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Zillah closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the sun to come up. Knowing that as soon as that beautiful son was shining, they would all expect the perfect girl...

The girl that won everything, the one that must always be happy, the girl that was always happy... That's what they all did see... A perfect little girl...

She sighed, a tear rolled down her soft cheek. But just a quickly she wiped it away. There was no need for the tears, she thought.

Aren't I lucky...? She thought as another tear rolled down her cheek, not bothering to wipe it away. A soft whimper escaped her, as she turned around in her bed, facing the cream colored wall.

For the first time she didn't bother to stop her tears, she didn't want it to stop. 'Why am I crying...?' She mumbled. 'I am happy, aren't I?' She knew the answer already...

Every laugh, giggle or smiles were always a fake. A mask for everyone to see, not knowing what's behind that small broke smile that faced the world.

Soon she stopped crying, the dark clouded glooming on her face. It's snowing, she thought. She pulled on her little brown dress, making her look perfect.

Brushing her long red hair, making her seem like a beautiful perfect girl. She stared at herself in the mirror, a fake person staring straight at her, a stranger...

A tear rolled down her pink tainted cheek, wiping it away before she put on her mask, making sure that no one could see what lay behind that perfect mask...

This is how I start every morning, I would write a little poem, I don't think you call it a poem, but I write such stuff. Emotional stuff…

My name is Haruno Sakura, I am only seventeen. I know, a little old to be an emo cutting herself. But I don't care.

I have cotton-pink hair, that I keep short (I don't like long hair). Emerald-green eyes too much with my pink hair, some always said I colored my hair that is a lie.

I wear black clothes, I hate anything related happy and like I said before, I cut myself.

My life wasn't a happy-chappie life; I have hated life since I was fifteen. Everything turned wrong, but thankfully, I lived with my Aunt, and we moved to America…

I was sitting in class, slowly waiting or the bell to ring. I wanted to go to lunch, so that I could see my lovable boy-friend.

Right now I was in math, my teacher was Miss. Mitarashi and lucky for me she was the toughest teacher we had in Konoha private.

Miss. Anko is also my volleyball coach; since she became my coach, I've hated the sport. I mean, I have never trained so hard in my whole life!

I was secretly counting the minutes, pretending as if I was paying attention in class.

I glanced at my friends, Ino and Tenten was in my class. So lucky I didn't suffer alone… but I still say that Hinata (My best-friend) was lucky, she didn't get class by this teacher.

I saw Ino frowned and scribble down on a small piece of paper; she looked up at Tenten and smirked, handing me the note under the table.

We didn't want Miss. Mitarashi finding the note, she's grab it out of our hands and read it out loud.

I smiled, taking the note eagerly and opened under my table.

Hey Sakura, remember the gang has something to tell you…!

I sighed, the bell just rang. Finally! Now I can sit with my friends and boy-friend and talked about random stuff as Naruto makes and idiot out of himself.

Well Naruto was Hinata's secret crush, and also very dens. I mean, really how can you not see someone likes you when she blushed in front of you and sometimes faint!

I quickly made my way towards my locker, putting my math books into my locker. I frowned as I saw Sai leaning again the locker next to me, a big smile on his face.

But when I opened my locker, a bush of red roses fell out of it. I didn't know who it was from but this was very sweet, too bad that I already had a boy-friend…

I pulled out one rose and smelled it and smiled, I glanced back at Sai but he wasn't there anymore. Maybe he went to his own locker.

I pushed the flower back into my locker with my math books and shut it, making my way towards the cafeteria.

The scent of burned food consumed me, making me want to choke. The cafeteria always smelled like this, it was sick.

I never eat here, last time I did, I was sick for weeks! I smiled as I went towards our usual table. Ino, Neji, Hinata, Shikamaru, Sasuke and Tenten were already sitting there.

Neji was Hinata's cousin, Shikamaru had a crush on Ino, but Ino didn't believe that he liked her and Neji, well; we think he has a crush on Tenten, but we aren't sure about that.

And Sasuke, we are currently dating. Yes, me plain Haruno Sakura dating the most handsome in Konoha!

I, dating a guy that looked like angel carved him! It was hard to believe!

I quickly made my way towards the table and sat next to Sasuke, giving him a hug. He pulled me off of him and snorted. What is going on?

I quickly looked at everyone and wished I didn't, they were all glaring at me, even my Sasuke! "Sakura, we need to talk." Tenten said harshly.

I just stared at them all, but nodded. What did I do? As far as I can remember I didn't do anything wrong!

Glanced at everyone before I followed Ino, Tenten and Hinata, they scowled at me. Why wasn't Naruto there? I mean, he was never late for lunch.

I and the girls made it outside; I glanced at the trees and smiled. Mother Nature sure was a miracle.

"Guess we have to get this over, slut…" I stared at Ino. Why would she call me a slut? I mean we have been friends since kindergarten!

"Well bitch, to put this in a nice way. We hate you; we hated you since we became friends. You discussed us in a way worse than Ami!" Tenten growled, sending me a glare.

What? But I didn't have time so say anything before Hinata growled at me. "We don't want you in our group, not even Naruto wants to be friends with you!" Hinata growled? (Sweet little innocent Hinata)

"You are a two faced friend, I am surprised why people would even like you!" Ino yelled, turning around that she didn't face me.

What? But, but, I didn't do anything! I wanted to scream it at them, hammer it into their heads but I couldn't mutter a word, my world had frozen.

"Get out of our lives, we don't want you." Tenten growled and kicked me in the shins, making me fall to the ground. I grunted in pain as the tears threatened to fall.

I truly didn't know what to say or do, because I didn't do anything to make them act like this. To make them treat me like a bitch…

"Come one girls, let's leave this whore. She isn't worth looking at." I heard Ino said, grabbing on Hinata and Tenten's arms and dragged them back into the cafeteria.

I didn't bother to stand up as I let the tears roll down my face, I didn't even want to think anymore… because my thoughts would only linger on the words my best-friends (Ex best-friends) said.

That was only the beginning of the worse day of my whole life. I never figured out what I did to them to make them hate me all.

They wouldn't even talk to me the next day or the day after that and the day after that, you get it. They never did talk to me again.

Later that same day, the end of the day, the love of my life, the guy that I would give everything to in a breath… The guy I would give my soul to.

And that was something he knew, he knew he had me rapped around his pinky and that gave him power over me… and he used that power in a way that I will never forget.

I frowned as I walked towards my locker, this day could get any worse. But a person shouldn't talk too fast, mother fate loved to play with lives.

I smiled sadly as I saw my boy-friend leaning against my locker. Thank you that school is over for today.

I smiled softly but my smile faded when I stood in-front of him, he was glaring strait at me or maybe there was someone behind me. Yea, there must be someone behind me.


"Sakura, we need to talk." The words no girl wants to hear…

I didn't say a word, but only nodded, hoping that he was talking about something else, not the meaning that most guys mean with that sentence.

"This isn't going to work out, our relationship isn't- well you know." This tone was emotionless, making sure that he sounded like he didn't care.

A tear rolled down my face, but… "What…? I thought, I thought we had something special. You can't just leave me! You told me you loved me! We've been dating for two years" I couldn't help but yell.

I groaned, my cheek was burning, this time I didn't bother to try and stop the tears… Sasuke hit me… he actually hit me!

"I never loved you… You mean nothing to me and you never did. For all that I care, you can die and it wouldn't bother me one bit." His growled, his voice harsh making me looked down.

I didn't dare looking into his eyes, his (Cold, beautiful, bewitching) eyes that would always stare into my soul and that could make me weak.

He stood straight up, glaring at me. "Don't make me hit you again…" and walked away, leaving me alone in a soulless hall way, where no eyes could stare at me…

I touch my burning cheek softly, the pain was bearable, it was nothing compared against the pain in my heart. (Is was shattered into a thousand pieces, like broken glass)

That was it, no explanation. Nothing…

I was still going to that school, even if I started living with my aunt after a week. But two months later we moved to America, she was going to be the new principle for Hallow High.

The reason I lived by my aunt was, well… All I can truly say is that after the episode with Sasuke, thing got worse…

I could've lived with my older brother, but our parents kicked him out of the house. How I loved him. He was only fifteen then, but no one could find him, no one knew what had happen to him.

He was five years older than me and was only fifteen when they kicked him out…

So he was twenty now…

That day, right after Sasuke hit me and left I alone with nothing… my life got destroyed.

I didn't bother to get my books out of my locker, after Sasuke left me. So I didn't bring anything back to the house, nothing was worth bringing… It would only make me remember them.

When I entered the house in tears, my soft sobs were the only thing to be heard. Not my mothers cooking in the kitchen or my father watching the sports…

I knew they weren't going to be at home today, or father wasn't going to work today… They were going to the doctor to check up on my mother, she was pregnant. Five months already into the pregnancy…

I silently walked into the kitchen, grabbing the ice-cream in the fridge, maybe this will make me feel better, but I knew that nothing would take this pain away.

I remember my mom saying that ice-cream could take the pain away, even if it is only for a minute... It would have to do, but, I didn't know if it would help. I've never really had a reason to eat ice-cream to take pain away.

I took a spoon out, making my way towards my small room. We were a poor family, my father didn't get much money from work and mother didn't work at all. She wanted to look after her children.

So I was going to have to share the room with my little sister. It didn't bother me, I always wanted a little sister and I loved kids, I was planning on having them one day.

I was planning on having them with… Sasuke... That we would raise a family with beautiful little children, just like him… That we could be a family together…

I closed the door as soon as I got into the room and frowned as I looked at the pink crib standing right next to my bed…

Something that Sasuke and I would never have… I could help but whimper as the tears rolled down my face… this isn't helping…

I dropped onto my bed, not caring if I got hurt or not. Nothing mattered anymore… I felt numb. I grabbed the bucket of ice-cream, taking the lid of and scooped up some ice-cream.

I grabbed the remote (I had a small TV in my room) and put it on a random channel, I didn't care what I watched… It didn't matter.

I looked up at the TV and saw the early news was on. They showed a video of a car accident, with a car that looked a lot like my parents car…

I wiped my tears away and took another scoop of ice-cream, how it tasted so sweet… I turned the volume on…

'There was a tragic car accident, a cement truck cashed into a car that was carrying a man and pregnant women… Let's take this to Kurenai Yuhi who's at the scene…" Why did they always talk so emotionless, did they ever feel pain?

The pictures changed to a petite woman with black hair and red eyes. She smiled sadly, the car crash scene behind her. "Thank you, Konan. Tragic stuck Konoha today as a cement truck crashed into a small car that carried a pregnant woman of five months and a man." The woman looked behind her and frowned. "The women and man was identified as Hana Haruno and Jiro Haruno… sadly there were no survivors."

What!? No, this can't be happening! No! I shut the TV off and threw the remote against the TV. This wasn't happening, this couldn't be happening to me!

I threw the ice-cream against the wall. Food wouldn't help me now; nothing could help take the pain away now…

The pain was eating me like a black-hole, sucking in everything in. Leaving only pain…

My parents… they couldn't be dead! No just couldn't! My mother was carrying my baby sister; my father didn't deserve to die! They both didn't!

I couldn't breathe… My world didn't just freeze, my world was broken and nothing could patch it up…

I couldn't feel anything, I was just numb.

I sat on my bed, letting silent tears run down my face. Not even caring if they fell or stained my cheeks, it didn't matter.

Firstly my best friends, then my love and now parents…

They were dead, nothing could bring them back. Nothing could be done, I couldn't turn back time, I couldn't bend time and space… I couldn't do a thing!


What a melody, tears falling on the ground. The cold floor, making a sound which sounds so much like a sad melody to me…

I didn't believe it, I couldn't believe, this must've been some sick joke everyone was playing, that everyone was in.

I found my voice and yelled. "Please guys, you can come out now! I know it's all a joke, so please come out." I begged, hoping that this was a joke. (A cruel joke)

I quickly stood up, wiping my tears away. "Someone please come out… Sasuke, please come out…" I mumbled, slowly walking out of the room. I was going to search for them…

I walked into the kitchen, my mother's kitchen, the one she cooked in every day. "Mother… come out, tell me this is a joke. That you didn't leave me…"

I stared at everything in the kitchen, so plain, but still had my mother's style… My gaze got caught on the big steak knives sitting on the counter…

I frowned; this is only a joke, no need to hurt myself… I quickly walked out the kitchen, the memories of my mother…

"Someone… please, just come out. I know this is a joke…" My voice broke as I walked into the living room. "Father… how could you let them do this to me? Your own little girl…!"

My father, let this happen. He played along with a sick joke on his little girl!

I looked around the room, my gaze stayed on the television, wishing that it was on, that my father was busy watching sports as my mother preparing the food.

I looked down… wishing… butit wouldn't help me now. I walked towards the couch and sat on my father's seat, he always sat here.

"This isn't a prank, is it?" I mumbled, letting my tears fall again…

I knew this wasn't a prank, but I still couldn't believe that everyone I ever cared about left me… They actually left me… alone.

I lay down on the soft couch, imaging that it was Sasuke's lap as my father sat next to him stroking my hair as my mother made sat nest to me wiping my tears away and telling me everything was alright…

But I knew that it wouldn't happen…

I guess it isn't as sad if you read it, but the pain that I felt that day chancing my day, it chanced my whole life and I couldn't stop it.

People would say that if one door closes another one opens, that stuff happens for the better good. I don't believe that, my aunt is very good to me; she takes great care of me.

But my aunt will never be able to heal me; she'd never be able to fix all the broken pieces that I call my heart…

I even sometimes pretend that I was still living with my parents and that I still had my best friends, that Sasuke never hit me or left me…

My aunt knew that and she didn't bother to fix it, because she knew the pain I was going through and she knew that I had to heal on my own that's why she didn't send me to therapy.

My aunt's name was Tsunade, she had honey brown eyes that showed all her emotions and dark blond hair was always in two low and loose ponytails.

Like I said before, she was a principle. One of the best, that's why they wanted her to be one in America…

They didn't care that she had a drinking problem, she did love sake…

I was sitting patently in-front of the principles office of Otogakure High. I looked down, my clothes was black, like every other day.

I was waiting for the principles assistant to come back; he looked like a creep that raped innocent children. Yakushi Kabuto.

I looked at the bangles that covered my scars and the freshly cut skin. I didn't really care what people thought anymore; I didn't care what I thought anymore. That's why I cut my hair, before everything, my long hair was my and my mother's pride.

"Sakura-chan…" Kabuto rolled my name off his tongue, making me shiver. I didn't want to be here, I didn't want a new guardian, and I had lived on my own till now…

"Tsunade-san will see you know." He glanced at me and smirked, leaving me sitting alone. I frowned, creepy guy. I stood-up and opened the door making my way into the room.

Her hair looked messy, like she had trouble sleeping and there were bags under her eyes. She looked dead tired. "What did you do little missy."

I couldn't find my voice, I was speechless. She was supposed to be my new guardian; it looked like she could barely look after herself!

"Let me guess, one of the teachers found you cutting yourself or something?" Her voice was numb, like she didn't really care… another person.

I frowned and shook my head. "I am Haruno Sakura… you're supposed to be my new…" I could say the word; it brought the pain back, knowing that they weren't here.

She frowned, her eyes showing concern and sadness. "Haruno…?" She gasped and stood up from her chair.

"Yes, I got told that I going to stay with you since you married my uncle who pasted away last year…" That's all I could say, I didn't want to say anything really. Since that day, I barely talked to anyone.

She only chuckled, talking towards me. "I knew you where coming, I just didn't think you'd be here so soon… I thought you'd come two weeks after…" Her voice trailed off.

I looked down, thinking of that day… The pain coming back, it was eating me inside. I really needed to get to a bathroom; I needed to cut this pain away. I needed to feel alive.

I tried not to cry, but I couldn't stop them from falling. The pain was too much and no one cared… I looked up at her as she pulled me into a hug, caressing the back of my head. "It's alright to cry… it cleanses the soul…" She whispered.

She only hugged me tighter as I let out a soft whimper. "It's alright, you have me and you have your friends at school…"

I guess she didn't know how much that sentence hurt me…

That how I met my only aunt… She has been great to me ever since, and I am graceful for that, but she'd never be my mother or father.

It made me feel guilty that I had such a loving aunt and I was still so unhappy after two year, I still didn't get over that day…

People thought my life was optimistic, that nothing could turn it down… how wrong they where… I have always covered my self with a mask.

I didn't let people see my sadness; I would only break in my own room, even if my aunt was there. She knew that I needed time and she gave it to me, even if she knew I needed help…

But I didn't want help; I didn't want to forget anything. I didn't want to forget the life I could've had if nothing had happen on that name.

I didn't want to forget them… even if they all left me.

People at school didn't talk to me much, my only friend I had was Gaara, and he also knew pain. His family despised him, because when he was born his mother died and his father gave him that name because it meant, Demon that only cared for itself.

He had flaming red hair with beautiful green eyes (emotionless green eyes) he also looked like angels carved him…

He had an older brother and sister, both out of school; they also didn't care for him. That's why he cut carved the Japanese word love onto his forehead, making leave a scar that he painted red.

He was my only friends, the only one who understood the pain that I am going through, even if it happened to years ago. But the best thing was that Gaara didn't judge me.

I guess I was mostly friends with him because he reminded me so much of Sasuke.

I frowned, pushing a piece of my hair behind me ear. Dropping my pen onto the small little book that I had, the one where all the lyrics that I wrote and all my poems where in.


I turned me head towards the door, mumbling very softly. "Come in." I wasn't really in the mood for a visit in my room.

The door slowly opened as my Aunt walked in, a big smile on her face. "I have some news." Her voice held excitement onto it.

She stayed at the door, as her eyes shined. Maybe she had good news? "Guess what! We're moving back to Japan. I quit at Hollow High and accepted the offer to be Konoha private's new principle!"


Tears started to blind my sight, I could find my voice. I was going back to… Konoha private! Please, no… Not now, I couldn't see them again, not after everything.

"Well Sakura, I'll leave you. You need to start packing also; we are leaving in a few weeks." My aunt left the room, closing the door behind her.

The room was dark again, no light…

Just like how I was feeling… I was going back to the place that held too many memories. How could I not break down?


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