Chapter 11 (11 out of 11-FIN)

Warning: M/M slash, anal, oral, language, violence

Riddick is written IceSamZero and is bold

Johns is written by Furyan Goddess and is standard

Room's bare. Bed, pretty standard, but a helluva step up from a cot or even a bunk. Some shit stacked in a corner, tarp coverin' some crates an' long containers. Spare sets a fuses an' shit for some a the ship's electronics, extra cabling. Random shit.

After the crewie leaves, Jack gives me an' Johns this look. Johns looks at me, an' I go diggin' in the kits for somethin' she can use. Don't find anythin' but Johns tosses her some shit from the head's cabinet. She takes off an' it's just us.

Johns wonders why Jack couldnt'a been a boy, easier that way--an' I think back to the whole fuckin' thing, remembrin' how the nasties had a nose open for her ever since we left the ship an' started our crazy last-ditch run. It was a weakness, at the time, but not somethin' Jack coulda controlled. She was just survivin', like us. I remember Johns talkin' about stuffin' her with a cork. Bout usin'
her for bait. Hear the cargo runner's captain, talkin' bout Aquila Major.

I don't realize whatever look's on my face till Johns says "What?" angrily an' throws 'is shirt at me. "I might be a fuckin' piece a shit, Riddick, but I don't fuck kids. Male or female, got that?"

I blink, stunned, but he's already stomped off to the shower.

I guess we still got a lotta shit to work out.

I wasn't thinkin' that, not about him, not like...that. Yeah, I was remembrin' Aquila. Remembrin' what he said before, what he's done before. Remembrin' the Johns I hate.

I remember the Riddick Johns used to chase, the Riddick Johns thought belonged in a slam.

He was right.

I start strippin'. He's right now, too. Somethin' got left behind on that planet, for both of us, an' neither of us knows how ta deal with what's left, how to deal with each other with the old familiar pieces missin'. Not to mention the new shit. Not used to not hatin' each other, not tryin' ta off the other. Not runnin', not chasin'. Not remembrin' who we were, an' I know who we'll always be, no matter what. Some shit, if it changes or not, some shit stays with you forever.

The water comes on just as I get to the door. I can see the scar, raised an' familiar. Eyes track up to the new cut, an' I know that's gonna scar too.

He feels me behind 'im an' he turns. I don't know what to say, if I oughta apologize or if he don't deserve it. If I don't. I just don't know.

One foot in front a the other. Gotta keep tellin' myself that.

I get at 'is boots, cuz it's just what I feel like doin'. They don't have blue eyes an' as much as I know I got a problem lookin' at 'em doesn't make it easier ta fuckin' do so.

"She's been hurt, Johns," I say, an' I don't know if it's apologizin' or not. "Think some sick fuck..." I pause an' concentrate on undoin' the knot, swallowin'. Fucker ties his shoes like a soldier. " to 'er," I finish.

I hear 'im sigh. "Yeah, I know." Maybe that's apology accepted, maybe it's not. But I hear somethin' in 'is voice, an' I know he agrees with me before I even say anythin' to agree with. "Never again," I growl, standin' up an' lookin' 'im in the eye. He nods.

He looks tired as he gets ridda the clothes. I can see the circles under 'is eyes, feel the ones under my own. We get in the water 'fore we run out. He's got the soap an' there's a clean washrag on the door. He's scrubbin' up efficiently an' quickly, an' I woulda given half a thought ta doin' it myself, runnin' the towel up an' down 'is body, but I'm tired an' hungry enough I just watch the floor show.

He's thorough an' I ain't ashamed that it has me thinkin' a why he needs to be. Not that I don't think Johns ain't usually clean, I just get a grin outta it, an' a little heat in my belly.

He turns on me an' starts goin' at me with the rag, an' I just let 'im. He's as thorough with my body as he was with his, an'
I'm gonna start purrin' in a second. Feels fuckin' fantastic. He goes lower, an' when he scrapes the rag along my ass I close my eyes an' sigh. He gets the rest a me, an' I steal the rag back for my face an' skull. Feel the soap runnin' down my skin an' it's a fuckin' sweet feelin'.

My eyes're closed, so I gasp a little when he licks my nipple, bites me. It's good, I could stand 'im doin' this--
fuck, ow, that, for hours. Shit, it's good.

His fingers dig into my chest an' I swallow hard, let my head go back. Head's hot, swimmin' in it. Again that weird feelin', hell, a whole slew of 'em. Buzzin' heat, mixin' with the sleepy. Hungry an' thirsty an' lust firin' up hard, colored with trust.

Hand on my ass an' he tugs me close. Palm flat, fingers spread an' we need ta get outta this shower where we can do this the right way. I feel the loss when he leaves off one side at the same time as the anticipation an' new feelin' curls in my gut when he switches to the other nipple. I wasn't kiddin' when I said I could let 'im do this for hours. I put fingers in 'is clean, wet hair, hold 'is head. Hear the door open an' wonder why the fuck I didn't think to lock it after all the shit we just been through.

I can't help but grin back at Jack, Tell 'er ta get the fuck out, cuz the shit me an' Johns is doin' ain't for her eyes, but I can't summon up any mad. Johns tr
ies ta cover his ass, since his front's still plastered to mine, which I guess saves Jack an eyeful. Says she's hungry, an' it's like I suddenly remember I'm fuckin' starvin' an' say so. I hit the taps an' Johns rolls 'is eyes, but I know he'll come around once he's got food in 'im.

He gets himself in a towel an' tells Jack she looks like a drowned rat, an I'm smilin' behind the one I'm dryin' off with. If I didn't know better, I'd say that's affection in Johns' voice.

I hear a mild gross-out in her comeback, an' I guess that's a small favor--old enough ta have a crush, old enough for hero worship, but maybe not the more adult kinds of appeal, not really.
Good thing I guess, whatever she's been through.

Johns tells her about her language, an' she flies back at 'im with that quick tongue a hers. Throws 'im for a loop, I can tell, an' now I am smilin' behind the towel, jus' holdin' it to my face, lettin' it trail down to cover the important shit.

"Get the fuck out," I tell her again, still smilin'. "We'll get inta the food but I ain't eatin' naked."

I tie the towel in time ta see Johns reach out an' give Jack an almost-noogie that's eighty percent shove out the door. "Fuck off, kiddo," he says, an' she laughs at 'im an ducks outta reach an' outta the room.

Johns kinda spends a second just starin' after, an' I spend a second starin' at him, both of us thinkin' in the silence. After maybe a minute, I break it. "Get some clothes on that ass, white boy. I need somethin' ta eat an' if you don't cover up
, you're it."

Johns grins back at me an' drops the towel. "Bullshit, Riddick. We're hittin' those rations hard an' then I'm gonna enjoy you all night long."

It's halfway threatening, an' I'm startin' to get half-hard in the towel before I can think of anything to say ta that. He looks like maybe he didn't expect ta say it himself, an' goes inta the room ta dress.

I follow an' tug on what they gave us, leftover ship's stuff. T-shirts, loose pants. Barracks clothing. Shirt's tight on me, an' Johns' fits him well. Pants are kinda silly on us both, but when we go through to eat in Jack's room I remember that she's got the short stick here. She does look like a skinny little rat, an' I understand Johns' urge ta ruffle the hair she don't got.

We're eatin' on a big crate an' some a the long containers for chairs. Jack's grinnin' with 'er mouth full, a little shadow a hair already showin' on her head, big
green eyes, an' I recognize somethin' that feels dangerously close to affection.

Cute kid

I can tell we all got shit runnin' just under the skin, that whole part of dealin' with other humans that I never liked. But this is different. It's there, an' it's not gonna go away, but right at this moment, as we scarf the shitty rations like they're a fuckin' Christmas bird, there's this feelin' between alla us, a feelin' that we're alive, that we're safe, that we're comfortable.

Fuck, from my limited knowledge of humanity, I'd call it happiness.

Jack's 'bout ready to crash, after she eats enough for me an' Johns put together. Me an' Johns eat enough for all the nasties on the planet. Jack stumbles off to her bed, same as ours, shit in the corners, a light bolted inta the wall by the head a the bed, a stand for the extra clothes, an' I guess Jack's got whatever else she needs in the head. Soap anyway, not like she needs shampoo no more.

She wants to stay awake, I can tell, but I threaten to kick her ass an' she's already almost passed out on 'er feet. Johns watches as I give her a shove towards her bed an' she's out almost 'fore she
hits the pillow, jus' floppin' there on top a the covers an' everythin'.

I wipe my mouth with the shitty paper napkin an' look up when Johns gets up from the makeshift table. He goes over to Jack, reaches under 'er an' grabs up the covers till he can stuff her under 'em, get her head on the pillow right. She's out cold the whole time.

I gotta swallow an' I just stand up, can't look anymore. I pile the trash an' drop it in the litter hole in the wall, walk back through the doors to our room.

Our room. Me an' Johns' room.

I scrub my teeth with the brush that came in the cabinet an' the paste that came from the kit. There's a whole pack a brushes, so Johns has got one too. When he comes inta the room I just stay in the head, spit an' rinse, take a piss, swill some water.

I come back out after I can't dick around no more, an' he's got the lights off still, so it's just some dim runnin' lights in the corners by the door. I don't look at 'im, just go to the bed, ditchin' the too-tight shirt. Crawl on the covers an' I feel like Jack, 'bout ready ta pass out, an' it's the weirdest feelin' yet. Bein' able ta fall asleep, half naked, with my back turned on William Johns in the same room.

I stay on top a the covers, feelin' fine an' not wantin' ta get in. I hear Johns breathin', hear 'im move. Keeps his shirt an' pants on, gets on the bed, keeps some space between me an' 'im. Not 'xactly a huge bed, but he sticks over there an' I stick over here. Put my arms under the pillow an' keep my head turned away.

After a bit he rustles closer an' I feel 'im put a hand on my back, upside down. He's lyin' on his back, so I feel 'im lightly run his knuckles in slow paths up an' down my skin.

It takes maybe thirty seconds a that an' I'm asleep.

I know Riddick's smilin' behind that towel, I can fuckin' feel it. He thinks it's funny, it's cute to hear her talkin' that way. Guess maybe for him it is. Still, that girl needs to learn some respect for her elders. After that thought passes my mind, I want to blow my own brains out. Elders? What the fuck's goin' on?

"Get the fuck out," he tells her again. Riddick's got one thing on his mind now. Food. Ain't nothing gonna change that till he gets somethin' to eat. I'm starvin' too.

Somethin' in me has me reachin' out, grabbing the girl and instead of just shovin' her out like I'd planned, I end up rubbin' her fuzz a bit. It's softer than Riddick's, heads smaller too. Bones are finer and damn she's too skinny. Got to get some food in her quick 'fore there's nothin' left of her. When Riddick speaks, I realize that I was starin' off after the girl and when I turn to him, he knows it. Got something weird in his eyes and I open my mouth and talk before I know what I'm sayin'. Just to break the moment.

That does it, his eyes change. Softness leaves to be replaced by a spark of interest. Deep down, I think we're both too beat up to do anything but eat and sleep.

Throw some clothes on, t-shirt and pants. Shirt clings to Riddick and my mouth waters. Fits me just fine, just another way of showin' the difference in our size. No wonder I used the chains and the stick. No real defense against him without them.

Jack's grinnin' and shovelin' food in her mouth that I can't believe. How can a kid her size eat so much? Where'd the fuck she put it? Something's tuggin' at me and I realize that I'm happy. Don't remember the last time I felt it. If ever. Can't remember ever bein' happy.

May not of had the childhood Riddick had, but mine wasn't peaches and cream either. Never knew my father and mom fucked anyone she could. For free and for money when shit got tight. So no, I don't remember what it was like to be happy.

It feels warm. Feels good.

Jack's meltin' into herself and Riddick threatens to kick her ass and shoves her toward her bed. She goes and is out almost before she's down. Still on top of the covers. I stand and Riddick looks at me as I walk over, slide my hands under her and pull the covers and finally get her under them.

Don't want her to get cold. Ships are always colder when you sleep, seems to me.

Riddick's back in our room, brushin' his teeth when I get back. Left the lights off, just a small bit on the edges of the floor so I don't kill myself. Riddick don't need them anyway. He strips his shirt and flops on the bed, same as Jack.

I go and clean up and then climb in beside him. Still fully dressed. Too tired to bother with takin' them off. I stay on my side for a bit and then edge closer.

I run my hand down his back. Feel the skin, the smoothness of it. The heat. I want to wrap myself around him, back to front, but I don't know if he'll let me. So I rub, trace small patterns and listen as his breath evens out and he falls asleep.

It amazes me that he would. So easily. So trusting. I could kill 'im right now. In his sleep. He's got no way to defend himself. Richard B. Riddick left his back open to William J. Johns and the only thing I can think about doing is wrappin' myself 'round him and sleeping for a year. My hand stops moving, no more energy left and I sigh as everything fades to black.

I wake sometime later and find that even though my mind resisted the urge to spoon up against Riddick's back, my body overrode it. My nose is pressed against the base of his skull and I can smell him. My left arm is under my head and it's numb and tingly with its need for blood. I don't care, it could turn black and fall off before I move from this spot. My right hand is lying low on his stomach. Feel his hair tickle my pinkie and I know his cock is only and inch away. Waiting.

Something's pressing against the back of my hand. Something warm and soft. Firm and I realize that he's hard, pressed against me. My hand between his cock and his stomach. My heart jumps and breathin' changes.

I want to puzzle at this, knowing he fell asleep with his pants on, but I don't really care. My hand is by his cock, that's all that matters.

I open my eyes and I see a soft spot, right under his ear and to the back of his jaw. I stare at it for a few moments and the urge to nuzzle it overpowers everything else. Don't need to move much and mostly just shift my head and then I'm there.

I press my lips to it, let my tongue have a small taste. Riddick moves towards me, gives me easier access even though he's still sleeping. I let him. I don't want to rush. I want this soft, floaty kinda feeling. Touch and lick. Kiss and sniff.

I feel myself falling deeper into something I'm not ready for, but at the moment I can't find it in me to care. I need this. I need to touch him like this. Like a lover, like I'm not a merc and he's not my payday. Like the past never happened and we're just here, in this moment, livin' because who the fuck knows what'll happen next.

He makes a sound, a purring and I know he's waking. I don't want to stop. Don't want him to pull away. I want to touch every part of 'im, feel every muscle, trace every line with my tongue.

Will he let me?

His head turns slightly, knockin' me from my spot and I look up at him. Eyes lock, hold. I lower my mouth to his and he don't pull away. Brush my lips, flick my tongue. Our breath mingles, makes it hot, makes it shuttery as I lean in and slide my tongue against his slow.

I move my numb arm and it screams in protest but I ignore it and cup the back of his head as I slid my upper body over his. My right hand moves, wrist twists and I grip his cock gently and pump slow.

We both moan, but not knowing what to do 'bout the slowness of it. Used to hard, used to fast, but this is something new for both of us. Never done slow before, even with a woman but I want slow, with Riddick. With my lover.

He rolls on to his back, spreads his legs wider for me and I let the tips of my fingers tease his balls. Fuck, but I want him. In my mouth and with my cock. I don't know what to do first. My hips are movin' against his leg and I take that as my body's way of tellin' me what it wants. Only question is now, will he let me?

Will he let me fuck 'im? I have to know, I have to ask, cause I don't think he can just tell me he's ok with it.

Fingers dip lower, touch his ass so there's no mistake on his part as to what I want.

"Can I?" I ask and hold my breath.

His eyes just blaze up at me. He's thinkin' Workin' it out. The dynamics of it. How it'll change things.

I let my breath out and accept what I think is his answer with a lump in my throat. Fuck it all, how I wanted to feel him around me.

Break the silver and move to lay on my back. I might not be able to fuck him, but this time, I want to watch his face.

He's still for another moment before he reaches for the tube of lube we put by the bed. He looks at it and hands it to me.

My hands shake as my eyes cut to his. He don't say nothin' just lays back down on his back and I know I'm lost.

I just fuckin' fell in love with Richard B. Riddick.

My hands shake as I try to take off my clothes. I need to be naked, skin to skin with him. Can't get them off fast enough, but I want slow. I want to savor. I want Riddick to burn, to catch fire, so I go as slow as I can.

When I come back to him, I slowly put my weight against him but with my shoulder rolled back so I can reach between us. Grip his cock, pump it a few times.

I lube a few fingers and touch him, much in the same way he did me but there's no slide down his ass. It's just me touchin' him, circling and easing a finger inside. He shifts his hips and I'm scared that I hurt him. Look up and his eyes are closed, nostrils flared and I feel my lips twitch. He likes it.

Watch his face as I slide in another one. His lips part slightly and when I add the third, his neck and upper back arches. It's fuckin' a beautiful sight if I ever saw one.

Push deep with my hand, find his button, like he did me. Watch him jerk and grin. I ain't wastin' no more time gettin' in there.

Coat my cock and slide between his legs. He opens more for me and when I'm seated, poised and ready, I lean down and catch a nipple with my teeth before the head pops past the ring of muscle and I slide home.

He's so fuckin' hot, so tight that I can't breathe. I'm light headed and I break out in a sweat. Arch my back and begin to move. Slow at first, gettin' used to the feel, the angle, the hotness of 'im.

Soon, I can't go slow no more. I lean down and kiss him, almost out of my fuckin' mind. Drunk on Riddick, that's how I feel. He's lettin' me take the lead and I know how huge that is. How big this whole fuckin' thing is.

I grunt his name and he growls at me. Fuckin' growls and I almost blow it right there. His hand grips my ass, pulls me closer, but it ain't enough. Shift my arms, slide them under his legs and start to pound into him. Hard and sharp. Deep as I can.

Feel him jerk, hear him grunt fuck. Yeah, that's it. This is Johns fuckin' you. Can you take it? Do you like it as much as I do?

Grab his cock, pump it hard. I wanna see him cum for me. See his jaw clench a second before it falls open and he roars my name.

Fuck, he's tight. Almost done.

"Come on, Riddick, cum for me." I demand. "Open those fuckin' silver eyes and let me watch you cum."

His eyes open and I'm not sure what I see, or maybe I don't know how to explain it. Not that it matters, I'm sure he sees the same in my blue ones.

Through this whole fuckin' thing, it's been the eyes that gave us both away. Blue and silver and now they're locked on again and I ain't lettin' go. Not for nothin'.

I pant, heart hammerin' in my chest, "Oh God, Riddick," I say breathlessly.

Hands itch, toes curl and I'm dumpin' myself deep in his ass. Feel his hot wet on my hand, the clenchin' of his ass, milkin' every last drop outta me and still our eyes hold.

Nothin' but the other reflected there.

No more lies. No more mistrust.

Just acceptance of each other and our faults.

Somethin' touchin' me. Feels nice. Feels good. Feels warm.

I crack an eye an' find Johns closer than 'e was when I fell asleep. Probably closer than when he did too. His shirt's rucked up almost to his chest, like he got warm an' tried to take it off in 'is sleep.

His arm's out, fist touchin' my side. Like he turned towards an' rested his hand on me, an' it slid down when he fell asleep.

I just watch 'im for a while, not wantin' to wake 'im up yet. Just watch the skin shine, watch 'is face. Watch 'im breathe.

I reach out, slow, slide fingers up that arm. I trail 'em down, lay a hand on his hip, push the elastic of the pants down a bit so the skin's bare. Look at how the trail of hair contrasts with the pale skin, over the bone.

Never took the time, before. Not to just touch, look.


He's sleepin' pretty hard, an' I know I wouldn'ta woken if some part a me wasn't aware of being touched. I wonder at this for a bit. Felt no threat whatsoever. In fact, I Knowin' he had my back.

If you told me I'd ever feel safe in the presence of William Johns, I'da laughed in your face. I'd think this would be the hardest thing for me ta accept, but it surprises me an' it don't--it just is, like the way I see in the dark.

His mouth's kinda open, an' I watch this a while too.

It isn't that warm in the room but I carefully kick the pants offa me, an' the cool recirc feels nice. I stretch a bit 'fore I turn back away, kinda on my side, back to Johns. If that's not an invite I dunno what is.

I stare at my goggles on a crate by the bed. Left 'em there, when we were eatin'. Can't remember a time when I felt secure enough to do that, an' I wonder if I'm slippin', an' just how much I can loosen up before it bites me in the ass.

I'm asleep pretty quick again, listenin' to Johns breathe.

Next time I start ta wake up, I can feel myself purrin'. Johns' got his face in my neck, nuzzlin' the spot behind my ear an' I'd let 'im keep doin' it but I feel his hand on my stomach, feel his knuckles brushin' my cock an' I gotta turn an' look at 'im. I do, bumpin' 'im back, an' he looks at me, his blue eyes intense.

He kisses me an' I move into it. He moves his lips on mine, licks me an' I open my mouth an' feel 'im slide his tongue inside. I can't breathe right, heart goin' all flappy an' my skin zappin' up an' down my body like it's too tight.

He leads it, like he always does, an' I can just sit there an' let 'im an' try not ta drown.

Johns snakes his arm under my head, puts 'is hand on the back a my head an' moves over me, makin' me move to let 'im, let 'im on top a me. I make a sound but it's got no air an' so it's lost in 'is mouth.

He fits his hand around me, starts pullin' an' he does it slow an' it's perfect. I moan, or he does. Maybe we both do. Feels so fuckin' good I might catch fire. So fuckin' warm, his skin, his hand, his mouth, wet an' slippery. His breath on me, in me.

I need more of his weight an' move flat, pullin' 'im down with my mouth till he settles a leg on each side a mine, an' I open more for 'im. Fuck I
need this.

His fingers tickle an' tease lower, but his mouth gets desperate, an' his kissin' has teeth in it, slow, hard teeth an' this is killin' me. He's movin' slow against my hip, an' I know how bad he wants me. I know how bad I want this, an' I dunno if I oughta be fightin' it or beggin' for it. Each time he moves I just suck his tongue back in my mouth, bite it ta hold it there an' suck, lick, fuck it with mine, with my mouth an' my teeth, breathe 'im in an' I got my far hand flat on the bed, the other on 'is side an' he's hot, skin's so hot...

He touches me, fingertips unsteady little taps at my ass, an' he asks all shaky against my mouth: "Can I?"

His voice is so fuckin' soft. I swallow, he pulls back enough to see my eyes, an' I got no idea whats
in 'em. I got no clue what to say. All I can do is watch 'im, watch the hope in his face, watch the fright in 'is eyes, the need an' the want an' the heat.

S'not the same anymore, this. Us. Somethin' changed, broke, reformed more than I'll ever know. Beyond my scope. Just straight outta the fuckin' ballpark, so far it's inta the sky an' I can just ride it an' see where it goes.

Somethin' in my face, my eyes hits him, an' I see the light in his kinda fade an' he just flops over to 'is back, somethin' lost.

He thinks I'm gonna fuck 'im, an' he's not gonna get to have me. Not gonna get to have me like I had him, not gonna get to watch me as I lose it cuzza his body an' his mouth an' his cock an' his fuckin' blue eyes.

He's on his back. Wants to watch me.

I know he hears me get the lube, by the goggles. I look at it, in my hand. Funny how it ended up there, like it was nothin'. Just another necessary thing ta have close at hand.

I reach over, press it inta his palm, on the bed. Look up at his face.

His hands're shakin', an' 'is eyes are fast an' sharp. I keep lookin' at 'im an' lay back, that familiar fear in my gut, muscles in my neck knotted like they wanna turn my head away but for all I'm worth I fuckin' can't break his gaze.

He props himself up, shifts, facin' me, searchin' my face. I blink at 'im, got no words. His mouth is open, an' slowly, he rises up on 'is knees an' starts to take his shirt off, like he's afraid I might bolt, an' he hides from me for once, not lookin' at me after he's got it over his head. I look up at 'im, almost shiverin' now. The air's gettin' to me, an' much as I can feel I want this the anticipation's fightin' with the nervousness an' my skin's goosebumpin'.

He drops the shirt an' has to roll on his back for the pants, kicks 'em off an' waits a second, lookin' towards his feet. I look at his cock, sprung out, hard an' high. Know where it's goin'. He rolls back an' makes eye contact again.

He moves close, moves over me. Puts a hand on the other side of me, gives me one second of lookin' at 'im, absorbin' the reality of it, before he presses his whole body down, puts all his weight on me an' rubs. I meet his open mouth kiss, slide my tongue inside 'is mouth a little aggressively before teasin' out, tauntin' till he shoves his in mine an' I clamp on it again, suckin'. The lube's pressed to the bed under his hand, his other hand squeezin' my bicep hard enough that it's gonna bruise. He moves his hips on me, slides his cock on my stomach, hair kinda catchin', an' mine's leavin' slippery hot stuff on his skin. His balls touch mine, warm an' heavy, his ass movin' as he humps slowly against me. So slow, so fuckin' slow I'm gonna die.

He pushes off an' I let go a his mouth. He looks at me, down at the lube an' he lets go of it for a sec, just reachin' down to touch my cock like he can't help it. I groan an' he rubs his cock on mine, grabs the lube an' backs off on his knees, straddlin' my leg. I reach out an' stroke up his thigh, through the hair, watch 'im put slick on his fingers, an' he lays back out beside me, puts an arm to brace so he can watch me for a moment before he looks down an' he reaches low.

My eyes shut at the first touch of his cool finger. He circles an' presses, an' it's somethin' I didn't know I missed, even though he's never done it to me. Feels like somethin' overdue, like somethin' that was missin' but it's here now an' it's right. He slides it inside, an' I shift to let 'im in.

Feel 'im pause a sec, but I just keep my eyes closed, feel the press of another, feel 'im slide it inside along the other one, stretchin' me wider, an' I sigh, mouth openin' a bit. He twists, turns, curls an' his fingers still feel cool. He surprises me with another one an' I come up off the bed a bit, gaspin'. Fuck
, it's good, this slow an' gentle shit is so fuckin' hot I can feel my dick drippin', can feel the tingle in my balls, the burn in my ass, the wet starts inside an' goes all the way up my cock till it pulses out slow, falls to my stomach.

He searches an' he finds, with those fingers. Feel him find the fun part, an' he presses me mercilessly an' I say "fuck!" an' jerk on' 'im. 'F I could open my eyes I bet he's grinnin'. He pulls his fingers out like his patience is gone an' I spread my legs wider, draw up a knee an' the the wet sound of him jackin' 'is cock to lube it up makes my mouth go dry.

I open my eyes an' take in the sight of Johns, poised above me, his cock in his hand, between my knees. He moves his hips down, touches the head to my ass an' I get ready. He puts both hands on the bed, the wet one leavin' dark spots an'
he leans into me as he presses in one motion, moves down an' in an bites my nipple an' then his head moves past the tight an' I moan loud as his cock fills me up to the skin.

Sweat beads up all over his skin, an' I can feel 'is heat. I'm hot too, was chilly but now it's so fuckin' hot in here, my ass is burnin' an' stretchin' so fuckin' good an' he starts to move, arches against me, an' I look down at my cock between us, back up at his face, eyes dark an' mouth open, breathin' hard.

He's learnin' me, watchin' me, fuckin' me. The slow slide an' hitch is drivin' me insane an' fuck I love this, love the way he feels, the size, touchin' everythin', reachin' inside an' just touchin' everything.

He leans down inta me again, thrustin' slow, pullin' out an' draggin' skin, pushin' an' slidin' back inside deep, past the part where my mind goes blank. He kisses me, bites my lip an then soothes it, tryin' to keep it slow but he can't an' I can't let him.

"Riddick," he grunts against my mouth, kisses sloppy an' wet now, hot an' deep as his dick in my ass. I growl an' he twitches as I flatten my hand on 'is ass, squeeze his cheek an' pull 'im down, inside a me, again an' again. My leg presses my arm to his body hard, knee against his side. Johns jerks himself up an' moves my arm outta the way as he puts his elbows under my knees, arms under my thighs an' 'fore I can decide if it's too much or not enough he changes his angle, lifts my ass an' starts reamin' me hard as he can, an' it hurts so fuckin' good I shout an' all but writhe on 'im, where my ass is impaled with his fuckin' hard hot cock.

Somebody's sayin' "fuck, fuck, fuck," an' I realize it's me, air comin' out in a snarl, an' he's lookin' down at me, eyes hard an' bright, drivin' me outta my mind, an' I look at his arms, strainin', the muscles in his chest tight an' his nipples hard, his abs flexed an' long an' his cock, both of us watchin' it disappearin' inta me over an' over, mine jerkin' between us.

See his hand come down, feel my leg drop an' I press the knee hard to his hip an' he grabs my cock an' starts fistin' it, slickin' the wet shit up an' down an' I clench my teeth hard before his name comes outta my mouth like it's the last thing I'm ever gonna say.

My throat feels raw, I can't breathe, my heart's poundin' in my ears an I can hear his breath harsh, hear the slap of his balls an' hips on my ass, feel it rock up my spine.

He tells me to come for him, that fuckin' commandin' voice, an' it makes me wanna snarl, curse, scream, whimper. "Open those fuckin' silver eyes and let me watch you cum."

I'm gaspin' now, an' lookin' up at 'im. Hard to keep my eyes open, hard not to close. But then blue has me an' I can't hear anymore, can't hear the breath or the flesh or anythin' but my heart, feelin' it swell an' make my whole body throb until it's all I know. His eyes are open, wide open, an' the color's so rich an' pale at the same time I can't look away.

"Oh God, Riddick," Johns gasps, an' the world comes back, feelin' an' sight an' scent an' sound, an' he arches over me, comes up on his toes, fillin' me with all he's got, all his hot soul, an' I see myself in his eyes as I clamp around him again an' again, his hand on me fast an tight an' I just feel like I'm losin' myself through my cock, like he's drainin' me of everythin' I ever had.

His hand snaps out, off me, to hold his body up, arms tremblin' like my whole body's startin' ta do. He stares down at me forever, as our blood rushes around every which way, an' I know this is it. Everything's different, it's all changed. Above me, inside a me, William Johns, onetime merc an' killer. Me, Richard B. Riddick, convict, murderer.

I reach up with a weak, shakin' arm an' pull 'im down to me. He almost falls an' we both grunt, an' he licks up my chest, neck, like he ain't got the energy to kiss me. My breath's back, like his weakness, his allowin' me to see it, is givin' me strength. I reach down, rest a hand on his back, slide it down to 'is ass an' urge him to keep movin', just a little. Like this weakness, the weakness of two together somehow makes the strength of one alone not seem enough, anymore.

He laughs weakly into my chest, an' says "Riddick, I don't have anythin' left."

I turn my head an' murmur in 'is ear, "Yeah ya do, Johns." I pull, push, an' somehow I find the energy to lift a leg, drape it over his calves an' he shudders. "C'mon," I whisper, puttin' lips on 'is neck. "Best part."

Johns moans into my skin an' starts movin', real slow now, not far, just enough. I let my head fall back an' shudder, looser now, but still holdin' him firm. "Mmmmm," I say, cuz I'm outta words again. Maybe sometime we'll really have the juice to go again, cuz somethin' tells me that if this was spectacular, twice'd be mind-blowin'. But this, right now, this is good. Bringin' us down, easin' us into the warm floaty shit again an' it's jazzin' up an' down my whole body, tingly an' toasty.

Finally, he starts to pull out, an' I gotta bear down a bit to let 'im free. Got comfy there, I guess. I shiver an' he hisses an' falls on top a me again, his dick slick an' soft on my thigh, my cum coolin' between us, sticky. Wet warmth between my legs. Sore an' sticky an' warm an' it's a fuckin' great feelin'.

Johns turns his head, finds a nipple an' starts in on it, an' I gasp an' feel a tingle over my body. He sucks, pinches with his lips before he licks an' laves, slow. Then he bites, nibbles, almost chews an' I laugh through a gasp an' slap 'is ass. He grins around me an' doesn't stop.

I let my head fall to the side an' just enjoy it. Don't want it to stop. Not soon.


Eleven survived the crash, out of forty, forty plus. The planet took eight more, before the darkness was done. Three made it through the rain and the screams an' ended up on another boat in the same ghost lane goin' backwards. Headed out to a place where the past is fresh an' raw.
A merc an' a murderer an' a girl, who everyone else thought was a boy. Headed out to a future as unknowable as the past should be, left behind on a hot, black place where the shadows sing in the endless night an' fly screamin' until the suns come out again an' cover everything with brightness.



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