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''Thinking to themselves''


A week had gone by after Sasuke had so shamelesssly thrown himself at Hinata. Things weren't progressing well for the both of them, avoiding each other like the plague. Both filled with a whirlwind of emotions that seemed out of their were starting to notice, this becoming more obvious when someone had bumped into Sasuke and Sasuke had apologized- The Uchiha Sasuke never apologized, especially when it wasn't his fault. Naruto, finally after a week of a whistful Sasuke and stumbly confused Hinata, went to the one person who might know what was going on. (The constant smile like knowing a secret joke, kind of giving it away.)

''Hey Itachi can I talk to you?'' Naruto caught up to him after getting out of class.

''Ahh the big brother appears finally.'' Itachi had been expecting it.

''Yes Naruto, let's just go sit in the courtyard, its such a nice day out.'' Itachi sounded oblivious but smiled.

Naruto didn't look fooled, but followed him anyways.

Itachi had been keeping an eye on his brother lately, since he set up the date for the two, he noticed that both of them were acting rather odd lately. Which meant something had had to have happened, and something big. He would often catch his brother smiling to himself, then he'd catch himself and look like he had lost all hope in life. It was entertaining, whatever was bothering him it seemed to be on the cusp of good and bad. Hinata just looked confused, always looking like she was on the verge of collapsing into a useless puddle of nothing. He would also see some red shades pass over her face from time to time emberassed over something he didn't know followed by a lustful gaze pearing into nothing in particular. He was curious as to what could have made her make such a face.

'Sasuke you little Casanova you.'' Itachi felt slightly proud.

Naruto and Itachi sat beneath a tree in the courtyard, it was now October, and the days were starting to get a slight chill around the edges. It was no exception today, the slight chill had Naruto and Itachi shifting uncomfortably, but was bearable.

''So what did you need to talk about Naruto, i'm assuming it's not about a kanji character you don't understand.''

Naruto narrowed his eyes, as Itachi's seemed to twinkle with laughter.

'' What's been up with Hinata and Sasuke lately?'' Naruto was never one to tip-toe around things when it came to his sister, and his normally stoic best friend.

Itachi feighned shock, ''Are you implying I have something to do with their recent change of character?''

''Yes, that's exactly what im implying.'' Naruto stated bluntly.

Itachi chuckled to himself, but found nothing wrong in telling Naruto. Naruto didn't seem to have a sense of humour at the moment anyway's, figuring Itachi shouldn't push his good humour on him.

''Oh nothing at all Naruto, they just had dinner together.'' Itachi waved the situation away.

Naruto's eyes widened considerably, ''Like, Sasuke and Kioshi or Sasuke and Hinata?''

''Uhhh...the latter.''

Itachi could almost see steam come out of the younger boys ears before he exploded, ''That is ,like, the EPITOME OF SOMETHING!''

Naruto paced about waving his hand's about frantically like some crazed ranting father at his daughter's wedding, ''What if he did something to her, no scratch that he DEFINITELY did something to her, you've seen Hinata lately...''

Itachi started to ignore him, waiting for the blond to calm down.

Naruto finally breathless and wiped out, turned to look at a calm placid Itachi.

''WELL, Do you know what happened?'' Naruto asked impatiently.

Itachi just smirked,''Nope..not a clue, but let's just mind our own business shall we, they'll be fine.''

''Bu..but..'' Naruto unnable to utter a single word coherently.

''Yes yes, I know you like her, but lets just see how this unfold's.'' Itachi wrapped a encourging arm around the shorter boy, patting him slightly.


''You know your sister better than anyone else here, what seperates her from many other girl's?'' Itachi asked.

There was a slight pause.

''She...She hate's men?'' Naruto looked confused.

Itachi smiled, then nodded his head,''That's right, and what seperate's my brother from other men?''

''He...He's an Asshole, mainly to everyone, but especially girl's,even to Hinata.''

'' So who do you think's going to be the one getting hurt out of either of them?'' Itachi asked the main question.

Naruto's eye's finally widened in realization, '' Sasuke would be the one wouldn't he?''

Itachi nodded looking slightly fourlourn, ''Yes, well, he need's to get heartbroken atleast once in his life-time if he want's to grow.''

Naruto looked confusedly at the older Uchiha, ''He's okay with Hinata hurting his little brother?''

Itachi must have noticed the question on Naruto's face as he looked down at him, ''Yes, well, tough love build's character, I think it will help Hinata grow as well yes?''

Naruto's gears were turning as thing's started to click into place, ''If she realizes that she hurt him, and feel's guilty because of it,'' Naruto rubbed his head as if it hurt for him to think so much,'' then a man's love, especially rejecting it, made her consider a man's heart?''

''But will she really reject it...'' Naruto couldn't help but ponder a little jealous.

Itachi patted the younger boy's head.

''Exactly, exactly, I don't much care for my brother getting hurt,but he sure deserve's it,'' Itachi seemed to be speaking from a personal vengence left unrepented, '' I don't know if you've noticed, but hes kind of a spoiled bastard.''

Naruto had an unamused sarcastic look, before slapping the older man.

Journal Entry #3 October.5th 6:34pm

Haven't written since last month now so...My heart has started to be moved by these creatures, Im starting to joke around more with Kiba and Shino, finding out that Kiba actually has a dog that he's hiding in his and Sai's room. Names Akamaru he's adorable, but how he's able to hide him is the real mystery the thing's the size of a wolf! It's funny how much it inconveniences Sai. Speaking of Sai, he's actually really nice, though we don't talk as much as,say, Kiba and I but neither do Shino and I but when we do we get along easily enough. Also, I've developed an immunity now! I don't faint anymore, and my headaches seem non existent now. I hate to admit it, but I think my mother might have been right to send me here. I still hate men...alot, just there's a few Im okay with now. Speaking of the herpe's , that I still hate, Uchiha Sasuke had an older brother, who turns out to be the nice man who found me the day that I lost my memories! So strange right? About Sasuke... things have gotten, not worse, but strange lately... He met me as 'Hinata' and and...He made the grip on my emotions become very confused now..I don't know what to do, Im trying not to be suspicious because I as Kioshi am not supposed to know, but whenever I see him I blush and my heart flutter's and my stomache flip flops and...I know what your thinking and no I don't like him! I can't like him he's he's...

Hinata sighed loudly, realizing even when she was writing down what she was feeling it sounded suspiciously like she liked him. A man. Not just any man, but the worst man of all men, the epitome of everything bad with a man packed into one man named: Uchiha Sasuke!

She was fine with liking men ( She kind of figured she wasn't quite a lesbian when she found out she like liked Naruto) but any other man but Naruto seemed horrible and like she was betraying herself. What was she betraying though? That was the one thing causing her heart to feel more in turmoil then anything else, more then the emotion's that Sasuke seemed to be stirring within her, more then Sasuke's confusing feeling's he had for her 'Kioshi'.

Hinata picked up her pencil, after pondering a while before continueing writing in her Journal.

I dont know what to do with all these emotion's, what's so bad about finally liking men? Apart from my head bursting, which it hasn't been doing lately, there's nothing stopping me from not liking them. The only bad one is Sasuke, the rest of them have proved already that men can be nice if given the chance. So what's so bad about liking men? What, WHAT IS IT!

''Gaaaaaah!'' Hinata finally threw the book under her bed, burying her head in her pillow and uncharacteristically screaming into it.

''Did I come at bad time?'' she heard the door click closed.

She removed her head so fast that she figured she may have whiplash.

''Where has he been?'' Sasuke was standing at the door.

Her eye's were automatically drawn to his lip's, making her blush a deep shade of red. She burried her head in her pillow again.

''Nnnuh it Fnnn...'' She mumbled into her pillow.No it's Fine

''Good job Hinata, like that's not suspicious or anything...''

Sasuke looked down at the disgruntled girl laying on her bed, he held back a cheer when she became so bothered just by looking at his lips.

He stopped in his revery, ''This isn't going to work if thing's stay this way.''

Sasuke had just came back from having a long talk with his elder (meddling) brother.

Though he gathered there was a few things his brother was still hiding from him, he had understood that his brother had been the man who had found Hinata after the kidnapping, and had been the one to call the brother had also said something that had made him curious,

''Do you recognize her?'' Itachi had said.

Sasuke had stared at him in complete bemusement.''No why, should I?''

Itachi had just smiled and changed the subject smoothly.

''Damnit I really wanna know why I should have recognized her!'' Sasuke's thoughts where jumbled as he tried to put two and two together.

''Umm Sasuke?'' His thought's were tossed aside when the soft voice of his roommate hit his ears.

''Hmm?'' He prodded gently.

''Wha-what are the flower's for?''

Hinata was speaking of the bouquet of stunningly arranged flowers in Sasuke's hands.

Sasuke almost had forgotten what he had came in there to do. On his way back to the dormatory what had taken him so long to return was beacuse of the cunningly picked bouquet in his hands.

''Oh these are..'' Sasuke blushed slightly when he had looked down at a wide eyed Hinata, Even when she was dressed as a boy now, she was beautiful to him. He coughed looking away then shoved the bouquet at Hinata.

''These are for your Sister...''

Hinata's heart fluttered slightly in her chest.

''Pa-pardon,'' She looked down at the bouquet in shock.''Hinata?''

''Yeah we had a little,''Sasuke's eyes dialated slightly as he looked at her,''accident the other day.''

''Liar!'' She all but screamed in her head as her face burned crimson.

''These are as an Apology.'' He whispered the last word.

Hinata was stunned as she glanced at the out of character Uchiha, then almost keeled over with astonishment when she saw him seeming uncomfortable and emberrased, looking anywhere but at her.

''O-Oh..'' Was the only audible word she could muster.

As the seconds of silenced passed she seemed to realize something rather disconcerning about the flowers. (Hinata was quite a flower enthusiast.)

''Uhh Sasuke, did you pick these flowers yourself?'' She questioned, almost alarmingly.

He raised an eyebrow,''Yes is something wrong?''

Hinata had to supress a sudden need for laughter, ''Well if by something wrong means you hate my sister then yes, something is definitely wrong.''

Hinata smiled, amused.

Sasuke, lifted and eyebrow at the suddenly amused Hinata.

''Im glad she got the joke.'' Sasuke inwardly sighed, but none of his inner thought's transfered to his face.

''I wouldn't have kissed her if I hated her Kioshi.'' Sasuke said much more smoothly than should be said for confessing to a girl's brother that you kissed his sister.

Hinata blushed crimson, the kiss, the alley way, the softness of his lips suddenly fludding back throwing her off kilter.

She pushed the thoughts away quickly, gaining back some of her mind.

''O-Oh...'' Hinata cleared her throat, trying to hide her face and not look at Sasuke in the process.

Sasuke smiled at her obvious antics.

''It's just that...'' Hinata cleared her throat unnable to look at Sasuke.

''In the language of flowers...the big pink ones -Peonies- say your angry. Candytuftm ,the small white ones, say indifference, lilies normally say love but if they're orange, like yours, mean Hatred. Then the small pink ones -Oleander-and the pretty purple ones -Monkshood- say 'beware' or you have an enemy.''

Hinata raised an eyebrow as she looked up at Sasuke, noticing his cheeks pinking slightly.

''So are you trying to say you hate my sister, or you wish to harm her in some way?'' She smiled wickedly at him.

Sasuke blushed deeply then cleared his throat. ''I-I just thought they looked nice..''

He turned and left the room.

''Pfffft AHAHAHAH.'' Hinata face planted her face into her pillow to muffle the laughter that was making her sides hurt. ''A-Ah the look on his FACE!'' She laughed outloud.

Sasuke stood leaned against the other side of the door listening to her laugh, the blush still on his cheeks.

''Im glad that she got the joke and it was able to make her laugh, but did she have to make that wickedly adorable grin.'' Sasuke dropped the bouquet to his side as Hinata's laughter started to dissipate.

Sasuke sighed, ''How I wanted to eat her at that moment.''

Hinata wiped the tears from her eyes as her breathe came back to her, ''I really...wanted to eat him at that moment.''

Sasuke sighed and walked away, throwing the bouquet into a trashcan as he left.

Hinata burried her face into her pillow, sighing.

''What is wrong with me,'' Sasuke thought agitated.''So emberrassing.''

''Wrrt iihs wrrrng wfft mhee?'' (What is wrong with me?) Hinata mumbled into her pillow.

'Hinata, wha-what are you doing?'' A dark haired boy lay sprawled seductively on a single bed, Dress shirt completely unbuttoned, pants undone and pulled slightly down his hips revealing plain white boxer shorts.

A dark haired girl dressed in a plain dress shirt and pants,looked down from where she stradled at his hips.

She licked her lips as her pale eyes ate up every inch of his down dressed state.

She raised one long elegent hand and ran it down his chest, the other hand ran seductively across the edges of his boxers then playfully snapped the waistband.

The boy blushed as he couldn't stop his state of 'arousal.'

The girl smiled down mischeviously then purposely moved her hips as she moved her face closer to his, stopping a breathe away from his lips.

'' 'What am I doing' you ask,'' She smiled then, her pink tongue darted out licking his lower lip,''Im going to rape you of course.''

''What are you writing Itachi?'' A curious voice asked from behind him.

Itachi nearly fell from his seat at his laptop, face going bright red as he shut the monitor.

''No-Nothing Nothing at all!''

He took off his glasses to turn and find a pale set of eyes staring at him.

Itachi froze.

''Hy-Hyuuga?'' Itachi asked looking as if his soul had just left his body.

''Uchiha, yes, I believe we met already.'' The light eyed boy replied sarcastically.

''Neji, oh my god, what are you doing here?'' Itachi stood up and shook Neji's hand , barely stopping himself from screaming in horror at his long time friend.

''Why is he here, if he see's Hinata he's sure to recognize her immediatly.''

''It's been such a long time, it's good to see you!'' Itachi had to stop himself from speaking in high pitch wails of terror, and he believed he was managing quite well, under the circumstances.

''Well I just came by to check out the school, Hyuuga just invested in it, and Uncle wanted my to check out our purchase,'' Neji looked around the classroom,'' I heard that you were working here from your mom as well so I figured I'd visit.''

Pale eyes turned back to him, studying the older boy.

''Your looking well,still writing perverted romance novel's in your spare time?'' He asked with a smirk.

''Tch, still a smartass, nothing like Hinata.'' Itachi's eyes grew wide as he realized that said girl was walking towards the classroom that himself and her long lost cousin stood in.

Just as Itachi was about to be forced to take action into his own hands by very violently knocking said cousin out, he watched as blonde headed Naruto wrapped a friendly arm around her shoulder's and stole her away from their sight.

Neji raised an eyebrow and looked behind him curiously. ''What are you looking at?''

Itachi recovered himself quickly, ''Nothing,''He squicked then cleared his throught, ''Nothing, would you like to go out for some coffee?''

Neji knodded, ''Sure.'' The two young men walked out of the classroom. Neji never noticing a blonde and a shorter dark haired pair turning a corner dissapearing out of site as they left.

''So, what's up Hinata?'' Naruto smiling down arm still wrapped around his smaller companion.

Hinata was blushing and fidgiting frantically.

''Hi-His arm..Hes..soo close..''

''N-Nothing Naruto..,can can you please t-take you-'' She was interuppted with Naruto looking at her with concerned eyes.

''Oh really? I dont believe you, somthing's been weird with you and that Sasuke bastard.''

''Sorry Itachi I knew we wouldn't interfere but..''

Naruto watched Hinata clap a hand over her mouth, trying so hard to suppress her laughter, as she remebered the scene from the previous night.

She calmed herself back down.

''Nothings wrong Naruto, don't worry.'' She flashed a smile at Naruto.

Naruto stopped walking his arm leaving Hinata and falling to his side, and stared with a look of hurt and confusion.

''Nothings wrong? After seeing that smile like you're...''

''Naruto, is something wrong?'' She stared back at him, concern on her face at his sudden halt.

He was snapped out of his revelry, ''Oh..uh Sorry, just realized im really hungry,'' Naruto forced a smile,'' wanna go for lunch?''

Hinata smiled, nodding.

They started walking in silence, Hinata not noticing the pained look on her step brothers face.

''I always thought she would like me more then any other guy,smile like that for just me, im losing my place in her heart, and she hasn't even noticed whos replacing me.''

Sasuke sneezed into his sleeve.

''Freakin fangirls.''

Sasuke was currently brooding about the schools semi empty hallways. Not realizing he was subconciously looking for the familiar shape of the only person he really gave a damn about.

He had overheard Hinata talking on her cellphone to the blond moron, supposedly to meet up in the classroom and from there hang out. He had been brooding since he had heard Hinata's quite footsteps leave the room around eleven. (Sasuke didn't get up for a fire anytime before 1pm on weekends.)

''Freaking Naruto bastard , tch like I care.'' He rounded a corner.

''Well hello Uchiha the younger.'' Sasuke ,still fuming, looked up at a face from his childhood.

''Hyuuga?'' Sasuke stopped in his tracks.

Looking over at his elder brother, something passed-only for a second- across Itachi's face.

''Was that a sudden look of shock?''

Sasuke looked back at the Hyuuga, meeting with his light pupiless eyes.

''So how has the future successor of the Uchiha name been fairing?'' Neji cocked a amused smile.

'' Just fine, and how about for the future Hyuuga successor, still no sign of your precious princess?'' He never liked the thought of being married off for future company growth, and it showed in his snide tone.

Right after saying that, something in the back of his mind tugged at a forgotten memory of a pale eyed girl.

''That would be the Hyuuga Princess, wouldn't it?''

Neji grimaced at the rude reply, ''Actually I am to succeed, the head has called off all search for Miss. Hinata.'' Neji said sadly.

Sasuke's eyes grew, looking at Neji.

''Hyuuga Hinata.'' Sasuke whispered.

A young girl eight years old with pale violet tinted pupiless eyes stared from where she hid behind her father's legs.

A boy eight years old with raven hair was looking unabashedly at the girl, from where he stood infront of his father's legs. Standing up straight, leg's apart, taking up all the space his childish form could muster.

''Father who is that strange girl trying to hide behind 's legs?'' At these words what was able to be seen of her face turned a beet red, then hid fully behind her father.

Both of the father's chuckled at the childrens actions.

''Why that's Miss Hyuuga Hinata, future successor to the Hyuuga corporation, and our rival, Son.''

The young boy looked back at the mans legs, now fully hiding the girl.

''So she's my enemy father?'' Sasuke questioned.

Both men looked at each other and laughed loudly.

Sasuke pouted at this angrily, feeling as if he was being made fun of.

''No no Son, she's to be your future wife.''The Senior Uchiha said.

''Thats right Sasuke, Hinata,'' Senior Hyuuga turned and made his daughter come to the front of himself to stand infront of his legs,'' Why dont you say 'hello' Hinata.''

Hinata was hiding behind her hand's, childish long hair slightly covering her eyes.

''You too Sasuke, say hello.'' Sasuke's father had nudged with his leg.

He pouted but looked at the shy girl.

''Hello Hinata...''

The young girl moved one of her hands, peeking at the young boy.

He twitched a smile at her for a second, agitated at his young age for having to speak so nicely to a girl.

She finely uncovered her face, her pretty childish chubby face lit up with a smile.

She bowed formally at him, then whispered ''Hello Sasuke.''

The memory brought back his childhood feelings, realizing that was Sasuke's first crush.

Sasuke looked over with wide eyes at his brother. Itachi nodded confirming his suspicions.

''He knew the whole time.'' Sasuke should have felt angry at his brother, but with the memory brought about a euphoric realization about Hinata.

Sasuke without thinking started to run.

Running through the school, he needed to find her, he just wanted to see her.

He obviously couldn't tell her about her past, but just the thought of after finally getting her memories back what part she played in his life..

''Itachi, he knew the whole time, knew the whole time that she was mine, has always been mine.''

Sasuke couldn't help but let a honest grin spread across his face.

''She'll only ever be mine.''

Neji looked in confusion as Sasuke ran passed the two men.

''Where the Hell is he running off to?''

Itachi hid the smile and laughter from his eyes, he knew exactly where his brother was running off to.

Itachi shrugged elegently, ''Who knows.''