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Chapter 1




She was there when he was born.

Perhaps 'born' wasn't the proper word. He was a scientific creation. The product of countless years of work and research aboard the space colony ARK. He was no less of a miracle, though. And one that meant so much to so many people.

The Professor had told her to stay away, since bringing him into the first phases of life could be rough. But she not to be deterred. She watched through a small window in the door, having brought a chair to stand on, and even then she was on her tip toes. Wide blue eyes took in the scene. And when the scientists were finished, and he was showing signs of life, she raced into the room. Everyone was too happy to care.

The Professor wrapped his arm around her small shoulders, and stared down at the black hedgehog with a mixture of emotions. This was their hope. His hope. A chance to save his granddaughter, Maria. A chance to help millions. This was his dream and he'd finally reached a milestone in accomplishing it.

But a dark cloud hung over his joy. Because he still remembered the promise he had made to Black Doom. But he rationalized that it had been necessary. Without the alien's help, Project Shadow wouldn't have been possible. But the promise still loomed like an impending storm. And the Professor hoped it wouldn't cause too much damage.

He looked on the hedgehog with joy and sadness, with hope and dread, and with pride and shame.

His granddaughter stared up at him with her big, innocent eyes. "He's the Ultimate Life Form, right?"

He nodded. "Yes, he is."

He had created the Ultimate Life Form.

What had he done?



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