Disclaimer: I don't own Banjo or Kazooie or any other related characters.

Hi everyone! This is my first Banjo-Kazooie fanfic! And I'm warning you right now, it's going to be quite fluffy. So if that's going to turn you off or annoy you, go back now.

And for those of you that stay to read, I hope you enjoy it! So without further ado, I present...

Knowing Me, Knowing You
by girlperson2235


It always ended in confusion.
Well, first came the kiss…
then the confusion.

Banjo Bear sat up in bed, awakened by the same dream he seemed to have every night. Confusion was drenched all over his face as he sat there pondering in silence. Bringing a paw to his lips, he looked out the window. The stars sparkled, a blanket over the night sky, as the moonlight drifted into the room and rested on the face of Banjo's breegull friend, Kazooie. As she peacefully slumbered, her head peaked out of Banjo's blue backpack which hung on the coat rack next to his bed. Banjo couldn't help but smile at the sight, Sleep tight, Kazooie.

Kazooie. The name rang like a wind chime in his mind and the memories of their adventures flooded his head. He remembered how they saved his sister Tooty from the witch, Gruntilda. He remembered when Grunty's sisters revived her and she had to be defeated a second time. Throughout both adventures, he and Kazooie stuck together. In fact, the bear and bird had been together for so long, it was difficult to imagine one without the other. They were best friends. Close friends.

So why did he feel something more?

Their personalities were totally different from each other. Banjo was calm and in the middle of "not too bright" and "dumb," whereas Kazooie was clever and had a fiery temperament, snapping at their friends and calling them names.

And yet, she never really snapped at Banjo. Sure she teased him, but she truly did see the honey bear as her best friend. And because they were so close, they cared so much about each other. That had to be what he was feeling: platonic love. Because in the end, he knew that nothing more could ever happen. He was a bear and she was a bird. Enough said. It was plain and simple, right?

So what was with that dream?
What was he really feeling?

It was all so confusing.

Deciding to sleep on it, Banjo took a final glance at Kazooie who was in the most peaceful state she'd ever be in. And then, laying his head down, he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep.

But several minutes later, he would wake up, confusion consuming his thoughts once again.

It always ended in confusion.
Well, first came the kiss…
then the confusion.