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Chapter 1. Okinawa

Urahara- "Arima-san! Where are the posters for the front gates?!"

Kidomi- "Arima-chan! Have you seen Okinawa-san anywhere?!"

Yukara- "Arima-chan!! Come help! Okinawa-san just spilled a whole can of paint on the floor in sensei's classroom!"

Sakura calmly took a breath in. "On the shelf. In sensei's classroom. I'll go get a mop."

"Thanks Arima-chan! " Urahara, Kidomi, and Yukara all said in unison, and then walked away.

Sakura gave an exasperated sigh…this would be another long day it seemed.

"Ha ha, I'll get the mop, Sakura, don't worry about it!"

Sakura flinched. "O-Okinawa…what did you just call me?"

Okinawa looked away. "Arima-san?"

Sakura was puzzled. "Ah, ok…I just thought for a moment there…er…never mind."

Okinawa laughed. "Sakura seems kinda flustered. How interesting, you always act so confident in class! Well, bye! I'm leaving first!"

Sakura just stood there with a blank expression on her face, she was thinking. "What in the world is up with that kid?! Did he call me Sakura?! With no honorific?! Who does he think he is? And what's with that creepy laugh?!

-Later, arriving home-

Yukino smiled when she heard the door being unlocked. "Welcome home, Sakura!"

Sakura looked over into the kitchen. "I'm home!"

"How was school?"

"We're planning the school festival." Sakura sighed.

"Heh heh…I remember days like those…"

"It would be better if this crazy kid wasn't going around and messing things up."

"Eh? Which kid?"

"Okina-" the doorbell rang suddenly.

Yukino ran to the door. "Oh! That must be our new neighbors, they said they'd stop by sometime today."

"What new neighbors?"

"The Okinawa family."

Sakura gasped. "No!! This has got to be a nightmare!!" She thought to herself.

Yukino opened the door. "Hello! Come in, come in!"