It was a long day, one in which Juliet wanted to deeply forget

It was a long day, one in which Juliet wanted to deeply forget. Closing her eyes all she could see was the day's events.

She was nearly killed… Almost shot… Shawn had saved her life. Nearly getting himself shot in the process.

She was supposed to be forgetting him, it would never work. He was just too much of a spaz. Certainly nothing more than a player. Yet of course here she was falling for him even harder. He saved her life…. He was her hero

The doorbell rang, and she didn't even get up to answer. It rang and rang to which Jules just wanted to beat who on the other side.

"What do you want?!" Jules yelled as she pulled her door open with a lot more force than necessary.

"I came to check on you, you seemed kind of out of it when you left for home earlier." Shawn replied and Juliet could detect real concern in his voice.

"Ohhhhhh, Sorry for snapping. Long day and all." Jules answered a small blush reaching her cheeks.

"I brought you something, thought it might help you relax." Shawn smiled back, handing Juliet a small colorful bag from Bath and Body Works.

Jules looked into the bag to discover some amazing bubble bath and new bath sponge, Shawn actually thought about her. The blush began to appear again.

"Wow, thank you Shawn…. Would you like to come in?" Jules asked a wicked smile on her face. Screw his reputation. He was a keeper.

"That depends…. Is your bathtub built for two?" Shawn replied as he walked in, door closing to the outside world.