Sam was laying on his twin mattress in the motel room wondering when sleep would find him when it happened. The dark room and Dean's peaceful snoring from the bed next to him where starting to take effect. His mind begin to shut down and he felt the first waves of slumber start to enfold him.

Then Dean's Phone rang on the night stand that separated the two beds. Sam, pulled from his almost sleep, waited for his brother to stir at the sound but he heard nothing but the continued snore. It rang again. Nothing from Dean once again.

"Dean." Sam said looking over to the other bed where his brother lay on his stomach in nothing but his boxer briefs.

Dean's eyelids didn't even flutter.

Sam reached over and picked the phone up. With out even looking at it he flipped it open just as the third ring sounded.

"Hello?" He said into the mouth piece.

"Sam, is that you?" The familiar voice said.

Sam's heart stopped in his chest. He hadn't heard that voice in years but he would know it anywhere. Granted, the last time he'd heard it it was angry and yelling, but he knew that the voice belonged to his father. Sam sat straight up in bed.

"Dad? Are you hurt?" Was the first thing he asked.

"I'm fine." His father's raspy voice answered back.

"We've been looking for you everywhere. We didn't know where you were, if you were okay." Sam gushed.

Everything that had been accumulating for the last 6 months coming into his head all at once.

"Sammy, I'm all right. What about you and Dean?" Dad asked.

Just then Sam heard Dean stir, sensing the importance of the call.

"We're fine. Dad, where are you?" Sam asked throwing Dean a glance and see him sit up on the edge of the bed and turn the lamp on.

"Sorry, kiddo, I can't tell you that." Dad said.

Anger erupted inside Sam. He wasn't going to tell them where he was? they spent the last 6 months looking for him just to be left hanging again?

"What? Why not?" Sam asked in a voice that betrayed his frustration.

"Is that Dad?" Dean asked, pulling a shirt over his head.

Sam didn't answer him but instead listened to what his father was saying on the other line.

"Look, I know this is hard for you to understand." Dad said, "You're just gonna have to trust me on this."

Sam's anger dissipated slightly as the realization set in. In turn his voice was much calmer on the next statement.

"You're after it, aren't you?" Sam almost whispered. "The thing that killed Mom."

"Yeah." Dad said after a pause "It's a demon, Sam."

"A demon? You know for sure?" Sam asked,

He couldn't help the flash of Jessica's beautiful face that rushed into his mind. Hell bent on finding the thing that killed her for a half a year now and here was his father saying that knew what it was. Sam's heart began to pound.

"A demon? What's he saying?" Dean asked, left out of the conversation.

Once again all Sam could do was just give him a glance then go on listening to his father.

"I do. Listen, Sammy, I, uh…I also know what happened to your girlfriend." Dad said on the phone. A slight pause, then he went on. "I'm so sorry. I would've done anything to protect you from that."

"You know where it is?" Sam asked, his voice clenching.

"Yeah, I think I'm finally closing in on it." Dad answered.

"Let us help." Sam said.

"You can't. You can't be any part of it."

"Why not?" Sam said, getting angry again. His father was NOT going to do this to him now. NOT this time.

"Give me the phone." Dean said, his hand out.

"Listen, Sammy, that's why I'm calling. You and your brother, you gotta stop looking for me." Dad said. "Alright, now, I need you to write down these names."

"Names?" Sam asked incredulously. "What names, Dad—talk to me, tell me what's going on."

"Look, we don't have time for this." Dad said, his own voice raising. "This is bigger than you think, they're everywhere. Even us talking right now, it's not safe."

Sam clenched his teeth and fought against rising bile in his throat. He could not let his father shut him out like this. Not when it was this important.

"No. Alright?" Sam said. "No way."

"Give me the phone." Dean repeated.

"I have given you an order." Dad yelled. "Now, you stop following me, and you do your job. You understand me? Now, take down these names."

Sam had just opened his mouth to begin the argument he'd been through a million times since he was old enough to realize that he didn't have to do everything that his father said just because he was his father. It was at that moment that Dean leaned over and took the phone from his hand. Sam let him, and watched as Dean spoke to his father for the first time in months.

"Dad, it's me. Where are you?" Dean asked, his brow furrowed with concern.

As Sam watched Dean listen to their father on the other end, his heart sank as his brothers face changed to that of what he would imagine was a soldier listening to his drill sergeant.

"Yes, sir." Dean said.

Sam's heart sank in his chest. He would get no help from Dean.

"Uh, yeah, I got a pen." Dean said, reaching for the pad in the drawer. "What are their names?"

JUST LIKE I NEVER LEFT. Sam thought as he bit into the soft flesh inside his cheek to fight back the tears of anger and frustration.