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Knowing Me, Knowing You
by girlperson2235


The sound of the waves caressing the sand whispered through the air as if quieting the atmosphere for the setting sun. The sound of seagulls faded into the distance, and the rustling of palm leaves died down to a silent, shuffling sound. It was as if mother nature was preparing for something special that would happen there on Hammerhead Beach.

Banjo and Kazooie leaned against a palm tree, admiring the sun as it slowly made its way behind the horizon. The breegull couldn't help but smile, "I reckon Tooty made a nice suggestion. This place is awesome!"

And honey bear couldn't help but chuckle, "It is a nice getaway. Especially with everything that's happened today."

Kazooie rolled her eyes, "No need to remind me," but soon the harsh expression softened into one of serenity, "And even though you may not believe it, I was worried about you."

"I believe you, Kazooie. I was worried about you too."

Lost in the ambience of the atmosphere, Banjo placed his paw gently on top of Kazooie's wing, "You know Kazooie, I've never really noticed how beautiful the colors were until now. I mean, I've always noticed, but right now they just seem to be much more noticeable. There's something grand about the mixture of red, yellow, and orange."

Kazooie felt Banjo's paw gently stroking her wing, but she attempted to ignore it as she tried to keep her composure, "Yeah. The colors of the sunset are pretty cool."

Banjo didn't hear her, "And the touch of shimmering emerald is really striking."

Kazooie turned to her bear buddy with a puzzled expression, "Err, Banjo. The sunset doesn't have a touch of shimmering eme…"

The breegull trailed off once she realized what, rather who, Banjo was referring to. And soon she found herself staring straight into the calm, blue eyes of her friend, "Banjo. Are you saying…?"

Banjo could only muster enough for a nod as he continued to gaze into Kazooie's emerald eyes. Kazooie put her wing around Banjo and rested her head on his shoulder. "Thanks," she whispered.

Banjo wrapped his arm around Kazooie as well and tilted his head close to Kazooie's, "You're welcome."

As they stayed locked in that embrace, time seemed to stop. Kazooie felt a bit awkward at first. Feeling the emotion called love was never familiar to her. And yet, she knew that she felt some kind of love for Banjo. He was the only one she actually called by real name.

The ebb and flow of the tide and the gentle breeze helped paint a gentle atmosphere. However, that didn't ease the tension that seemed to steal Banjo and Kazooie's breaths.

"Kazooie…I have to tell you something."

The breegull's eyes froze, her breathing becoming scarce as Banjo brought his hand gently to the side of her beak. With his finger, he lightly traced her beak up to its tip. And then, removing his finger, he replaced it with his warm lips, planting a delicate kiss on the tip of Kazooie's beak. At that very moment, time stood still for both the bear and bird. A gentle breeze was blowing, caressing their fur and feathers. And yet, rather than a harsh chill, they felt a warm whirlwind of emotions. Clumsily pulling away, Banjo looked at Kazooie, trying to see her reaction. The breegull could only blink in disbelief. And yet, she didn't turn away. Banjo opened his mouth slightly, ready to apologize.

But before he could even get a word out, Kazooie closed her eyes and brought her beak to the side of Banjo's mouth. Then, with an affectionate awkwardness, she began to caress the side of his lips with her beak. Banjo's eyes widened, but they soon closed as he became lost in the tenderness she was showing.

It was cut short, however, as Kazooie quickly pulled away and wrapped her wings around her bird legs, "Banjo. What? Why?"

"Are you cold, Kazooie?"

The breegull could only nod slightly. And then, with a whisper that sounded more like a desperate sigh, she spoke, "But I don't wanna be cold." She looked into Banjo eyes which seemed full of concern for her and only her. The feelings overwhelmingly racked at her brain. And yet she found peace in those eyes, knowing that the look he was giving her right now, the caring tenderness that he presented her with, all of that was only for her. She sighed once more, "Knowing me, that might take a while."

Banjo chuckled and pulled her even closer to him, "Knowing you, if you really want something, you go for it. And you won't let anything get in your way."

"Can we take it slow, just one step at a time?"

"Of course. And I'll be here when you need me."

"You promise?"

"Hey, I saved you, didn't I?"

"Technically, that wasn't me."


"I'm teasing!" Kazooie laughed and finally relaxed in Banjo's arms. Then, mustering up all the courage she had, Kazooie whispered in her best friends' ear, allowing words she thought she'd never say to skip across her beak.

"I love you, Banjo."

Then, with the fragileness of snowflake, a small kiss fell upon that beak.

"I love you too, Kazooie."

Banjo closed his eyes, smiling at the events that led them to where they were now.
And he smiled even more when he realized the kiss they just shared was exactly like the one in his dreams.

Only this time…
…it didn't end in confusion.

-The End-