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I opened the door with a bang, and put on what I sincerely hoped was a happy, cheerful voice. "Hello, family!" But then I felt a spasm of pain coming on, so I raced to my bedroom, and closed the door. She –I couldn't think her name – wanted to be a part of this family! I ached all over, and shook for a second, then composed myself. I was doing this for her. I could hear the thoughts of my family:

Carlisle: Edward's home. Maybe we can talk some sense into him.

Esme: Edward! Maybe he's home for good!

Emmett: Ugh…This'll be interesting…

Rosalie: Maybe he's finally forgotten that girl. (That one made me shake some more.)

Alice: Poor Edward. He thinks he's doing the right thing…

Jasper: Edward's back! Maybe he'll stay this time!

I walked downstairs and plastered a smile on my face, fighting the real pain I felt inside.

"Hello," I greeted them. Jasper grabbed me and sat me down on the couch. I was instantly relieved. I know vampires don't faint, but whatever they do, I was coming close to it. I gave Jasper a thankful glance. Everyone else sat around me.

"Edward…" Esme started. "Where…what….where were you before this?"

"For-" I had been about to say Fortaleza in Brazil, but a ripple of thought through my family – Forks! Started the shaking and pain, and I grimaced, trying to control myself. "Fortaleza. In Brazil." I managed to say, shuddering. My family looked at me with concern. They were trying hard not to think anything that would set me off, but Rosalie thought, I wonder if he ever went back to Forks looking for Bella… I shot her an icy stare. I'll take that as a no…. she thought.

"Edwardo!" exclaimed Emmett. "He oído Fortaleza es una bella vista." He meant: I heard Fortaleza is a beautiful sight. I heard: He oído Fortaleza es una Bella vista."

"Cállate, mi hermano," I said. Shut up, my brother.

"Now, who wants to go hunting?" asked Carlisle cheerfully.

"No! I bought Edward clothes!!" said Alice. "Come on!" she grabbed my hand and dragged me up the steps to her bedroom. "Okay! Let me get the stuff!" she went into her closet and pulled out three boxes full of clothes.

"Um, Alice-" I started to protest.

I picked up some of the stuff in the box and looked at it. Then I came to a t-shirt. A girly t-shirt.

My face froze.

"Whoops, that was for Bella!" she exclaimed, and then she froze. "Edward, you're wrong. Very, very wrong. Bella isn't better without you. She's worse."

"You're not supposed to be watching!" I said through clenched teeth. My hands shook.

"I'm out." I said. I went to my bedroom and sat on the bed.

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