Dursleys by name, Potters by heart

Dursleys by name, Potters by heart

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or places that appear in J.K. Rowling's books.

Summary: Lily and James don't die that October night in 1981. Instead, they live on in Godric's Hollow and have three more children after Harry. Now, eight years later, when Dudley Dursley and his little sister Diana Dursley show signs of magic, they are disowned by their parents. Will the Potters take them in? This is my version of what could have happened.

Chapter One: A twist in fate

When Dumbledore had informed the Potters eight years ago that someone very close to them was working for Voldemort, and it would be prudent to use the newly created Fidelius Charm and go into hiding, James and Lily Potter along with their nine month old son Harry, made their closest family friend, Sirius Black, their secret keeper, and lived quite happily, feeling for sure that with Sirius as their secret keeper, nothing could happen to them. Then one day, a few months after Harry's first birthday, Sirius came over to Godric's Hollow, worry written all over his face. He told James and Lily that he felt he was too easy of a choice for the secret keeper position. Everyone knew Sirius was James's closest friend, and would expect him to be the secret keeper. Voldemort was no exception. What if Voldemort kidnapped him and forced him to tell the Potters' location? Sirius would never tell willingly, but what if Voldemort used Imperius, Verituserum, or other methods?

James and Lily became worried also after Sirius ended his explanation. It made sense. Then Sirius said they should secretly change the secret keeper to Peter Pettigrew, their other friend, and also a fellow Marauder. James wasn't sure. He trusted Peter with all his heart, but…there was no one he trusted more that Sirius. When James suggested Remus, their third friend, Sirius disagreed. Ever since the war with Voldemort had begun, many werewolves had joined him. What was the proof that Remus didn't? Also, Remus had been very secretive lately and had rarely met with any of his friends. Was he in death eater meetings? James didn't believe Remus was a death eater, but he agreed for Sirius's sake. Lately, Sirius and Remus hadn't been getting along. What James didn't tell Sirius was that yesterday he had gone over to Remus's flat, and Remus had voiced doubts that Sirius was a death eater, because the entire Black family was. It hurt James a lot that both of his closest friends doubted each other. Didn't their seven years together at Hogwarts impact anything?

In the end, Sirius convinced James and Lily to switch to Peter and the very next day, it was done, all very secretly. No one was told about the exchange, not even Remus and Dumbledore. Then a few days later, on Halloween, Sirius went over to check on Peter. He often did, to make sure he was safe and that Voldemort hadn't kidnapped him or anything. This time though, things seemed strange. Peter's two room cottage was in disarray. Everything was thrown about and it looked as if he was in a hurry to go somewhere. Sirius immediately got back on his motorbike and went to Godric's Hollow to tell the Potters that Peter had gone somewhere. When he got there though, he received the shock of his lifetime. Voldemort had just blasted the door open and was walking inside. Swearing underneath his breath and not wasting a minute, Sirius leaped towards the doorway and quietly hid in the front closet. James and Voldemort were battling, and he watched with wide angered eyes. That rat Peter! How dare he? After he somehow saved James and Lily, he was going after Peter. But how would he save them? The fireplace was in the den, and if he contacted Dumbledore through floo, everything would end, but between the den and the front closet, there was the living room, where Voldemort and James were still battling. There would be no way he could get past Voldemort unnoticed. If only he had the invisibility cloak! Sirius knew he couldn't risk being seen by Voldemort, because he was the Potter's only hope now.

"Seems like it's now all over, Potter," hissed Voldemort with a pleased smile on his face. He held James's wand. James glared at him and refused to show his fear. He was a Gryffindor and would die like one.

"You'll never win, Tom," he sneered, "One day, Dumbledore will kill you!"

"DON'T use my hated muggle father's name!" snarled Voldemort, "You foolish boy, don't you realize even now that no one can beat me? I will be the strongest sorcerer in the world! Now bow down to me and ask for mercy, and I may spare you!"

"Never!" shouted James, "I will never bow down to you…Tom Riddle!"

"How dare you," whispered Voldemort with red bloodshot eyes, "You leave me with no choice then. I will kill you, Potter, and then your stupid Mudblood wife!" Voldemort raised his wand and muttered, "Avada…"

Sirius wasted no time. Right before Voldemort finished the curse, he whispered, "Fio Somniculosus!" and pointed his wand at James. It was a new spell Dumbledore had invented only one month ago. No one knew about it except The Order of the Phoenix. The purpose of the spell was to make the person hit asleep for two to three hours, and had proved useful thrice in previous battles with death eaters.

Now, a ½ second before the green light of the killing curse reached him, James slumped to the floor, unconscious. Voldemort, thinking he had killed James, let out a loud cackle and started climbing the stairs to the nursery, where Lily Potter and baby Harry were seeking refuge.

Lily heard Voldemort's evil cackle and felt tears prick her eyes. James was dead, and even if she survived, there would be a huge hole in her life. If only she could somehow escape with Harry…

Sirius quietly ran up the stairs after Voldemort entered the nursery and hid right outside the door, not making a noise. He heard Voldemort arguing with Lily.

"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!"

"Stand aside, you silly girl... stand aside, now..."

"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead!"

"I said stand aside, filthy little Mudblood!"

"Not Harry! Please... have mercy... have mercy..."

"Fine then…Avada…"

Sirius did the same to Lily as he had done to James, and she too slumped to the floor. Cackling again, Voldemort stepped over her body and looked at Harry.

"So, Baby Harry Potter…we meet face to face!" sneered Voldemort, "You'll bring about my downfall? Not if I can help it! Avada Kedavra!

Before Sirius could save Harry like he had his parents, Voldemort had shouted the curse and it hit baby Harry square in the forehead. "No!" whispered Sirius to himself, horrified, "Not my little Godson…"

But then, something strange happened. The spell rebounded and hit Voldemort in the chest. He let out a horrible scream and slumped to the floor, mysteriously turning into dust and leaving his black robes behind. Baby Harry sat in his crib giggling. "Pafoo!" he cried gleefully, spotting Sirius. Sirius immediately ran into the room and hugged his godson. Then he noticed a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. "Strange," he murmured.

And thus, Lily and James Potter survived that horrible night, and Harry Potter, a mere baby, became the boy who lived.

Sirius and Remus apologized and forgave each other for thinking the other was a death eater and all was well between the three friends again. Now Peter Pettigrew on the other hand, received a life sentence in Azkaban on the trial given to him a week later. His words, "Save me James! I didn't mean to! The Dark Lord forced me! Please! Please don't let them send me to Azkaban!" didn't make an affect on anyone.

When Voldemort had attacked the Potter house, Lily had been pregnant six months, and three months later, she gave birth to a baby girl they named Annabelle Lily Potter, Anne for short. Remus was named godfather to Anne. Anne had bright red hair like her mother and hazel eyes like her father.

Two days after Anne's first birthday, Lily received devastating news that her parents, William and Audrey Evans, were killed in a car accident. Causing her grief to increase, Petunia sent a hateful letter three days later in which she blamed their parents' deaths on Lily's 'freakishness'. It was a very hurtful letter, especially since no magic was involved in their deaths.

When Harry was three years old and Anne was two, Lily had twins: one boy and one girl. The boy they named William Henry Potter after Lily's and James's fathers and the girl they named Emmeline Audrey Potter, after their mothers. Will had red hair and hazel eyes like Anne and Emma had black hair and hazel eyes like her dad, James. Harry was the only one in the family who inherited Lily's bright emerald eyes. And thus, the Potter family was complete, and now, the real story starts.