Severus/Lily (one-sided) – a little angst over his lost love

Severus/Lily (one-sided) – a little angst over his lost love.


Her auburn hair radiated the warmth of her character, seeping into his soul and infecting him with her happiness. Light-hearted, loved, cherished by her family; his polar opposite. Her bony, brazen sister's jealousy of her potential echoed his of her life – the normality, the humanity – it was something he had never known.

Teasing and betrayal and morbidity, all that went on in Slytherin, it didn't seem to matter when she held his hand and soothed away the pain with her strong words of courage and grace. He wished he could have given them back, returned them in order to save her.

He knew she was magic before they even spoke; how could someone who had cast such a spell on him not be?

Because she was the closest thing he ever knew to love.



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