Why does Hermione love Ron? A reason for every year they've been at school together. All rights belong to JKR, God bless her soul.


1. He made her realise her faults. All that time ago, back when they were meagre first-years, it was him who made her see her pride and hubris and blemishes that were the reason she'd always had so much trouble making friends … then he pointed them out, regardless of the consequences and she's never been happier since. Sure, it hurt like nothing on earth to start with, but then he made it all better when he accepted her inspite of them. It's all a façade, really – his hostility. She knows there's a heart of gold underneath it all, because she's seen it.

2. His red hair and freckles remind her of the summer. Summers full of quidditch and books and nostalgia and lemonade … and that all-important freshly cut grass. Humming light and milky glows and starry skies … She loves spending time at the Burrow, time with Ginny and Bill, Fred and George, Harry and most of all him. She loves her parents and thanks them for her muggle upbringing that's given her a fresh take on the wizarding world, but it only feels like home when he's there.

3. He makes her feel intelligent. She knows that when he does so, it's in a deprecating, look-at-you-aren't-you-nerdy sort of way, but even that makes her feel bright and clever and sends rushes to her stomach; besides, it goes hand in hand with his teasing her … and that's the main way they manage to get up close and personal, at least in the everyday sense. In addition, when he teases her it makes her feel even cleverer, as his insults are so illogical and she can rip them to mere shreds in moments. And for that, she really is thankful.

4. He cares about SPEW. She knows he does. Deep down, she can see it in his eyes that he actually gives a damn about how those poor little elves are treated – what's more, inspite of claiming not to, she can see how much effort he makes when she gives him badges and flyers to hand out. He could so easily refuse and fight again, but he doesn't. Because he cares that she cares: and this makes her care even more.

5. Inspite of the said teasing, when they're alone, he looks deep into her with those soulful, poetic brown eyes and she feels like they're the only people in the world. He leans forward when he's speaking and his hands move forwards and she feels herself blush – usually, she hates being embarrassed, but at times like these, it's what she loves best in the entire universe, seeing as right now, they might as well be the only people.

6. He smells like parchment, and freshly cut grass and -. But it's not just the smell she loves; it's the fact that when she's around him and thinking about it, she sometimes lets her guard completely and only remembers at the last second, before some half though declaration of love can come spilling out – just like that time in Professor Slughorn's lesson – when they were discussing Felix Felicius, and she almost said "Ronald." Because sometimes, she really does feel like he's the reason she's so lucky.

7. He's brave. She hates to admit that she falls so easily victim of the classic attraction of men to women, but his chivalry, his sheer courage and pluck that make him such a stereotypical Gryffindor are part of the reason she loves him so much. If only the bravery extended to admitting how he felt … Oh, Hermione's no fool. She knows he feels the same way, and just wishes he could admit it. Because she wants him to prove to her that he really is as brave as she thinks, in all areas of life.