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Some of these chapters will be like a diary, and some will recount 'missions', but most will be random musings of Elisabeth's at one point or another.

Summary : Just simple drabbles based on John, and little things about him that Elisabeth notices. The first chapter, obviously, deals with sunglasses. Read more to find out.

Legend :




(Scene/POV/Time Changes)


(Elisabeth's POV)

It's wrong, I know, to have any sort of romantic or lustful feelings for an officer under my command. I've seen it happen on many occasions, and even berated people for it, only to feel guilty that I harbor these feelings myself.

The sunglasses.

The first time I noticed it was when he saved me from the Genii soldier threatening to kill me. The shot wasn't a foot away from me, I had been shocked. I'd sworn he had to have hit me, but remarkably, he didn't. He saved me. The worried look in his eyes, mixed with an apparent sense of relief, served to warm me, even though the rain had chilled me.

"Dr. Weir, are you alright?"

Snapping out of my thoughts, I offered a small smile and nod to Major Evan Lorne, who was leading the team who currently, were escorting me to a treaty. Looking around, we found ourselves in a vast field, as usual. The field was clear, no signs of Wraith or any hostile forces, but it was manditory that I be escorted. You never knew when these things would go south.

Those damn sunglasses.

"We'll be making contact with Colonel Sheppard's team soon."

We were due to meet with them in the village, where they'd take over my escort and protection. It was one thing I often questioned. Out of all the teams, John always insisted his team watch over me personally, but for these little trips to and from the gate itself. It made my trying to ignore the way I felt around him, nearly impossible. Was it a personal thing? Or did he just not trust anyone else with my safe transfer?

And true to that, soon we were entering the forest, and the Colonel's team walked out from behind a group of trees. With a small, quiet greeting and few exchanged words, Lorne and his team remained in position there as John turned to lead the way further into the forest.

Wearing those damn sunglasses.

They were a pain, you know? I liked being able to tell how people felt around me. Usually, without his sunglasses, he could kind of hide his feelings, but not that well. With them, he seemed a lot more cocky, probably knowing I couldn't read him, and feeding off that. Yes, it most certainly was a pain.

"They wanted to talk with you about setting up trade negotiations." Rodney put in, walking beside me. "Apparently, they saw Colonel Sheppard as an, um..." He grinned a little. "Middle man, of sorts."

John stopped cold and slowly turned around. Wearing those sunglasses, and his Atlantis uniform, complete with P90 and thigh holster, he was the epitome of danger. Especially with that frown on his face.

Still, I had to say it.

"Well, he is." John's face turned in my direction, and behind his sunglasses, I caught one eyebrow sliding up almost elegantly. The slight 5 o'clock shadow and his unruly hair gave him a more rugged look than usual, one he pulled off all too well, especially when he towered over me, a couple of inches taller. I bit my lip a moment before forcing a grin and sauntering past him. Yes, I said sauntering. "I mean, I'm the one in charge, so naturally John's the middle man." I stated flippiantly as I walked to the head of the group.


His voice wasn't as gruff as you'd expect, from a man that looked like him. It was softer, lighter, and it was filled with emotion. It was...surprising and...kind of nice. The current sulky tone in it made me have to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

"You know she's right, Sheppard." Ronon put in, a grin easily heard in his voice.

"Yeah, well... Doesn't mean you have to rub it in!" His tone was whiney, not at all dangerous, like someone would initially expect. But, I'd known him for some time, and we've been through a lot, I knew he could be dangerous sounding when he wanted to. "And you..." I felt a strong hand grab my arm.

Looking up, startled, I stared at him with a raised eyebrow, once again cursing those sunglasses as his expression was fully masked.

"Stay behind me." He stated in a surprisingly quiet voice as he let go and stepped in front of me.

I could only blink in surprise. He never ceased to get me, always pulling the opposite of what I expected. Instead, I watched as he walked off ahead, following behind him. Suddenly, I stopped cold and blinked in shock as a particularly bright beam of sunlight hit me square in the face. "Ow!" Covering my eyes, I quickly berated myself for failing to notice how dark the forest was to the bright sun.

"Elisabeth, you ok?"

I nodded, though my eyes stung and I didn't dare open them at the moment. I heard John sigh, heard the rustle of cloth and him fumbling with his P90, then felt something warm slide over the sides of my face. Small, warm, and feeling vaguely metal. Carefully opening my eyes, I almost jumped to find the world a lot darker than it had been. It took me a moment to realize I was wearing sunglasses.

His sunglasses.

Looking up at him, I could see he was concerned but also a little uncomfortable without them. He gave me a grin, even as he squinted against the invading light, and took my hand, helping me along until we were in the dark of the forest again.

I like him better without his sunglasses. I thought, struggling not to smile. I loved being able to see his hazel eyes. It was funny, really. Upon first meeting him, I thought his eyes were a dark blue. Then, I threw that idea away, thinking they were green. I'd never gotten a good look. Then, again, I thought I'd made a mistake and they were brown. It took a close moment to realize they were many colors, but listed in his profile as hazel. Yes, I much prefer no sunglasses.

I bit my lip and grinned a little at his back, glad that the others were behind me and wouldn't see me. The rest of the trip, I feigned discussing the trade negotiations with Rodney, trying to ignore when John would glance at me. Some time I wondered if he wanted his sunglasses back, others I wondered what the strange, warmer look on his face was...

But in reality, I spent the trip to the village forming a plan to steal his sunglasses for myself.


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