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"She likes alligators."
"Its not 'alligator', its 'aldergator'."
"Oh yeah, my dialect isn't the same as my own kid's."





by: kirei na yukki




"You suck."

"Mmph. Your point?" I cock a brow at the (sexy) smart ass standing in front of me. Dude, he's so getting on my nerves lately. Always questioning my authority.




The two of us sat at our lab table in chemistry ignoring our pedophile chemistry teacher's - who I really think has a thing for my precious Sasuke-kun - rants of the newest homosexual and age marriage laws passed by the Fourth Hokage.

"Why can't I go with your brother?!" I asked. "Its just a movie. And besides, Dei-kun and, andddd..."

"My brother and his friends are idiots. And didn't Itachi say you could go if I went. You know your brother doesn't like to see you out with his friends unless I'm there." that was longest frickin' sentence he had ever said.



"Why not?!"

"Tch. Annoying." Sasuke shook his head and turned away, fully ignoring me now.

I really wanted to go to the movies with Dei-kun, Itachi, and Fishy-face! My stupid brother, Sasori always thinks someone's gonna, like, rape me or something. Stupid, overprotective boyfriend.

Multiple eyes were directed towards us (stupid, nosy people) murmuring things like 'she understands him?'. Hah. Special gift - I can speak Sasuke's dialect.

As in 'tch. annoying', 'hn', 'dobe', etc.

"I am not, chicken butt!" I screech, banging my hand down on the (hard, cold, marble) lab table. I winced from the contact, but quickly shook it off.

"Hmph." he snorted. I flushed angrily and spun around towards the window of the classroom.

He was basically saying 'so you say.' which is totally an insult - sometimes he was too much to handle. But I guess that's why he was one of my best friendsslashlover.

There's also Ino (with her prep dialect), Hinata (u-um...ah...blush dialect), and of course, Naruto (TEME! Ne, ne Sakura-chan, DATTEBAYO!).

"Hey teme!" ah, speaking of my little ramen cup. Naruto plopped himself down at the table in front of me and Sasuke-kun next to Hinata, who was barely conscious thanks to her crush on Naruto. (Shush!)

"Pfft. Dobe." (Hi.)
"Hey, Naruto."

More eyes were boring into the backs of our heads, it was really getting on my nerves. Naruto didn't even take notice and grinned at the both of us.

"So are you two going with Itachi to the -"

"Hell, no." Sasuke interrupted, glaring at me. I pouted.

(Me: You're such an ass.

Sasuke-kun: And you're still not going.)

"C'mon teme! Its not like they're going to -"


"Whatever you say, teme."

The rest of the class passed by with me thinking of something else to do for the evening since Sasuke-kun's being a total buttmunch. When the bell rang marking the end of my school day, Sasuke-kun and I walked out to the parking lot and I sighed.

Sasuke-kun looked at me funny, cocking a brow.

(Sasuke-kun: What's with the face?)

"Can we do something else then?" I questioned quietly. "Like go see our own movie?" Sasuke snorted and rolled his eyes and I smiled at him.


I locked my arms around Sasuke's and I could hear him murmur 'tch. annoying' and I giggled, reaching up to kiss him on his lips.

"Love you too, Sasuke-kun!"

Oh yeah. Being multilingual is flippin' sweet.


Its crap, I know kids. I wanted to spit this out while it was on my mind, chances are I might make a new oneshot of this same topic.

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