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''Thinking to themselves''

Kioshi means: Silent

Hinata Hyuuga sat in a room that did not belong to Hinata Hyuuga. It belonged to Hinata Uzumaki. So why do you ask was Hinata in a room that didn't belong to her, well thats because Hinata didn't know she was a Hyuuga, at least not yet.

Hinata Hyuuga, 17 years old, adopted by the Uzumaki family at the age of 12 after she was found on the streets of Tokyo, Japan. She was found, shivering,beaten, bloody and unconcious in a dark alleyway.

The kind stranger who had found her had not noticed the gashes on her inner thighs.

When the adoption agency had come to pick the young girl up from the kind mans house, they asked her her name, a whisper escaped the frightned looking girl's mouth, ''H-Hinata..''

When the driver of the car, who happened to be of the male species asked her her last name, Hinata had fell silent and seemed to cringe at any words that came out of the mans mouth, the women in the passengers, she was a nun of the catholic church, seat seemed to have noticed this and told the man to stop asking her questions. The nun asked Hinata what her last name was.

At once the young frighetened girl had replied that, she didnt know her last name, nor were she had come from, and when the nun had asked her why she was bloody, beaten and left for dead on the street the young girl had replied with the same answer, '' I dont know...what happened?''

The nun had turned in her seat to look at her, and saw that the girls eyes were sincere, innocent but with a look of complete confusion and obliviousness.

The nun realized that the young girl, this Hinata, did not remember that she had been raped. The nun patted the young girls knee, trying not to grimace when the girl asked why she was scraped all over her thighs.

The nun looked down at the young girls clothes, the man who had found her washed her clothes and let her take a bath, she was wearing a cute blue skirt with a black dress coat over top of a hello kitty shirt. She skirt with tears all over the hem.

''Y-You fell, in a rose bush..'' The sister said to the young girl.

The 12 year old girl just knodded and looked out the window, oblivious to the truth.

Short black hair with a tinge of violet in the light, with short whisps of longer lengths sourronded her face, pale pupiless eyes stared back at the girl in the car windows reflection. Not showing the emptiness in her heart at the things she didnt remember, and things her mind forced her to forget.

''HINATA!'' Haruhi Uzumaki screamed at Hinata, waking the teenage girl from her nap.

Hinata's white eyes looked around the room sleepily, becoming unclouded when there was a banging on the door followed by the door swinging open, revealing a young man, looking the same age as Hinata, with sky blue eyes and blonde hair that would make the sun jelous. There were scars on the boys cheeks resembling whiskers (Hinata finding out later they were from his drunken father), inhanceing his looks more then offsetting them.

''Oi sis,'' the boy's voice was gravely but masculine,'' wants to talk to you!''

The blonde man gave a huge grin then dissapeared, not shutting Hinata's door properly.

'' Dammit Naruto...'' Hinata whispered darkly, her cheeks burning red.

''I wish he wouldn't call me sis..''

Naruto Uzumaki, adopted at the age of 9, by the Uzumaki's, Hinata didn't know his real last name as Naruto said he didn't have one, Naruto was happy and content with the Uzumaki's having being put into the Adoption home after getting taken away from a Drunken abusive father.

Hinata had went through four years of annoying pestering from the blonde in hopes the young girl would finally say two words two him. Now one year since Hinata had finally accepted the boy was harmless, and a ray of sunlight in a dark place, she talked to him frequently and soon found out that it was love she fealt towards the boy. A love that was more then just sisterly love, and Hinata was still not ready to believe it. Naruto, the only boy she trusted next to her adoptive father, a boy that was her adoptive brother.

Hinata sighed at the thought and put her head in her pillow for a moment before jumping up from her bed when her mother had yelled a, ''Dont make me come up there!''

Hinata was out of her room and running down the stairs faster then two shakes of a lambs tail.

Hinata entered the Kitchen,''yes!''

Hinata stood straight almost like a soldier would stand, infront of her mother who was currently sitting drinking coffee at the table.

''Hinata-chan, please take a seat, and stop treating me like a drill sergeant.'' A woman with long brown hair and bags under the eyes the only thing showing her age of 46, Hinata's adoptive mother, Haruhi.

Hinata looked across the table at her mother sipping her coffee casually, waiting for what her mother had so urnestly called her to say.

Her mother placed her coffee mug down unnecessarily loud, making Hinata jump in her seat.

''Hinata, love,'' Haruhi said sadly, as she looked at her daughter of five years, she hadn't changed much, she was still just as frightened of men as she was when Matsuri(Adoptive father) and her had adopted her. It saddened her seeing her daughter this way, and it hurt not being able to tell the Young girl why, remembering what the nun had said about people blacking out things in there life that the mind wouldn't be able to handle. Some people who were forced to remember having nervous break downs and being put in asylums, some killing themselves shortly after learning things.

The nun had said, that sometimes the mind would heal itself, and start remembering things when it knew it was ready and able to handle it.

''Your Dad and I have decided to put you into the school that Naruto is in.''

Hinata seemed frozen in place for a second, eyes wide then started laughing nervously.

'' Mom thats not funny at all.'' Hinata said laughing, then stopping at seeing that her mothers face was dead serious.

''B-But its and all BOYS school!'' Hinata shouted flabberghasted at her mother sitting quitly across the table.

''Yes yes, we know,'' Haruhi said waving the statement off like you would a fly,'' thats why we want you to go there.''

Hinata was stuck in place, opening and closing her mouth for something to say, looking like a fish out of water.

''B-But...w-why?'' Hinata questioned looking frightened, starting to shake at the thought of all the boys.

''This is why Hinata,'' Haruhi said, meaning the way Hinata was shaking,'' You need to get over this being afraid of, of Men!''

Hinata looked at her mother horrified.

''B-But what about my friends at the all girls school mom, what about them!'' Hinata said angry, releasing a part of her that she never realized hid in her gentle nature.

''They've already been told, as has Naruto,'' Haruhi said smirking triumphantly when Hinata had nothing to say,'' They said its a great idea, Sakura also went off about how damn lucky you were, but Naruto said he'd be willing to help.''

Hinata blushed not able to look up at her adoptive mother.

''You're Father and I have already gotten you a dorm room,'' Haruhi said mildly,'' But we booked it to late and Naruto and you weren't able to get the same room.''

Hinata's face became down cast at the thought of Naruto and her not being able to share the same room together.

''T-Then who am I with?'' Hinata stuttered to her mother.

Haruhi shrugged towards her adoptive daughter.

''Anyways Hinata, you can go now, you will be leaving in a week.''

Hinata nodded half heartedly, looking defeated, and stood up from the table, walking up the stairs deflated.

She closed the door behind her, still feeling not completely sure with what her mother had been saying. Hinata walked over to her bathroom, going to the sink and washing her face. She looked in the mirror, her reflection looked back at her. Long ebony hair with tints of lavender, pupiless eyes and flawless skin covering wide elegent cheekbones. A well endowed chest hid under a heavy purple hoodie. Hinata smiled softly.

''How on earth is Mom going to be able to make me look like a guy?''

With this last thought in mind, Hinata's fears went away, she turned from the mirror and sauntered back into her room.

One week Later.

''Hi-uh Kioshi,''Naruto yelled,''Hurry up I gotta show you to your dorm!''

Hinata couldn't believe she was doing this, and she tried hard to forget the one day she got to pack things, and the 6 days of hell she had to endure to become a 'boy'.

Hinata Hyuuga, Hinata Uzumaki, and now Kioshi Uzumaki walked up the stairs towards an over bearing stone walled school, also known as Konoha Private School For young Gentlemen, or K.P.B.S.G. Hinata's knees were shaking, Naruto was nice enough to have brought her there two hours before the students were supposed to meet in the auditorium for introductions and tours.

It still didnt stop her heart from racing less, and the now extremely hard duty of moving her legs, as one or two early to start boys sprinted past her.

Hinata took a deep breath as Naruto stood waiting for her on the top steps, her being in the middle.

''Remember your training Hinata, and remember that you look like a guy.''

Hinata remembered that her Mom and Dad had spent alot of money for her little 'Makoever' how they had afforded it was beyond her , her family being, not to rich, comfortably well off.

She remembered trying to convince her adoptive Mom not to chop off her hair. It had worked, they had only layered it into a beautiful cut that they had put into a loose pony tail and braided the side bangs that she had kept, giving her an elvish, other wordly look. They couldn't do much about her face, except make her eyebrow's more bishounen, now looking like two black flicks pointing inwards making her look like she was always frowning. Making her have the V shape that boys have was the worst an most painful part of all, her mother insisting that she wear a male corset for the first 6 days before going to school, so she may feel more used to it for the rest of the year. Despite the corset she still had to bind her chest.

Kioshi Uzumaki made it to the top of the stairs, leaning back with her pelvis slightly out like Naruto's training had told her to, clad in pure black for the schools Uniform, and shaking.

Naruto leaned in slightly, Hinata blushing madly,

''Everythings going to be fine Hinata.'' Naruto whispered giving her a reasurring smile.

They walked through the doors together, Hinata not able to stop shaking, looking around frightened, waiting for the guys to come out of every orifice, ready to do what pig like them were meant to do, and Hinata really hoping they'd find out so she would be kicked out, back into the world she knew.

''Back to my lovely, pure,gentle, girls.'' Hinata swooned, finding her sanctuary in such a filthy place.

''Are you okay Kioshi, your face is red.'' Naruto asked.

''Uh,'' Then Hinata made her voice an octive lower like her training had taught her, ''Yeah man just thinking about chicks.''

Hinata almost fealt like throwing up, but feeling alright that her fondness for the same sex was able to come out as a positive thing in 'this' world.

Naruto had to contain himself from jumping in glee at his student.

''Good job Sis, you catch on quick!'' He whispered.

Hinata blushed slightly, twiddling her fingers slightly, walking small steps elegantly, then recovered making her steps more wide, which was hard for her 5''1'' height, something no one could do anything about.

''Well, here's your room, mine's just two rooms from yours Hina-, uh Bro.'' Naruto waved, then strolled two doors down opening the door in one quick motion then disappearing.

Hinata looked at the door infront of her, the weight that she was now alone now coming down on her shoulders. Hinata Inhaled then exhaled heavely, putting the key in the keyhole and turning, opening the door slowly, scared.

It was empty, Hinata let out a sigh of relief, putting a hand on her chest walking in the room, closing the door behind her.

The room was small, two beds on opposite sides of the room, two closets and one dresser, full length mirror was on the back of the rooms entrance door, the walls were a navy blue, and she could see an adjoining bathroom from were she stood, one large window lay behind the dresser, dark blue curtains closing out the light.

It smelled, ''Manly,'' Hinata thought disgusted. Smelling herself, remembering the deodorant and cologne her mother had bought her.

The supposed manly cologne and deodorant seemed to have a more floral scent on Hinata then it was meant to have.

''Well, time to unpack I guess!'' Hinata was able to say happily, knowing she was now alone, away from the male species that seemed to plague her mor a reason unbeknown to her.

''Doki,Doki,Doki,Doke!'' Hinata sang happily, in her manly voice, starting to giggle to herself.

''What the hell are you doing in here?'' A deep male voice said from behind her.

Hinata froze, dropping the name brand shirt she had had in her hand, knees starting to shake, ready to give out on her.

''I-I cant turn around, I cant move..'' Hinata thought scared.

She tried to remember her training with the cardboard JRockers that her mother had gotten so she may be atleast alright for such encounters, but now that it was happening...

''Girls aren't allowed in here, now go back to your scary little fan girl gang that your probably with.'' The voice from behind her said coldly.

Silence from Hinata, unnable to speak. ''He-He found me out, Im done for, thank God!''

Suddenly a hand grasped her shoulder tightly, spinning her around, ''I said get the hell ou-''

Hinata looked up into cole black eyes, emotionless, perfect eyebrows were drawn inwards into a frown at his annoyance with her. Perfect black hair was messed into perfection, bangs razored framing his face. The amount of strength in his hand showed that his body was just as perfect behind the boys uniform.

''Oh, sorry man, thought you were a chick,'' The boys brows remained in a frown, His voice not sounding sorry at all. ''You should cut your hair.''

Hinata still couldn't say anything, the boy now turned away from her, uninterested.

''Rude, didn't even introduce himself...'' Hinata's thoughts were interrupted.

''My Names Uchiha Sasuke,'' deep husky voice said bored,''Don't bother me and I wont bother you.''

The boy turned around from the suitcase he had been unpacking, bringing out a book, and laying on his bed lazily, Ignoring her once again.

Hinata walked over to her bed and sat on it scared, defensive, not wanting to move around the room when this, ''Boy'' was in it.

Silence passed for a few moments, Hinata jumped and yipped, going into karate stance when his voice had said boredly, ''And your name is...?''

The Uchiha looked at her, ''What,You wanna go or somethin'?'' he asked darkly, eyes seeming two shades darker, demonic.

Hinata sat on her bed quickly, shaking her head, not able to look at the boy. Silence passed again.

''Well..'' His dark husky voice said, with a scary hint of annoyance.

Hinata jumped, still not able to look at the boy, trying not to shake so much, tears almost coming to her eyes as whatever was held back in her memories tried so hard not to surface, but warning her that men were not to be trusted, she could feel his eyes on her.

''K-Kioshi...Uzumaki...'' Hinata finally said, emotionless, feeling empty, voice remembering to be deep.

Hinata fealt the boys eyes leave her, looking back down at the book in his hands.

''Kioshi hn, fits you.'' The Uchiha said boredly, ignoring her once again, Hinata feeling less nervous as he pretended she didn't exist.

''God, please let this year go by fast, and please let me be invisable to all these...things.''

Hinata prayed, hoping that things would go her way, but life isn't fair sometimes, and Hinata knew this, but she still prayed, wished, hoped.