers: All of Season 1 & some Season 2 promos

Summary: In Season 2 Blair & Chuck finally re-unite after their break-up and that same night Chuck witnesses something that pulls him away from Blair. Years later he's back to save her and those he left behind.

Disclaimer: I own nothing that has to do with Gossip Girl; CW owns them along with their creators.


"Wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure." The Alchemist

3 years later / Paris, France

"No, Alexander! Your clothes!" Blair chided her nephew as he climbed on top of Chuck. Chuck easily grabbed Alex and tossed him over his shoulder.

"Go find your mom," he said as he placed him down. Alex stuck his tongue out at Blair and went running to the kitchen.

Blair shook her head, and he smiled at her.

"He's a kid," he explained.

"I swear, mine will be well behaved," she explained to him.

"You're going to bear me some robotic children?" He asked, smirking, pulling her against him.

Her protruding belly prevented them from being as close as they were used to.

"Not robotic," she said as if she were talking to a five year old. He nodded and captured her lips in his.

"The kids are around!"

They were interrupted by an even more pregnant Serena as she waddled in with bags of presents in her hands. Chuck quickly went to help her, grabbing the bags from her.

"We saw one of them," Blair said sarcastically as Serena kissed Chuck on the cheek, smiling at him in thanks.

Chuck allowed the kiss on the cheek because that was better than her getting emotional once more. She got especially emotional while pregnant, and Dan would look at him for support. He supposed this is what brothers did.

"Are they here yet?" He asked as he set the presents under the large tree.

"No, Eric said he thinks they're making out on the plane." Serena sat down next to Blair. Both looked down at their bellies. "Being pregnant sucks," Serena pouted as they studied her swollen ankles.

"Then why do you keep conceiving?" Blair demanded.

"Because the sex is-"

Both Blair and Chuck groaned.

"Oh, so I can hear all about your christening the new château, but you all can't hear about me and Dan?" She snapped.

"They're here," Dan said, poking his head in with a struggling Alex in his arms.

"Aunt Jenny!" Alex squealed and wiggled out of his father's arms, running down the hallway.

"She's always spoiling him. I told you she needs to stop spoiling him," Blair said to Serena as Chuck helped her stand up.

"Chuck is always spoiling him," Dan interjected.

Blair turned and glared at Chuck.

Chuck ignored her and waltzed down the hallway.

"B, relax. It's Christmas. You think Chuck is bad? Bart is even worse." Blair pulled Serena up and their bellies bumped. They both groaned.

"We're gross," Blair stated. "I bet the skinny bitch is all… skinny."

They both turned to look down the hallways were they could hear Chuck and Nate greeting each other.

"I bet she's still size negative two," Serena admitted, frowning. The best friends nearly growled.

"I hate him, you know. For knocking me up. Remember when he tried in high school?" Blair said as they walked down the hall.

"I thought you didn't know whose it was," Serena eyed Blair.

"Oh, it would've totally been his. Trust me," Blair snipped, and Dan shook his head. The conversations these two had sometimes…

Jenny was skinny, alright and Blair gave Serena a knowing look as Jenny kissed Alexander.

"Oh my god, Blair you look so cute!" Jenny squealed and Blair grimaced as she was enveloped.

"Yes, I have connections with Yves Saint Laurent and they designed some special maternity wear just for me," Blair said snottily.

"Is it Emilio? He's such a doll!" Jenny said, lacing her arm with Blair. Chuck smirked at her as she was led away by the stick-figure-with-no-soul.

"She'll be due any minute now," Nate smiled at Chuck. Chuck ran his hands through his hair and nodded.

"Nate!" Serena hugged him and he awkwardly held her.

"Wow!" Nate looked down at her belly as she stood next to Dan.

"Dad's here," Chuck said, looking behind Nate as a gray limo pulled up.

"Oh, good! Harold hates to start late, he and Roman are finishing the fois-gras with the help of Chef Julian, of course," Serena smiled, taking Alex with her as they went to the kitchen.

Dan pulled Nate in and helped him with his coat as they talked about New York.

Chuck watched his father and Lily walk to the entry and greeted Lily warmly.

"I want to see my daughters," Lily told him, patting his cheek.

"She wants pictures of the pregnant girls," Bart explained, taking off his scarf and handing it to a waiting butler.

"Down the hall, Lily. Follow the noise," Chuck told her and turned to greet his father.

"You look well," Bart told him, squeezing his shoulder.

"I am well," Chuck nodded.

Then both men looked out into the street. A few cars were parked, a few others passed.

They looked at each other because they both had felt… something.

"That was strange," his father said and shook his head.

Chuck stared off into the evening sky.

"Yeah," he said quietly, then closed the door behind them as the smell of good food greeted their nostrils.


From her car, Misty watched her two men look in her general direction and then turn towards the house. Smoke was coming out of the chimney and snow was beginning to fall. She smiled sadly. It would be a good Christmas.

She instructed her driver to drive on as she slid her sunglasses in their place. The New York Times on her lap.

Bass heir once presumed dead now alive and well, living in France with expecting wife. No comments from the Bass family.

The End

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