Yes, today is Olympic, I could have added this fiction early but my dad used it. Well, uh, better than late, eh? So this time I'm making a songfic for celebrating the Olympic Games, hope you guys like it.

And this time, I will not make any preview. (snickering)

We Are Ready

Chapter1: The Competition

"Wow! Guys! Kids!" Po's scream has echoed the Jade Palace and even the training room have shuddered.

"Po! How many times must I tell you that don't…?" Shifu was interrupted by a flyer.

"Take a look of this!" Po was excited of the flyer.

"What is it?" Hannah asked curiously and Lilly and Azure came closer to their parents.

"Tonight is the first time and each every four years celebrate the Olympic Game!! And this year, they had picked China, Beijing of China!" Po was exclaimed of this new, and so did the others.

"Ah yes, the Sacred annual sports which make different countries could know more against each other." Shifu added.

"Hey, there also said a Singing Competition in here of creates a song for the Olympic, and the winner will use their song to be this year Olympic Game Opening Song!" Crane spoke out loud as he spotted the last sentence of the flyer.

"Cool, we should try it!" Hannah and Lilly said in unison, except Azure who was still didn't know the situation.

"When is it?" Monkey asked.

"Is…Tonight." Crane silently said.

"Well we could unless we got someone's agreed." Tai Lung stated as they knew what he meant and they all stared at Shifu.

And Shifu knew why they staring at him as he sighed, "I will agree this as this will give this valley an honor." He excused.

"Ya right." Hannah bluffed.

"But who will write the lyrics?" Mantis has asked an important question.

"We can do this if we're all in this together." Po said with confidence and they cheered of agreed.

And so, they had spent the whole time of training to create their song. Hannah, Po and Tigress did the lyrics. Lilly, Azure, Crane and Viper did the song. Tai Lung, Shifu, Monkey and Mantis practiced the musical instruments.

After 4 hours of the hard works, they had done their own Olympic song. And they were ready to go down the valley to brace themselves.


At the Centre of the Valley of Peace

When the Furious Seven, Shifu and the three in-training Dragon Warriors had approached the centre of the valley, the three little warriors were shocked as they saw something.

They saw Hawk, Wing, Sora, Nana and Fred and they were with their family, thought that they might be came here to join the competition.

Wing the falcon has spotted someone was familiar as he asked, "Lilly? Azure? Hannah?" they nodded firmly.

"Hey guys! It's Hannah, Lilly and Azure!" he announced and the other kids turned their direction and saw their long time no seen old friends as they rushed to them.

"Sora!" Hannah cried.

"Hannah!" Sora cried with joy as he hugged her and spin her in the air a few rounds.

"Wing! I thought you and Hawk were in America." She surprised, it took a day to fly here from USA.

"Well, we were at the Hong Kong for a short vacation and then we saw this flyer, " he said as he showed the same competition flyer, and he went on, "and when I saw the name of this valley. I then remembered those fun times we played with you at the kung fu camp. That was quite an adventure, wasn't it?" he asked.

"Yea, what an adventure." Lilly chuckled as she started to remember the old times at the kung fu camp.

Then she got snapped awake by Hannah's slap, "Wake up, lover- girl. The adults have something to say." Lilly grumbled as she left Wing.