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Chapter 1

September 3


I hopped off the plain and tripped almost immediately, well glad to see I still have my klutziness (note the sarcasm.) I grabbed my luggage and looked around for my dad. He was standing off in a corner next to a pillar talking to none other than Jacob Black.

I tried calling their names to get their attention; I couldn't lift my luggage because one of my suitcases held my dismantled motorcycle, but they were too far away. Suddenly I was struck by inspiration; I stuck two of my fingers in my mouth and whistled. Loud and long. They both looked up and I waved my hands franticly to get them to come over. As they were approaching I saw the identical smiles on their faces. It looked like it hurt. They rushed over to where I was standing and crushed me in two hugs one after the other.

"Hey Bells," Charlie greeted after they were done hugging me. I cracked a grin.

"Hi dad, I missed you." I told him honestly. I really did not like the new guy my mom married. Then I turned to the almost unrecognizable man that was Jacob.

"Oh My Gosh, Jake you're huge!" I yelled looking up at him. They both laughed and Jake said "well maybe you are just tiny." I jabbed him in the gut and was shocked to feel that he was burning up. I decided not to comment on it so I just laughed like the rest when he pretended to wince.

Then Charlie got a good look at me, "Nice nose ring Bella." I could hear the disapproval in his voice. I smiled, I like that piercing.

"So, Jake. What do you know about motorcycles?"

He smiled. "Just about anything."

"Good cause I need help re-assembling mine."

I had a good feeling about this year.

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