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Ally awoke to the four big men crowded around her, Mark bent patting her face. "Kitten wake up." She realized she was laying on the couch.

"What happened?" She asked trying to sit up.

Mark pressed her back down..don't try to get up, rest."

Scott nodded his agreement and the other guys voiced theirs. "Lay down honey." Kevin said.

Ally frowned and pushed herself up. "You big apes get back and let me breath dammit!"

The guys backed up quick, because she didn't look real happy. "Its my wedding day..I'm not laying on the damn couch."

She got up and looked at Mark. "It was probably just the excitement of the day, that's all..we have a reception to go to and then we have a honeymoon..get moving." She wasn't about to let anything ruin this day.

Mark frowned. "Now don't go getting all sassy, we can go to the reception, then to the hospital, to have you checked out."

"Butttt Mark.."

Mark shook his head. "No had a bad head injury, could be something serious..C'mon..we'll enjoy the reception and let the kids know you're fine, but then off to the hospital." mark said firmly.

Ally sighed, but Kevin and Shawn nodded in agreement. "He's right."

Scott too put his arm around her. "We're just worried sugar."

Ally nodded, truth was she was worried too, now that things were working out, she didn't need anything else bad happening.

Ally and Mark smiled as she tossed out the bouquet and Ally laughed when Jassy caught it and turned around to stare at Jacob, Mark however did not see the humor at all. That little punk better never even look at her cross way's."

Ally just smiled. "Stop being silly, its a long time before you have to worry about that."

Mark just growled and put his arm around his wife. "Let says bye to the kids and everybody, then we can get you checked out."

Ally sighed, but nodded in agreement, she was ready to make sure everything was okay, she was sure it was probably just nerves.

Ally hugged each one of her kids and kissed them. "You be good for Uncle Kev..okay?"

Jassy smiled. "We will mama, don't worry."

Zack grinned. "Yeah you guys just have a good time, don't worry bout us kay?"

Mark bent to hug his son. "Take care of your sisters and be good okay boy?"

Zack nodded."I will daddy."

Mark picked up his girls hugging them close. "We'll be back soon and we'll bring ya something back."

The two girls hugged his neck. "We love you daddy." the both said at the same time causing them all three to laugh.

Scott, Kevin and Shawn each took turns fussing over Ally and she just let them, growing up the way she did , with no one really giving a shit about her, it felt good to be fussed over by her big men.

Finally with their goodbyes said. Mark grabbed their bags and they walked down the driveway, Ally walking backwards giggling, throwing kisses at her kids.

Mark just shook his head, she was so silly sometimes, almost like she was one of the kids, but then he supposed that was part of the reason he loved her, it fed his need to daddy her, take care of her.

Mark helped her in the truck and then got in on the drivers side. "Okay lets get you checked out Kitten, then we can be on our way."

Ally nodded looking out the window, just praying it was nothing serious.

Mark paced outside in the waiting room angry. He wanted to go back with Ally, but the nurse had said no. He wasn't used to people telling him no, it pissed him off, plus he was worried. What if there was something wrong with his kitten. He wasted so many years with her being stubborn and bullheaded, now he realized he could lose her just like that.

He walked over looking out the window of the waiting room, it was pouring down rain, that just helped make his mood worse. He had rescheduled their flight for later this evening. She had been back their for a long time, but he supposed they were being careful because of the head injury she had. He flopped down in one of the too small chairs, he just wished they would hurry, he was going nuts.

Ally sat on the table in the small room, they had done every test in the world on her, at least it felt that way, even a cat scan. She just wanted to get out of here and start her honeymoon, they were going to Disneyland. Mark had frowned when she told him thats where she wanted to go, she expected him to say no, but he had just sighed and agreed. She just didn't want anything to ruin this.

Ally looked up as the doctor walked in and crossed her fingers.

Mark got up as he seen Ally walk out of the back, she took one look at Mark and ran outside the sliding door into the rain. Mark frowned. "What the fuck is wrong?" He muttered and followed after her.

Mark ran outside in the pouring rain, looking both ways and seen her running through the poring rain through the parking lot, he quickly followed her calling her name. "ALLLY!"

Mark cursed as she seemed to speed up, what the heck was wrong. "Alllly wait!" He shouted.

But she just kept running, Mark cursed and ran faster finally getting her in arms reach , he reached out wrapping his big arms around her, they were both soaked. "Let me go!" She shouted trying to get away from him.

"Ally stop it, calm down and tell me whats wrong." He demanded holding her tight in his big arms.

Ally struggled but couldn't get out of his arms. Mark sighed and guided her over the the sheltered smoking area, which was thankfully empty. Mark sat down pushing his long wet hair out of his face and pulled Ally down next to him. Mark took her small hands in his big ones, rubbing them gently taking in her wet clothes and hair. "Tell me whats wrong Kitten."Ally looked up at him tears streaking her face. Mark feared the worse, was she ill, or worse, some kind of life threatening illness?

Ally looked back down at their joined hands. "I'm pregnant."

Mark let out a sigh of relief, thank God, he thought it was something awful and then he stopped and looked down at his crying wife. He pulled her in her arms knowing why she was upset. "Kitten its okay..its gonna be okay."

Ally just bawled on his chest holding him tight. "Its just..its just thinking about another baby Mark, its just scares me and what if something happens to this baby..I would die Mark."

Mark had the same fears, Jaxon's death had left scars on both of them, but he had to be strong for Ally. "Ally its gonna be fine I promise, what happened to Jaxon was a accident, a terrible horrible accident, you cant think like that." Mark lifted her chin wiping the tears from her cheeks with his big thumbs." Do you want this baby Ally?"

Ally nodded. "More than anything? Do you?" Hoping beyond hope that he did.

Mark smiled then and kissed her. "More than anything." Mark pulled back and pulled her tight in his arms. "Its a sign kitten, finding out on our wedding day ya know."

Ally just nodded happily , she might be scared, but she was happy, more happy than she thought she could ever be.

"C'mon then..we have a honeymoon to get to, even if it is at Disneyland." Mark grumbled.

Ally just giggled and cuddled closer as happy as she had ever been, she just knew all the bad times were behind them and that Mark loved her and the kids, thats all she ever needed.

June 2008

Ally rolled over and bumped into hard warm flesh and smiled, stretching and burying her face in his hard chest, enjoying the feel of her husbands body next to hers,

Ally always felt so safe with him, she giggled slightly at that thought, considering his proclivities in the bedroom, it was a wonder.

With his size and appetite it was a wonder he hadn't broken her in half over the years, but she didn't complain, she liked the things he did as much as he did.

For the most part, his hands were rough, his caresses sometimes bruising, his mouth sometimes nipping to hard at her skin, his big hand made a habit of smacking her bottom till she squirmed and cried out, Mark liked such things and truthfully no matter how she cried out and tired to get away, she loved it too, the wetness under his probing fingers always proved his point.

Ally smoothed her finger on his face, which looked so sweet almost innocent in sleep, a look she never saw much when he was awake, he was a stern forbidding man, he only lost the look with his kids, with them, his face relaxed and he lavished his kids with love, but that too was on whim, they were used to having a father, who others feared, used to the stern look, intimidating stance, it didn't seem to bother them overmuch.

Her fingers traced his lips, his goatee, which gave him a almost devilish look, her fingers slid to caress his long black locks, she preferred his natural color, but work was work, he did what he had to do, besides it wasn't like she had a word of say so about how he choose to keep his hair, he did what he wanted.

Ally kissed his warm skin, her lips worshiping his face, she did worship him, loved him, adored him, she would do anything he asked of her, some people called it obsession, hell she had been obsessed with him, since the moment she lay eyes on him. People could say what they wanted, she loved the man beyond all reason, loved him the way he was, she never wanted to change him, she loved him for who he was.

Ally's lips kissed the warm hard skin of his big muscled arm that was wrapped around her. Ally sighed happily as she snuggled closer to his warm body.

He was awake, from the first moment she had moved, he had come awake, he was always aware of his woman, if she as much as got up to go to the bathroom, he knew, sometimes he just pretended to be asleep, if he was in the mood, he would flip her on her back and slide in her willing body bringing them both sweet release, other times, he would growl at her to pleasure him with her mouth, which she would happily comply to.

He thought about the first time he saw her, the first thing he noticed was her naturally submissive nature, the way she refused to meet his eyes, she ducked her head and blushed, he was sunk, he liked his women like that, the more so the better, and he had been drawn to her like a magnet.

She had fulfilled every fantasy he had in the bedroom and out, she still did.

He felt himself getting hard, he shifted and grasped her arm. "I wanna fuck." He growled.

Ally turned to her back for him, clothes weren't a problem, she slept naked, that was one of his rules, she was sure if it wasn't for the kids, he would have her naked twenty-four/seven.

He rolled over to pin her, roughly parting her legs with his hands and pushing his shaft deep in her womb, he heard her sharp intake of breath, he looked down at her beautiful face as he shoved himself in her again and again. He looked down at her face and she smiled up at him and wrapped her arms around him, he stopped moving, she loved him, she said it often enough, hell it was in every touch of her hand on him, he himself didn't go in for slobbering over a woman, it wasn't his way, but once in a while, her smile made him lose his mind, he bent low by her ear. "I love ya little girl." He whispered so low she had to strain to hear it.

Ally grinned. "I love you to daddy." She said knowing how it would affect him, she was right, he growled and started thrusting hard into her slick heat again. "You my good girl." He growled out and he pushed into her tender flesh.

She nodded and whimpered as he reached down with one big hand and twisted her nipple, that's all it took and she climaxed her cries filled the room.

He followed her closely grunting as he emptied his seed deep in her belly, he collapsed on top of her , his head fell on her shoulder, his breath on her ear making her shiver. "Daddy made you come real good."

She shivered again , enjoying his weight on her, he was a heavy man, but she didn't care.

He finally lifted his weight off her rolled to his back, he lay there a minute, then he grabbed her and pulled her tight against him, he couldn't sleep without his woman right next to him, the closer the better.

His big arms wrapped around her holding her tight. Ally lay her head on his chest and closed her eyes, he watched her and as she drifted off to sleep, he closed his eyes too, he was glad he was finally going to retire, just two more weeks, he couldn't sleep without her, he didn't sleep till she was asleep, she was his, to fuck, take care of, punish as he saw fit, to worship, to love, but in truth if she belonged to him, she also owned him, owned his soul.

He watched her till he heard the baby start crying and he shook her a little. "Wake up Kitten..its Lizz..I'll go get her." He got up and grabbed a pair of sweats sliding them on.

Ally sat up and then hopped up putting on a nightgown and climbed back on the bed. She smiled when Mark brought the crying baby in and laid the little red haired baby in her arms. "Hey Lizzy..shhh mama's gonna feed ya." She unbuttoned the front of the gown and started breast feeding the baby.

Mark lay back watching, he never got over how beautiful she was no matter how many kids she had.

Elizabeth or Lizzy or Lizz as everyone called her was just six months old. Their twin boys Chase and Byron were three now and Jassy, Zack and Taby were twelve. Mark figured Lizz would be their last child, but you never could tell, he liked having the kids around and if Ally was willing, he could see a couple of more.

Just then the door burst open and three year old Chase came running in and jumped in the bed besdie his daddy. "Dadddy..I heards Lizzy cwyin."

Mark smiled and put his arm around his boy. "She was just hungry boy, its fine. "

The dark hair little boy nodded and curled up beside his daddy watching his sister eat. "Hey mama."

Ally smiled at her son. "Hey Baby..its to early to be up you know."

Chase smiled at his Mama. "I heard da baby."

Ally nodded. "Well in that case, you can go back to sleep here with us, okay?"

Chase nodded and curled up on his daddy. Ally watched the look in Mark's eyes soften as he wrapped his arm around the little boy. Yeah Mark could be a overbearing jackass, but inside where it counted, she couldn't have asked for a more devoted husband or father.

"What?" Mark asked shortly when he caught her giving him that sappy lovesick look. Ally just smiled bigger. "I love you."

Mark looked down at the already sleeping boy and then at Ally and the baby. "Yeah me to, love you I mean." He said a little flustered.

Ally just grinned happily, her gruff, bossy husband was all the man she would ever need.

I set out on a narrow way, many years ago
Hoping I would find true love, along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two, wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign, pointed straight to you

Every long lost dream, led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way, into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you
Yes He did

I think about the years I spent, just passin' through
I'd like to have the time I lost, and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand, you've been there you understand
It's all part of a grander plan, tha
t is comin' true