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Third,Diana is a recurrent character on my comics. Although she is mostly based off me,she isn't self-insertion. Suck it up.

Fourth,this is going to have some SanjiXNami. If you don't like it then don't read this. Or read it and skip those parts. Whatever you want.

Fifth. Lots of swear words and violence. If you're sensitive you shouldn't read this. I'm serious.

At first some things will be confusing. But everything will be explained.

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Professor Blitz handled the technology in his hands carefully. If he screwed up,he would end up God-knows-where. This is because the object in question was a space/time transporter that used to belong to a F-level Dragonian warrior,who had just got promoted. This new level required a stronger device,so after receiving it,the boy had handed the old one to the professor for recycling.

"Sigh...They always mistreat these. Well,kids never do care."

(A/N:"Kids never do care" is a Dragonian saying much like "Boys will be boys".Means that young people don't care about consequences.)

At this moment,a teenager girl,tall with dark blond hair and green eyes entered the lab.

"Yo prof. Wazzup?"

He smiled at her.

"Just in time Diana. I need help fixing this transporter."

The teenager grinned widely and picked up a nearby screwdriver.

She quickly began to unscrew the cover.

"So,do they allow you to take on mission yet?"

Diana looked up at the older man.

"Ya think that if I could take missions I would be here?"

"Of course not. I am sorry. But may I ask why?"

"Same thing as always,th-Hey,where's the small hex screwdriver?"

"Left drawer."

"Thanks. As I was saying,they think that I can't control my power and they're afraid I might hurt innocent people if I go on rampage while on a mission. Same shit as always."

"What have I told you about swearing in my lab?"


"Isn't there any chance of they letting have even a simple mission?"

"I don't t-Jesus,Mary and fucking Joseph!"


"Sorry,but there's mold in the inside!Mold!If I had one I wouldn't treat it so badly."

"He probably dropped it in the water."

"Oh yeah,who had this one?"


"Ya kidding?THE Jasper?The one that had 2 in the final exam?They let him do missions?"

She looked at the transporter."

"This is a G-model. So he must now be a F-level. In 2 years he was promoted 4 times. I graduated 4 years ago and I'm still a J-Level. I'm much more powerful that that. But I can't take the tests because I don't meet the mission requirements. And I can't meet the mission requirements cuz they won't let me take missions. Those assh-Idiots. What color cover should I put in this?"

"Oh,I don't know. Why don't just put your favorite?"

"Blue and black it is."

She put the last screw in place and looked at the finished work.

It was just about the size of a Nintendo DS. Slightly wider. It had two small handles that fitted the hand perfectly. The flip cover protected the screen and various buttons were on the outside. You could slide the back down to reveal a small keyboard. The device itself was black but the cover was blue with the model logo on it.

She smiled. A sad smile. A smile that reflected the pain she felt inside.

The professor knew why. The 14-year old graduated at 10 like most people but wasn't allowed to take on missions,because of a control problem. She had amazing grades in college and the man had seen her protecting younger kids against bullies several times. She knew 32 different fighting styles,more than the required 10 and was unafraid of almost everything. But there was the less charming side. She could be considered a perfect student IF she didn't spend every single class drawing and not paying attention overall. She could be considered a perfect person IF she wasn't arrogant,rude,quick to anger,defiant of authorities and rebellious. She could be considered a genius IF she knew overall physics or advance maths!And of course there was the control problem.

With a sigh,he turned around to put some files in place.


"Yes Diana?"

"Is it true that after someone completes their first mission,they can't be denied others?"

"Yes,unless that someone is banned."

"'Kay. And is it true that,if you complete a mission you hadn't taken officially,you still get the reward and the statistics?"

"Well,yes but-"The professor froze in place. He quickly turned around and saw the young girl pressing some buttons on the device,a mischievous grin in her face.


But with a flash,she had disappeared.

One of the professor's assistants walked in the room.

"Prof?What's wrong?"

"Diana used a old G-model she had just repaired to transport to another dimension and do a mission so that she can get her permit to do more."

"What!Aargh!That stupid girl!"

The professor groaned.

"Oh,she isn't stupid. She just does stupid things."

Diana woke up in the middle of a busy street. In fact it was so busy,they didn't notice a teenager had just appeared there,without explanation.

The girl looked around and grinned again. She started messing with the transporter,but then frowned.

"Not one mission here?Of all the dimensions there are,I had to end up in one where they don't know about Dragonians."

She quickly got up. But all of a sudden,a orange-haired girl slammed into her and just kept running.

"HEY!Watch where you're going,dammit!Whoa,wait a min."

The teenager checked her pocket and found out that her wallet was missing.

"Ah shit!"

She quickly went after her.

The redhead turned and entered a small passage,stopping when she saw that it was a alley without exit.

"Excuse me,but I think you have something that belongs to me?"

She slowly turned her head and saw the teenager standing there,arms crossed,a deep frown on her face. The redhead took a step back.

"No,I think you are mistaken."

The other girl sighed.

"Look,I'm only polite on the first try. Give me my wallet NOW,before I kick your ass."

"Wallet?What wallet."

With a swift move,Diana kicked her neck against the wall. She stood there pressing the orange-haired girl's throat,grinning.

"Don't say I didn't warn."

The girl began gasping for air,franticly.

"Then again you can't talk. Or breathe."

She walked back,letting her slide down the wall and knelt down beside her.

"Who are you?"

The girl looked up.

"Uh,good afternoon. My name is Nami. What's going on?Why did you attack me?"

Diana slapped her own forehead.

"Give it up girl. We both know you stole my wallet. Just give it back already."

Nami sighed and reached for her pocket.

"Fine. Here .I don't know why you're so strong,and honestly I don't want to know."

She reached her hand forward to give the younger girl the wallet.

Diana took it but also grabbed Nami's wrist with her other hand. She forced her to get up and started pulling her through the streets.

"Hey!What are you doing?"

"Did you really think I'd just leave you after you robbed me?I'm taking you to the police."

"The what?"

"Oh. Err...Bah,who is the local law enforcers?"

"WHAT?You're turning me to the Marines?They will lock me in Impel Down for life!"

The teenager blinked a couple of times.

"For stealing a wallet?Man,those guys are harsh."

"Uh...Yeah!They're evil people!"

"Oh,that's awful!Your world is controlled by corrupt law enforcers!Who will give severe punishment for small thiefs!"

"Yeah,that's right!You'll let me go won't you."

"Oh,of course...Not!Like hell I'll believe that. No world is primitive enough to have prisons but still punish criminals so severely. Either you're lying or you're worse than a small thief."

Nami bit her lip. No normal kid would be so smart. Or strong. Maybe she's older than she looks?

"And I'm 14 by the way."

She widened her eyes in shock and looked at the girl.


She simply shrugged.

"Most normal humans think that I'm older when they meet me. I just wanted to set that straight."

Nami didn't even see where she was being pulled to.

"Normal humans?"

She looked at Diana,shocked expression on her face.

"Are you crazy?"



"I'm half-crazy. Not in the sense of mentally insane. But I do a lot of crazy things so..."

"O-Okay...But you should let me go!My friends are going to get me!And they'll kick your ass!"

"Yeah. Right."

"I'm not lying this time."

"Whatever ya say."

Diana looked around the street.

"The hell am I?"

Nami smiled.

"Hey,if you can't find the Marines you can't turn me in. You might as well let me go."

The younger girl glared at her and sneered.

"I'll find my way."

Suddenly they heard a man yell from behind.


They both looked back and saw a blond man,wearing a black suit,running towards them

Nami looked at the teenager,an evil smile on her face.

"I told you my friends would look for me."

The girl sneered.


Nami started yelling back at the cook.


"What's going on?"

"She wants to turn me in to the Marines!"

He stopped,pure amazement in his face.

"You can't fight off a teen aged girl?"

Nami frowned at him.

"She's stronger than she looks!Are you going to save me or not?"

"Yes Nami-san!"

Sanji walked forward glaring at Diana.

"Let her go."

To his amazement,she just laughed at him.

"Are you trying to scare me or something?You're pathetic!"

He sneered.

"Let her go or I'll kick your ass."

Nami knew he was just trying to scare her. He would never kick a girl. Even if he died for that. He made it clear when they were at Enies Lobby. But even though she knew that,he still looked very frightening.

This just caused the teenager's laugh to be weirder.

"You'll kick my ass?Seriously?You honestly believe that?Then again you never saw me in action. Of course you believe that."

Sanji was just standing there. That girl had to be insane!

He stepped forward and grabbed her shoulder.

"This is the last I'll say this. Let. Her. Go."

Suddenly they disappeared in a bright flash of light.

Sanji slowly got up looking at his surroundings. He was in the middle of a forest. The sun was setting in the horizon. Nami was a few meters to the left. He walked over to her and gently shook her shoulder. The navigator moved slightly.

"Nami..." he whispered shaking her again."Wake up."


"Wake up."

She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him.

"What happened?"

He simply shook his head.

"I don't know." he answered looking around for the strange girl. He found her passed out on top of a tree.

"Hey!Girl!" he shouted.

Nami walked over to him and stared at the young girl.

"Maybe she's dead?"


They walked forward until they were right next to the tree.

"Kick it."

Sanji looked at the navigator next to him.


"Kick the tree. If she's not dead she'll wake up."

"What is she falls?"

"She won't. It's a large branch."

He stepped forward and gently kicked the tree. Of course,being Sanji,"Gently" is more like "Violently".

The tree continued to shake for at least 5 minutes. After it stopped,the girl slowly got up.

And then stepped off the tree since she didn't realize where she was.

Nami screamed as she saw her fall to the ground. It was a 20-feet fall.

No normal human would survive that.

She slowly walked over to the body. Sanji went after her. They just stood there looking at it.

Then suddenly,the girl sat up.

Nami screamed and hid behind Sanji.

Diana shook her head and slapped her own forehead.

"Man,that smacked."

Nami looked at her,over Sanji's shoulder.

"You should be dead."

The girl blinked a couple times.

"Dead?Damn girl,what did I do to you?You don't need to wish me that!"

Nami chuckled.

"No. I mean you should have died when you fell from the tree."

The girl looked up and shivered.

"So that's what happened. Man,I hate heights."

Nami just looked at her.

"You fell from a very high tree and that's all you say?"I hate heights."?That's what you said after you fell from a tree?"

Diana cocked her head to the side.

"Yeah,I'm pretty sure I said that ."

Nami shook her head.

"Unbelievable. Sanji,can you believe this?"


Nami looked at him.

"Seriously?Aargh,that doesn't matter now. Where are we."

Diana looked at her.

"If I said it you wouldn't believe me."

Nami crossed her arms.

"Try me."

"We're in another dimension."

"I don't believe you."

"Told ya."

Sanji looked at both of them.

"Another dimension. I don't get it."

"We're in another world."


Nami looked at the younger girl.

"Yeah. How?"

Diana took the space/time transporter out of her pocket.

"This...is a ST Traveler."


"Space and time."

The girl looked down.

"I screwed up. I rebuilt this but I think I screwed up in some of the wiring. It transported us here cuz of that."

Nami sighed.

"Great. How do we get back?"

The girl bit her lip,her bangs covering her green eyes.

"I don't know."

For a moment there was silence.

"You don't know?"

Diana looked up at Nami.


"So we're stuck here. In a unknown place. In...another dimension."

"Not really. I can transport us to my home dimension. Then the professor might have a idea."

"If you can transport to your home dimension why can't you transport us to our home dimension."

"I don't have the coordinates."

"Then how did you get there the first time."

"There's a random button." said the teenager pointing to the ST-Traveler.

Nami raised an eyebrow.

"What where you doing traveling trough random dimensions?"

After Diana explained it,Nami started walking towards the woods,signaling Sanji to come with her.

"Whoa,wait!Where are you going?"

"I'm going to look for a village,town,something like that."

"Alone?What if you get attacked by bandits or thiefs!"

Sanji looked at the teenager.

"Don't worry. I can fight anything that attacks us."

"Yeah?Well,I got you into this. It's my fault. I have to help you."

Nami glared at her.

"You. What can you do?"

"I told you,I'll take you to..."

"I don't care!I don't want to be next to you!Can't you understand what you did?We're trapped here and we might never go back!"

She turned around and sat on a nearby rock,covering her face with her hands.

Sanji approached her and put a hand on her back.


Sanji stepped back,hurt in his eyes. He simply walked over to a tree and sat down,also hiding his face.

Diana looked at both of them,sat on the ground,took a screwdriver out of her pocket and started fixing the Traveler.

There's a major difference between bandits. Some are evil. Some are rogues,mercenaries. Some are just out for adventures. Like pirates. Only on dry land. But unlike pirates,few people hunt for the good bandits. Hell,few people hunt rogues!But on the evil ones...Missions are requested for someone to stop them. Rewards are put on their heads. And they aren't chased in one world. They're chased by any Dragonian,with a high enough rank,that wishes to take the mission. And that is why evil bandits don't last long.

But he...He was on the run for 5 years. And everyone who opposed him ended up dead.

Or worse.

But he liked it. He liked to crush their bones. He liked to hear them scream. He loved when teams went after him and he could simply destroy them,one by one,in front of their friends. Oh their faces. Their young,horrified faces. He loved when they started to cry. He absolutely loved when there was that idiot who tried to defend the rest."I won't let you hurt my friends." they yelled,before he ripped their heads appart. They would also say stuff like "I'll fight for my nakama!" or "Don't you dare touch my buddies!".But in the end they all ended dead.

Or worse.

So when he saw them,his heart burned with joy. The joy of ripping a group of teenagers to pieces that is.

After a few hours of sitting quietly in the middle of the forest,Diana lifted up her head after hearing rustling.

She looked back at the others.

"Did ya guys hear that?"

Nami just sobbed while Sanji simply shrugged,not even looking at her.

Suddenly,something like a strong gust of wind. She quickly jumped to her feet looking around.

"Get up." she sneered to the others.

Sanji looked back.

"It was just a gust of wind."

"No. Someone's here."

Sanji slowly got up and looked around. He felt it. Someone was watching them.

"Nami,come here."

She didn't even move.


"Leave me alone."


Sanji looked to the spot where Diana was and discovered that she was longer there. There was a patch of exposed earth,as if someone had riped the grass out.

He looked back again and was even more shocked.

To the left there was a tall,bulky man,dressed with battle clothes and holding a gigantic ax.

To the right was Nami still sitting on the rock,looking up with a shocked expression.

In the middle was the girl,holding the ax. With her bare hands.


She was pushing forward trying to move the man.

He smiled,pushing back. A very disturbing smile.

They both jumped back,looking at each other.

Sanji,regained from the shock,ran to Diana,but still wondering what was going on.

"This is going to interesting." said the man,raising an eyebrow.

Sanji frowned.


The man grinned wildly,looking at them in a very disturbing way.

"Tearing you into little pieces. To go along with your torn emotions. Why are you so blue?"

"Why do you care?" said Diana looking at him,with a piercing glare.

He grinned again.

"I don't."

Suddenly,he dashed forward,ready to strike Nami.

But a leg got in his way.

Sanji put a cigarette into his mouth and started to look for his lighter,while blocking the ax blow.

"You shouldn't aim for someone who isn't fighting. Especially if it's a lady.

"Wow. Chivalry isn't dead,after all."

Sanji lighted his cigarette.

"No...But soon,you will be."

He kicked the man,but he dodged,Swinging his weapon,he stroke Sanji,sending him flying.

"SANJI!" Nami yelled,rushing and knelt down besides him. He had a deep cut across his stomach.

She felt hot tears forming on her eyes. Looking back at the warrior,she saw that him and Diana were fighting.

She dashed to the right,avoiding the ax. The man simply kept swinging at her. They both were dashing to wherever was a opening. They avoided each other's hits,trying to land their own.

The young girl jumped and a sphere of blue light appeared on her fist. She thrusted both hands forward ,releasing a beam of the light. Apparently the man was taken by surprise,because he didn't dodge. The beam hit him and exploded into more light. But something was wrong. He didn't look much affected. Instead he dashed forward swinging his ax. Diana tried to dodge,but was too weak from using that massive attack.

She got hit.

Nami closed her eyes and felt something wet and hot hitting her face.


Slowly opening them,she looked at the girl. The ax had hit her in the right side of her face,nearly missing her eye. He ripped out the ax with a sickening «plop» and she fell over.

The man looked at Nami and she felt a wave of terror trough her body.

"Your turn." he said.

And then he got hit in the shoulder with a knife.

He looked back. Diana was standing there,blood dripping from her face and her bangs covering her eyes.

The man raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

"Not dead yet?"

"You can't just kill me like that,bitch."

He grinned.

"Is this the part where you come with the speech about friendship and shit like that?Like "I will fight for my friends!"?All that touching crap?"


He grinned even wider.

"Then why are you still fighting?I bet that if you had just let me kill the other girl and go away,you would have found a town and a doctor. But now you're going to die."

"I'm fighting for them."


"They aren't my friends. I have to fight for them because I got them into this. It's my fault. I have to do something about it."

She suddenly lifted her head up. Her usually green eyes were bright red.

Nami watched in horror,as a pair of wings grew from her back,ripping the back of the t-shirt. On her blond hair,black and blue streaks appeared. There were several spikes on her wrists and horns on her forehead. She also had what appeared to be the ears and tail of some animal. A dog maybe?

The man backed away in horror. He gulped and started hacking and slashing at the girl. She took every blow but didn't even flinch. Her blood dripped to the ground. She didn't seem to mind. Diana simply pulled her fist back.

And pierced his stomach with the punch.

The man fell dead at her feet.

Nami chuckled.

"You...Did it. You defeated him."

Diana glared at her,a demonic look on her face. She started walking towards Nami.

"Err...Uh...Girl?What's wrong?"

Nami slapped herself mentally for not knowing her name.

The girl just kept walking towards her.

"A-Are you mad because I didn't fight?Is that it?"

She kept walking.

"She's going to kill me."

Then,all of a sudden,her eyes went green again and she fell over,unconscious.

Nami looked at her bloody body.

And then at Sanji.

She didn't even feel the scream coming out of her mouth.



Such a beautiful voice. Mellorine!

"He's...right bu...shock..."

Who the hell was that?And why can't I feel my body?What's going on?Where's the ax guy?Is that girl alright?

Wait I can feel my hands. And my feet. The feelings are coming back to me. And I feel...


Oh,and love.

But mostly pain.

But love for my beautiful Nami-swan.


"Look,your boyfriend is waking up."

"Oh,Sanji I was so-Wait,what did you call him?"

The middle-aged man looked at Nami.

"Isn't he your boyfriend?"

Nami blinked a couple of times.


Sanji sat up and looked around. He didn't recognize the house. It was probably a cottage in the middle of the forest. Nami was right next to him. She smiled.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine,as long you're next to me."

The unknown man raised an eyebrow.

"He's not your boyfriend but you let him talk like that to you?Weird."

Nami glared at him.

"Do you mind leaving us alone for a second?"

He quickly left. Sanji looked at her.

"Why did you change your clothes?"

She looked sown at the blue sweatshirt.

"Oh,the other was full of blood."

His eyes widened.

"Oh no!It wasn't mine!Relax."

He sighed and lied down.

"Where are we?And who was that?"

"That was Xarles. He and his wife,Cassandra,found us in the woods. This is their house."

"...What happened?"

"Horns?Seriously?And a tail?"

Nami nodded silently.

Sanji sighed.

"Are you okay."

"I already told you nobody attacked me."

"I didn't mean that. How do you feel?"

She shook her head.

"Not very good."

They heard knocking outside of the room. Nami got up and peeked out the entrance.

She saw Cassandra opening the glass door to a tall man,with short gray hair,small round glasses and a handlebar mustache.

"Good evening," he said "I am Professor Blitz."

Nami looked out the window of the strange vehicle.

"What did you say this is?"

"A car,dear."

She leaned on the leather seat and looked at Sanji,who was in the front. He was busy playing with the window switches.

"And how does it move?"

"I already explained that."

She sighed.

"It still sounds strange."

Sanji smiled at her and looked at the professor.

"Where are we going anyway?"

"To Diana's house."


"The girl."

"Oh. Why are we going there?"

"Because you need a place to stay."

"Why do we need to stay there?"

"Because she lives in a 4-bedroom house."

Nami smiled.

"Four bedrooms?Is she rich?"

"No,her parents bought her the house."

"Oh,so it's her parents house."

"No,it's on her name,and she lives there alone."

"Isn't she 15 or 16?"

"No,she's 14."

"Why does she live alone. Did her parents die?"

"No,they're alive and well. Most Dragonians live alone after they reach mission age."

Sanji raised an eyebrow.


"It's more convenient for missions."

"But I thought she couldn't take missions."

"Yes,but her parents are very annoying."

Nami leaned closer to the front seats.

"Where are we?"

"In a highway."

"Where are we,exactly."

The professor sighed.

"In a planet called Garzia,in a continent called Nakira,in a country called Garzla,in a state called Yakai,driving towards a town called Cobalt,in a highway."

She smiled.

"Thanks. Where's the girl?"

"In another car with my assistant."


"She's unconscious and has to lie down."

"Oh. Are we there yet?"


"Are we near the town?"


"Are we very far away?"


"Are we midway?"


"Then,were are we?"

"Close to the town,that's close to the town,that's close to the town."

"When are we going to get there?"

"In two hours."

Sanji groaned.

"Why does it take so long."

"Because they're big towns."

"Are there many restaurants in Cobalt?"


"What kind of restaurants?"

"Lots of kinds."

"Is there a market?"


"What about-"

"You ask a lot of questions,don't you?"

Sanji shrugged and leaned against the door.




"Can we stop for a snack?"


Professor Blitz knocked on the door. His assistant opened it and let them in.

"I put her on her room. She'll probably sleep 'til tomorrow."


He turned around to face Sanji and Nami.

"Come with me please. I'll show you your rooms."

They climbed the stairs.

"You could stay there. Sanji?You stay on the room across. Tomorrow morning,I'll come back to check on Diana. The bathroom and kitchen are downstairs."

He got out of the house,leaving the two pirates alone.

Nami yawned and looked around.

"I think I'm going to sleep."

Sanji smiled.

"Want me to sleep next to you?"

She glared at him and he backed away.

"Or maybe not."

As she began to climb the stairs,she stopped and looked back.


He looked at her,smiling.


"I'm sorry I called you a pervert. I know you were just trying to comfort me."

"Don't worry about that."

"Good night."



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