Okay, so pretty much I'm doing this collection of one-shots of more elaborate sex scenes for all the ones mentioned in Breaking Dawn. (Of course I tabbed them, what pervert wouldn't?) So, I'm going in order. Starting with the first night. Italics is what's actually from the book.

"Beautiful," I said, looking up at the moon, too.

"It's alright," he answered, unimpressed. He turned slowly to face me; little waves rolled away from his movement and broke against my skin. His eyes looked silver in his ice-colored face. He twisted his hand up so that he could twine our fingers beneath the surface of the water. It was warm enough that his cool skin did not raise goose bumps on mine.

"But I wouldn't use the word beautiful," he continued. "Not with you standing here in comparison."

I half-smiled, then raised my free hand - it didn't tremble now - and placed it over his heart. White on white; we matched, for once. He shuddered the tiniest bit at my warm touch. His breath came rougher now.

"I promised we would try," he whispered, suddenly tense. "If…if I do something wrong, if I hurt you, you must tell me at once."

I nodded solemnly, keeping my eyes on his. I took another step through the waves and leaned my head against his chest.

"Don't be afraid," I murmured. "We belong together."

I was abruptly overwhelmed by the truth of my own words. This moment was so perfect, so right, there was no way to doubt it.

His arm wrapped around me, holding my against him, summer and winter. It felt like every nerve ending in my body was a live wire.

"Forever," he agreed, and then pulled us gently into deeper water.

It was like…nothing I could ever compare, to be fully pressed against him like this. No more hints and teases of his bare chest against my clothed one. We could really feel each other now, swirled in this warm, tropical water that surrounded us like a private cocoon.

"Edward," I whispered, wrapping my arms around his waist as he had already done to me, pressing tighter, feeling him. His hard cold chest against my soft one, pressing my breasts flatter between us and hardening the nipples in reaction to his temperature and my desire. I could feel his hardness nestled in the delicate skin of my abdomen, and his legs pressed tight against mine, one of my ankles twisted around one of his.

I heard him intake a shaky breath. "Bella…" he whispered, dropping his head to my shoulder, his hands running up and down my sides. "I planned on this being a real swim, as a way to relax and start off the night in the correct way. And you're making it so…" His fingertips danced softly along the skin of my back, tracing the gentle curve of my backside before coming to rest on my thighs, his hands curling into grips around them, pressing me tighter to him. "…Difficult."

I pondered that for a moment before I grinned, breaking away. "Then let's swim."

But I watched as his eyes left their careful place on my face to my completely exposed chest, drinking in the sight of me without the inconvenience of mere peripheral vision. A relaxed, lust-filled smile graced his angelic face. "Beautiful," he breathed, walking closer.

"Edward?" I reminded him. "Swim now?" I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to at all, not with him looking at me in this unbelievable, though completely acceptable, way. But I didn't want him to regret it later - not using this time to get used to a naked me, and composing himself as he saw fit to perhaps build his confidence for one of the ultimate acts of love we would perform in a short while.

His eyes snapped back up to my eyes. "Sorry," he murmured, a small smile playing on his lips as his eyes scanned my torso again. "You're just…so beautiful…more so in person that I could've imagined possible. Exquisite…"

I froze then, my lusty gaze turning confused, and then suspicious, as I narrowed in one part of the - admittedly amazing and heart warming - sentence.

I crossed my arms over my chest - his expression winced from the loss and I felt vaguely smug - as I stared at him, my eyes narrowing. "What do you mean, 'in person'?" I demanded, resisting the urge to tap my foot on the soft sand of the ocean floor.

Suddenly, his calm - albeit slightly anxious - expression turned sheepish, and his mouth twisted before he swam toward me gracefully, one stroke of his arm all that was needed to be close enough to hold me. "Well…" he started nervously, but paused, putting his chin on my head to stop me from lifting it to meet his eyes.

"Well?" I prodded, unable to resist placing my hands on his smooth, immaculate chest, running them down his sides softly. His skin quivered a bit beneath my warm touch, and he took in a deep, shuddering breath. He laughed softly.

"If you want an answer, you're going to have to stop distracting me like that," he murmured into my hair, amusement and desire mixing strangely in his tone. "Although, by all means, continue…"

"No, I'll stop. What did you mean, 'in person'?"

He shifted uncomfortably. "You have to understand, I didn't mean to. Sometimes it just popped up into her mind, and it's not like I can help being a mind reader. It was never intentional," he said, his words coming out in a rush like they did when he was agitated. He paused and I stood there silently, waiting for him to continue. "Okay…" he breathed. "Do you remember last summer, when Alice had to help you shower?"

"Oh," I said. "Oh!" Enlightenment dawned on my face.

"Yeah," he said sheepishly, and I had feeling that if he could blush, he would be. "But you're so much more beautiful in my arms."

"Peeping Tom," I teased, smacking his chest lightly. He grabbed my wrist and brought my hand up to his mouth, kissing my knuckles and then my palm softly with a small smile on his face. I leaned against his chest again contently, reveling in the way our bodies molded already.

"Can we…I mean, do you want to get out of here?" I whispered. "I'm going to look like a prune soon." It was true, and that wasn't sexy.

He froze a little bit against my touch, nerves and stress stilling him. "Okay," he breathed back, his voice suddenly carrying a hint of vulnerability. "If…If you want to."

I nodded, feeling a heat wash through my cheeks. I was nervous, I'd admit it, but I wanted him more than anything. I wanted to show him how much I loved him, and love him in return with all I had. Fear would not stop me. And I wouldn't let it stop him either.

Instead of letting me walk, Edward scooped me easily into his arms, bridal style. I could tell it was quickly becoming his favorite way to hold me, though I felt a small twinge of disappointment. I had yet to see all of him, and that opportunity was being delayed for me a bit longer. But we had all night. I could wait.

Edward stopped by the tree where his clothes hung temptingly in the breeze, but ignored them, instead plucking my towel from it quickly and continuing toward the house. He set me down in our room, closing the glass door behind us. I didn't turn around, though I wanted to.

Edward's arms wrapped around my waist from behind, the towel in one hand. "May I?" he asked, his cold lips brushing my ear, causing me to shudder pleasurably at the sensation.

"Yes," I agreed a bit breathlessly, eager and nervous all at the same time at the thought of his hands touching me everywhere - even through a towel - to dry me off.

He started with my neck, removing his arms from around me to gently wipe every single drop up, occasionally moving it to my sopping hair, gingerly coaxing the moisture from it.

He moved to the back of my shoulders then, gently wiping the tops and the blades of them. A shock went through me when his mouth followed soon after, a trail of lightning cold kisses following the places that he dried. His mouth was open as he dragged it lightly across my back, and his cold, sweet breath made me want to melt. He continued this pattern all along my back, getting on his knees as he reached the small of it, his hands gently caressing me. My legs trembled so much that it was no surprise when I finally collapsed to my knees too, my head falling back on his shoulder.

He chuckled, but it was a low, husky sound, stemming from desire. "Silly Bella," he murmured, his voice a deep rumble as he moved his work to the front of me, gently placing his hands on my waist and turning me around to face him. Except, by this time, both of us were completely dry, and I swallowed hard as his gaze raked the front of my body again. I kept my eyes on his face, hands resting lightly on his arms.

"Can we move to the bed?" I whispered, miraculously keeping my voice from trembling. "This could get uncomfortable…"

That seemed to snap him out of his daze, and he smiled at me again, eyes dark, throwing the towel aside to pick me up and take me to the bed, gently laying my body down in the center of the monstrosity.

As he did so, I allowed myself to look at all of him as he leaned over me, and I had to quickly stifle a gasp at the perfection.

I'd seen his chest plenty of times, in all of it's immaculate perfection, but it was different this time; perhaps because I had a smooth, flowing view. His chest blended flawlessly into his V, a thin trail of bronze colored hair trailing down from just below his navel to the length of him in between his legs.

I'd never seen another manhood before, outside of movies and such, and so I wasn't sure how to compare him to the population of man. But he looked big, and I felt smaller than ever. Would he fit inside my thin, tiny body? It didn't seem possible. I feared pain for the first time.

"You should close your mouth. It might stay like that," he teased in a low voice, lowering himself on to me and trailing kisses up and down my neck and jaw. I hadn't even realized my mouth had dropped open, and I hastened to close it, refusing to think about anything except his skin on mine, his mouth against me.

"Edward…" I whispered softly, reverently, as his mouth descended past my collar bone, heading toward my chest. My body tensed in anticipation as he hesitated above the swell of one breast.

"May I, Bella?" he asked, looking up at me from under his eyelashes. Even if I had wanted to say no before, I never could've when he looked at me like that, his darkened gold eyes smoldering up at me with burning desire and passion.

"Yes," I gasped, and closed my eyes as his lips cautiously closed in around one nipple, his tongue flicking out to lick it.

"Oh!" I cried out, arching my back into him while jolts of electricity radiated through me, everything sharpened and blurred all at once.

Edward broke away quickly, panting just as hard as I was. "Bella," he whispered, his voice tortured. "You have to hold still. I can't…I can't…"

"I'm sorry," I mumbled back out of habit, though I couldn't get my mind to settle on anything. All I could think about was his mouth on parts of me that no one had ever touched before him.

But he was pulling back, fear clearly written on his face. "I don't know if I can do this Bella," he said, agonized. "I want to but you're so tempting…it's far too easy to lose my thought process."

"No!" I cried, my voice fiercer than I expected it would be. "No! You're not backing out now Cullen." I grabbed his shoulders, trying to shake him. "You can do this. You can. You've come no where near hurting me. Please, Edward, I need you." There was an ache inside of my entirety that had always been there since I'd fallen in love with him. The kind of ache that stems from the knowledge that there is another person out there who can make you complete.

"Bella…" he whispered, his voice still torn, but I was winning, I could see that. And with a short growl of frustration he pinned me back on to the bed tightly, lowering his mouth to breasts again. I struggled with myself to not squirm as he licked, nipped, caressed, and massaged the entirety of my torso, but it was so very difficult. In any case, he looked like he refused to give up this time, and his name came from my lips in a moan.

He looked up at me, his eyes dark. "Do that again," he ordered, his mouth parted slightly, his eyes half-lidded.

"What?" I was too far gone.

He didn't respond, but he pulled himself back up to me, kissing me softly but passionately as his hand trailed down my body, coming to cup my womanhood. I gasped at the feel of his cold finger outlining the lips of my desire, and couldn't resist groaning his name in a gasp as his finger entered me.

"Moan my name, Bella," he panted, begging, into my ear. "Do it, please." Another finger added to the one already pumping me, and my body had no choice but to comply with his request. I lost myself, only aware of the spreading ache, the tingling in my legs that longed to be wrapped around his hips, pulling him into me deeper.

"Edward," I gasped, as his fingers continued their wonderful work, his lips kissing burning trails all over my neck, his breath fanning over me rapidly with his heavy breathing. "Stop, please. I want you inside me…the first time." I wouldn't let that powerful light of paradise overcome me until I could feel him filling me, fear forgotten.

"Oh Bella…" he whispered, gently removing his fingers from me, and moving to hover, and then rest, between my legs. "I love you, angel," he breathed, kissing my mouth repeatedly. "I love you."

"I love you too," I murmured, locking my arms around his neck. "Please Edward…I want to feel you."

"Okay," he whispered to me. He met my eyes and our gazes locked. "Keep looking at me," he pleaded. "I don't know what will happen if you don't."

"It's okay," I whispered back, our lips brushing, focusing intently on his mesmerizing, liquid gold eyes. I wasn't sure if I could look away. "I won't let you lose yourself." I brushed his jaw with the back of my hand. "You're mine Edward. Always."

He nodded, and with a slight, quiet groan he entered me slowly, looking in my eyes like his life depended on it, before freezing as soon as he was all the way inside, allowing both of us time to adjust. But I found I didn't need it. There was no pain, for all I could think about was him. My everything. Inside of me. Completing the gap I didn't know was there, filling the hole that never realized it was empty. He was solid, and so very there, surrounding me. All my senses could focus on was him.

All I could see was his archangel face, face screwed tight in love, lust, and control. Blackening eyes boring into mine.

All I could hear was his ragged breath, panting into my ear as he struggled to get used to this bliss.

All I could smell was his sweet scent, coating me as well in his essence, enveloped as I was in him.

All I could taste was impending glory and wonder as he shifted inside of me, stretching my walls and preparing us for the journey we were about to take.

And all I could feel was him beginning to move inside of me, his hands gripping me tightly for an anchor as I did for him. But it wasn't tight enough. I wanted to feel him. I wanted to be so close there was no telling where I began and he ended.

"Hold me," I breathed in a moan, as he gently thrust in and out, making stars come to my eyes, a pleasure I never thought possible. "Hold me…"

And he did. He gripped my arms tightly to him, burying his face in my neck. Later on he wrapped his arms tightly around my ribs, kissing my shoulders. He gripped my hips and held on like I wanted him to. I'd never felt so loved, so safe, so insanely out of my mind with pleasure as I did in this moment.

It was perfect.

I was in another world with him. Everything on the outside - the dull sound of a ripping noise, the light brush of something powdery soft on my body - all was lost.

It was in this moment that I knew true happiness.

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