by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Tenjho Tenge or Black Lagoon.

Summary: Masataka and Shenhua join forces to battle a gang of Yakuza in order to rescue a Triad bosses daughter. But as a result, they become attracted to each other.


Chapter 2
Two To Tango

Masataka blinked his eyes open and stared at the slowly spinning fan above him. He felt relaxed in the rather comfortable bed, sighing to himself as he felt a warm body press up against him. He turned his head to see a messy mane of greenish hair resting on his chest, a slender arm draped across his stomach.

His body became consciously aware of everything, namely the fact that he was naked as the woman was, they were both covered by a thin silk sheet, and one of her smooth legs was snaked around his in a gentle but firm grip.

He looked at her for a few seconds before remembering something.

Shenhua. Her name is Shenhua. He thought, glad at least that he remembered her name. His vision was a little blurry, and his mouth had a strong aftertaste of alcohol. But what happened? How did we...

His thoughts paused as he suddenly remembered exactly how he had ended up in this situation.

(Bougainvillea Trading Company)

"He's a martial arts expert." Benny said.

"Really. Any good?" Balalaika asked.

The group looked at each other, as if trying to keep from laughing.

"Test him." Dutch said.

Balalaika silently motioned for three of her men to move on the young man.

Rock only had a second to make the same motion towards his cousin, before all hell broke loose.

The three men, all highly skilled, fully trained soldiers who had been trained by Balalaika for years, lunged at the boy in an attempt to take him down.

Masataka ducked low, and rolled past them across the floor. The men spun around in order to get him again, only to have the young fighter spring up off his feet, into the air, and strike down all three of them with a flying roundhouse kick to their faces.

Two of the men, stunned for a second, recovered quickly and attacked again. Masataka grabbed the first man and flipped him behind him onto his back as the second man leapt at him, his feet actually leaving the floor. Masataka spun around and chopped the man into his neck, knocking him mid-air into the side wall. The first man got up off the floor and moved to punch the boy, only to have said boy block his punches, and then lash out with a fierce kick to his face, knocking him down.

The third man, who had recovered slower than the rest, pulled out a Bowie-like knife and lunged at the boy from behind.

However, Masataka sensed him and quickly spun around, shouting as he lashed out with his hand.

"URAATE!"(Reverse Striking) Masataka shouted, spinning around as his back hand, charged with energy, lashed out towards the man, cutting through the knife blade and nailing the man in the neck.

Balalaika just stared in shock as her men fell unconscious to the ground.

She turned to look at the Lagoon Couriers and raised an eyebrow.

"How the hell can you afford him?" she asked them.

"He's my cousin." Rock said.

And here I thought Rock couldn't get any more useful. She thought as she looked at her men. And I guess I'll have to cut out the red meat for them.

Of course, Balalaika had no way of knowing that Masataka had been using ki-enhanced punches and kicks to take the rather tough men down. Guys like Bob or Souichiro would have been able to hold their own against the men, and that's only because they got into alot of fights. Whether they had the discipline to win, was easy to debate.


The group goes to see Bai Ji-Shin Chang of the Triads, more commonly referred to as Mr Chang, at his place of business.

Unlike Balalaika, Chang liked to operate his business out of a Chinese restaurant called the Floating Lotus.

While the group was having lunch, Masataka took notice of the sexy Taiwanese knife fighter who was standing just behind Mr Chang. She looked like either a bodyguard or assistant, but he got the feeling she was more than that.

Masataka stared at the woman. She was taller than Revy, with a curvaceously slender build and long legs. She was dressed in an ankle-length reddish-purple cheongsam, cut high over the thighs which had a pair of high leg-straps on them with small knives hooked to them. She wore a loose, long-sleeved white jacket, with gold trim, and red slippers on her feet. Her hair was long with a greenish tint to it, stretching down her back in a long ponytail, part of her hair draped over the right side of her face. Her features were rather sharp, her makeup perfectly applied over her slim, delicate-looking bone structure, her eyes were a dark green, and held an aura of fierceness in them.

Shenhua stared at the young man in return. He was taller than Rock, but seemed younger. He was dressed very simple: black t-shirt, blue jeans, black belt, white shoes, sunglasses clipping to the front of his shirt, and a ballcap covering his wavy brown hair. His arms were slim but quite ripped, revealing he had considerable strength. His features were young and unsullied, as if he had never been in a fight in his life. But his brown eyes, if one looked deep enough, held a warriors spirit. That told her he had been in more than his share of fights.

There was an unspoken message that passed between them, as if they were telepathically saying 'hello' to each other.

Rock seemed to be the only one to notice the pair's eyes locked on each other. He actually smiled at seeing that Masataka was interested in someone like Shenhua.

"So what's the job, sir?" Revy asked the Triad leader.

"It's a rescue mission." Mr Chang said.

Revy and the others looked at each other, naturally confused.

"A rescue mission?" Rock asked.

"Yes." Mr Chang said.

"You want us to rescue someone?" Dutch asked.

"Yes." Mr Chang said.

"You want us to?" Benny asked.

"Yes." Mr Chang said.

The group was still confused.

"Uh... what is the situation?" Rock asked.

"This." Mr Chang said as he pulled a picture of an adolescent girl out of his pocket and placed it on the table. "Several weeks ago, the daughter of a Triad boss from Hong Kong was kidnapped by a group of Yakuza agents. They are holding her for ransom here in Roanapur."

"And you have no intention of paying." Revy said while Rock looked at the picture.

"We can pay. But we won't. Because of who is involved." Mr Chang said.

"What do you mean?" Rock asked.

"The leader of this group is one of my former lieutenants." Mr Chang said.

"What?" Dutch gasped.

"Former, as in..." Rock started to say.

"As in... I trained him." Chang said.

"You trained a Yakuza agent?" Benny asked.

"He wasn't Yakuza when I trained him." Chang replied.

"A Chinese agent leading a bunch of Yakuza?" Revy asked.

"Long story." Chang said.

"What's his name?" Rock asked.

"Genjo." he said.

"How good is he?" Revy asked.

"If he's kept up, he is in equal skill to you, Revy." Chang replied.

"I see." Revy said.

Masataka looked at the female gunfighter, and actually found her shaken.

He wondered why.

"The Hong Kong leader wants his daughter back without a mark. Alive and breathing. I need you all to be at your best on this. Understood?"

"Of course." Rock said. "Where is this girl being held?"

"Shenhua knows where. You will be working for her for this." Chang said.

"Alright then, let's get going." Rock said.


Locating the hideout wasn't as easy as the group intended. Mostly because it was right in plain view of everything. A small abandoned warehouse on the East Side of the city.

"Well, this is cute." Dutch said.

"How many entrances and exits?" Revy asked.

"Two." Shenhua said. "One in back, one up top. Back window."

"Alright. Taka, you take the upstairs entrance. She might be upstairs. The rest of us will go in the front." Revy said.

"No." Shenhua said.

"What?" the gunfighter asked.

"Shenhua go with Taka." the knife fighter said.

"Fine." she huffed.


The pair went up to the second floor landing and slipped into the window not finding any guards.

"What wrong?" Shenhua asked, noticing Masataka pausing.

"Something's not right." Masataka said.


"It's.... too easy."

Suddenly, a group of five men emerged from the shadows and behind boxes.

"Figures." Masataka said.

"Kill them silently. Save the girl for fun later." One of the thugs said with a laugh.

For some reason, saying those words made the anti-weapons specialist angry.

Pulling their knives the henchmen lunged at the pair.

Masataka moved first before Shenhua could pull her kuri knives. Leaping into the air, Masataka kicked two of them down as the other three charged. Deflecting their hands away from him and into their partners, the three men groaned as their knives were sticking out of each others shoulders.

The first two men leapt back up and charged the young man, who quickly retaliated with an old favorite. He quickly leapt into the air, jumping over them. As he was right above them, he grabbed their heads and slammed them into each other.

He landed on the ground as the pair fell unconscious. The other three men growled as they got back up and attempted another rush at the boy. This was again unsuccessful as Masataka moved quickly and threw a roundhouse kick that knocked the trio down and this time unconscious.

Masataka turned around to Shenhua as the woman pulled one of her kuri knives and threw it at him.

Masataka dodged the blade, but followed its path to a sixth man who was hiding behind the crates.

"Thank you." Masataka said.

"Welcome." Shenhua said. "You strong."

"Thanks." he said, looking back at the man with the blade sticking out of his forehead. "You're good."


"What is going on up there?" Genjo asked, slamming his clip into his modified Desert Eagles.

"Maybe the boys are training against each other?" one of the men said.

"Or maybe we have..."




"I hope no one heard that." Masataka said as the man fell unconscious yet again from that crippling headblow.

Suddenly, a dozen men raced up the stairs and cornered the pair in front of the window.

"Shenhua think you wrong." Shenhua said.

"Yeah. I think you're right." Masataka said.

"GET THEM!" one of the men shouted.

Quick as lightning, the men charged towards the pair like a stampede. Masataka quickly grabbed Shenhua's wrists and spun her around, hurling her into the air and over the men.

Shenhua quickly picked up his plan as she flew through the air, and pulled her kuri knives from behind her body. The spinning action of the woman caused her knives to slash and strike at the men who passed underneath her. She killed two men before landing on the other side of them.

The men. Still believing they had the advantage, thought little of the loss of two of their numbers, and attacked the pair. Half charged Masataka, the other half charged Shenhua.

Shenhua gripped her knives as she leapt towards them, moving to and fro like a dancer, spinning and dodging their attacks, as she quickly retaliated with her own. Her blades dug deep into their bodies: their necks, their arms, their legs, their chests. To anyone that saw her, they would have been amazed at how skilled she was at cutting people up, while not getting any blood upon herself. It took less than a minute for her to slice the men up like pieces of meat, each one falling around her as if she had planned it that way from the start. The first two fell when she had flown over them, the last four fell one-by-one to her kuri knives. The first was slashed across his neck, the second was impaled in his forehead, the third to a chest strike, and the fourth to a stomach stab.

Masataka clenched his fists as he leapt into the air, striking one in the head with a forceful kick to the man's head, throwing him back. He landed and crouched low to avoid a knife-strike from another man, shooting up to uppercut him hard, and sending him flying into the ceiling. A third man rushed him, trying to stab him, causing him to dodge the blade and elbow the man when he got close enough to him. A strike that dropped the man hard. A fourth man leapt at him from behind, only to have the young man step to the side to avoid the strike, wrapping his arms around the man's neck and twisting it sharply to the left. (The man wasn't dead, but he would be paralyzed for months.) The last two men rushed him from behind, only to have him jump back onto his hands, throwing his feet into the air as they became a flurry of fast, whipping strikes that nailed them in their faces, chests, stomachs and groins, causing them to drop without need of a finishing move.

The pair froze as they looked at the other's handy work. Masataka looked at the dead men Shenhua was responsible for. Shenhua looked at the 'broken' men Masataka was responsible for.

Neither was sure which was worse. Shenhua had killed her attackers, leaving them dead so as to never see another day. Masataka's attackers on the other hand, if they recovered, would never be as they once were. They'd never walk right, eat right, or, if they were further unlucky, make love to a woman again.

Looking at their handiwork, the pair felt a strong desire well up in them. As if the battle itself had aroused them in some way.

However, before they had a chance to find out where this was going to go, a series of heavy shots rang out from downstairs.

"Two-Hands." Shenhua said.

Quickly the pair raced downstairs, coming off the steps to find Revy and a man wearing a black trench coat and shades shooting it out with each other.

"Taka! Look!" Shenhua said as she tapped Masataka on the shoulder, causing him to look over and notice a young girl about 10 or 11 years old, tied to a chair, and being used as a shield by the man who was shooting at Revy. Luckily Revy was missing.

Without thinking, Masataka moved towards the pair, flipping through the air and landing on the back of the chair, straddling it like a pommel horse and swinging his legs around quickly, striking the man in the head, knocking him back towards a group of medium-sized crates. Masataka landed next to the girl, grabbed her chair, lifted it up, and ran back to the stairs where Shenhua was waiting for him.

The leader of the Yakuza group shook the shock out of his head, as he gripped his guns and prepared to retrieve the kidnapped girl, only to see Revy leap over the crates he had been knocked behind, guns blazing.

(Lagoon Couriers Office)

"Ouch!" Revy groaned as Rock applied the antiseptic to her wound.

"Stop moving, Revy. I'm almost done." Rock said as he placed another bandage on her arm.

"You should have just let me drink to numb the wound. This is ridiculous!" the woman snapped.

"So were you!" he said. "Jumping over those crates at an armed man without knowing what was on the other side? You're lucky you only got a few bullet holes for that stunt."

"And at least we got paid for saving that girl." Dutch said. "Up front, and for the job."

"Thanks to Masataka and Shenhua taking out most of the men." Rock said.

"I still can't believe that Mr Chang didn't do this job himself." Revy said.

"What do you mean?" Rock asked, tying off the wound in her side-stomach.

"Well.... he's better than me. And if he trained that guy..." she started to say.

"I'm guessing that's why he didn't go." he said.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"He trained Genjo. I'm guessing he was like a son to Chang. So... maybe..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. He couldn't kill his own son, so... he asked us to do it." she said. "Hey! Where's Masataka?"

"He's at the Yellow Flag. Bartending." Benny said.

"He works for us." Revy said.

"So? He's got a day-job. Big deal." Benny replied.

"I just hope he stays out of trouble." Rock said.

(Yellow Flag Bar)

"Two Bloody Mary's, One Sex On The Beach, and One Vodka. Straight up." Bao said.

"Two BM's, one SOTB, and one Vodka, straight. Coming up." Masataka said as pulled the bottles from underneath the bar and started pouring the drinks.

Bao smiled as his new bartender, despite not having any previous experience, poured the drinks with little to no spilling.

The evening was going along well. There had been a steady crowd of people, no fights, no shooting, and his new bartender was actually doing a decent job his first night.

However, that didn't last long as a familiar looking woman entered the bar.

Oh, shit! Shenhua! Bao gasped when he recognized the Taiwanese knife-wielder.

To his surprise, she walked over to the bar, sat down and ordered a drink.

Masataka nodded and poured her one.

Huh. Wonder what that is about? Bao asked as he poured another pitcher of beer for another table. Shenhua normally doesn't come in here, unless there's trouble.

Just then, trouble walked in the door.

The entire bar, except Masataka, froze when they saw a tall women dressed in a maid's outfit, thin-rimmed glasses, a suitcase in one hand and a parasol in the other, walk into the bar, and take a seat at a table at the back.

"Masataka!" Bao called.

"Yes, sir?" Masataka asked.

"Take Table 9."

"Yes, sir."

It was Table 9, however, that the parasol-wielding maid sat at.

Masataka, feeling as if the woman in the maid's outfit was more dangerous than she seemed, made his way over to it, a pad and pencil in hand.

"Good evening. My name is Masataka. Can I take your order?" Masataka asked.

Roberta looked up at Masataka and raised an eyebrow.

"You must be new here." she said.

"I am." he replied.

"Coffee. Black. Two sugars."

"Nothing else?"


"Be right back." he said with a small nod.

As he walked away, Roberta wondered why she felt something 'off' about the young waiter. He wasn't afraid of her, which only meant that he didn't know who she was.

Suddenly, the door exploded open and a group of five men entered the bar, knives and guns in their hands, and scanned the bar, looking for someone.

Their eyes trained on Roberta sitting at the back and moved towards her.

However, Masataka was halfway to her table with her coffee when he noticed the men heading to the same table as him.

"May I help you, gentlemen?" Masataka asked.

"Get The Fuck Out Of Our Way, Or We'll Rip Your Intestines Out!" the lead man said.

Masataka stared at the man, but didn't move.

"If you'll take a seat, I'll be with you in a minute."

"Move It, Punk!" the man said, swinging at Masataka, only to have a hand catch his arm casually. "What?"

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Masataka said, holding the man's arm tightly, not even spilling the cup of coffee.

"Get Him!" the man shouted.

The four men behind him sprang from around their leader and at the young anti-weapons specialist. Flipping the cup of coffee over onto the backside of his hand, Masataka moved back and dodged the first strike, ducking low and spinning on his leg, sweeping it on order to knock the man off his feet. Still keeping the coffee cup balanced on his hand, he sprang up and kicked the second man away, using the momentum to dodge the third man who tried to punch with a pair of brass knuckles, and flipped himself into the air, kicking and punching down the last two men, before balancing himself on one leg, the cup in his hand still full of coffee.

Looking around at the unconscious men, Masataka walked back to Table 9 and set the cup down.

"Oh. I'm sorry." he said to the woman.

"About what?" Roberta asked.

"I forgot your sugar. I'll be right back." he said. "After I take out the trash."

Roberta stared in shock as the young man casually walked back to the unconscious group of men and started dragging them out of the bar and into the street.

Interesting. This one will bare watching. Roberta thought as she waited for her sugar.

Across the way, Bao breathed a sigh of relief. His new bartender was working out better than he had anticipated.

At the bar, Shenhua just smiled as she watched Masataka take care of the intruders. They had come there to hurt Roberta. She supposed they got off lucky. Masataka had beaten them, but they would live. Roberta would have killed them.

It was around 1:00 in the morning when the bar closed, and Masataka went back to the Lagoon Couriers office.

He paused when he noticed a familiar and sexy woman leaning against the wall next to the door, picking her fingers with a knife.

"Ms Shenhua." he said.

"Taka walk Shenhua home?" she said.

Masataka looked a little confused at that. She was waiting for him, just to walk her home?

Not that he didn't want to talk to her.

"Of course." he said with a smile.

The pair walked back to Shenhua's apartment on the Lower South Side of Roanapur, where most of The Triad gangsters hung out or lived. As they walked the pair talked about nothing in particular and more about recent events such as their working together.

When they reached Shenhua's apartment, the Taiwanese woman opened the door and gestured him inside.

"Taka come in for drink?"

"Uh... I should really get back to the office. We might have another job and..."

"Please?" she asked with a soft smile.

"Uh... okay."

Shenhua smiled as they entered her apartment, closing the door behind them.

She had only known the young martial arts expert for about a day, but she already knew him enough to get him where she wanted him.

He was strong, but a little naive about things. Such as killing people.

He would break a persons bones in a fight, but he would avoid killing them if necessary.

He was a good, kind and considerate person.

As such, she had to do this slowly so as not to scare him off.

A few drinks, some casual conversation, and then... she thought with a smile as she went to prepare their drinks.

The pair sat in Shenhua's somewhat lavish living room, which she could afford because Mr Chang paid her well for success, just drinking and talking.

It was about 2:40 in the morning, after several drinks and a nice relaxing atmosphere, that Shenhua made her move on the young man.

They had been sitting on her couch, somewhat close to each other as they talked. When she saw his half-plastered, half-sleepy expression, she knew it was time. Discarding her drinking glass on the small table in front of her, she moved in and pressed her lips to his.

His expression and thoughts, half-clouded by the alcohol he had slowly imbibed, turned from ones of shock to ones of lust and desire as he wrapped his arms around the sexy woman.

Shenhua found herself in his lap, her jacket having been long discarded, as her red dress rode up her legs as they formed on both sides of him. His hands gripped her hips as her arms wrapped around his neck, holding him tightly as they continued to make out.

A couple minutes of this, and Shenhua pulled back, smiling widely at the young fighter.

"Come." she said, getting off his lap and taking his hands with her own.

Leading him away from the living room and back to her bedroom, the pair quickly got undressed as she pushed him down onto the silk sheets of her bed.

Masataka gazed in awestruck admiration as the sexy curves and ample chest the woman standing before him had.

Shenhua licked her lips sensuously while staring at his lean and athletic body spread out on the bed before her.

Both of them were breathing deeply, just staring at each other, as if waiting for the other to make the first move.

It was as much a shock to Masataka as anyone, when he leaned forward, wrapped his arms around Shenhua's slim waist, and pulled her down on top of him.

His fully aroused member slid across her stomach for a second, before finding the entrance of her already wet womanhood. Piercing her body in one deft move, Masataka gasped aloud as his virginity was taken.

Shenhua smiled as she stared down at his soft brown eyes.

"Taka belong to Shenhua now. Shenhua keep Taka. Ever and ever." the incredibly sexy woman said in her usual Chinglish.

He was about to say something, when he found his mouth invaded by a wet pink tongue that stabbed at his mouth, wrestling with his own.

All thought was lost as instinct and lust took over. He returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around her in a fury. His hips started to move on their own, his hands feeling her amazingly soft skin, all the way down to her shapely buttocks, causing her to moan out passionately as he gripped her rear end.

He didn't remember how long they made love in the large, soft bed.

All he did remember was flesh moving against flesh, his adrenaline spiking, his body feeling like it was electrified, arms and legs wrapped tightly around each other, almost clingingly so, a furious whipping of greenish hair, and a forceful climax before everything went black.



Masataka was sitting up now with Shenhua curled up against him. She was leaning on his body like it was a big, soft pillow.

"Shenhua." he said.

"Yes, Taka?" she replied.

"Last night, when we... I mean... we are...." he said, trying to find the words.


"Does this mean, you're my girlfriend now?"

"Taka is Shenhua lover. Yes."

He smiled simply as she said that. He wasn't against the idea, he was just a little surprised at how fast things had happened.

Back at Toudou he never had a girlfriend. Never even dated. And now he had a sexy and passionate woman as his lover/girlfriend, or whatever you wanted to call it.

To him, there was only one response: loyalty.

He would be loyal to his new girlfriend. He would defend her, help her, and love her as best he could. Shenhua had seemed rather adamant about keeping him for herself. So in his mind it was only right that he do the same thing.

But his thoughts were interrupted when the phone next to Shenhua's bed rang out.

Shenhua grumbled as she leaned over and answered it.

"Shenhua." she said. "Yes. He here." she replied, then handed the phone over to Masataka.


(Taka! Thank god you're alright. I've been calling everywhere trying to find you.)

"Rock? I'm find. Really."

(When you didn't come back to the office, I got worried.)

"Sorry. I, a little side-tracked."


"Yeah, Rock?"

(Are you... where I think you are?)

"Where do you think I am?"

(Shenhua's bed.)


(Are you two...)


(Oh. I'm not sure if I should congratulate you or not, considering the kind of woman she is, but.... I guess congratulations are in order then.) Rock said.

"Thanks, cousin."

(However, we have a job this afternoon, so... if you could be here at noon that would be great.)

"I'll be there. Bye." he said, handing the phone back to Shenhua, who placed it upon the receiver.

"Rock worry?" she asked.

"Yeah. But he said congratulations, so... I guess everything's alright." he said, right before he added, "And he's got another job this afternoon, so..."

"Shenhua understand. Taka be back tonight?"

"Be back?" he asked. "You mean you... want me to..."

Shenhua just looked at him, waiting for him to finish.

"Move in with you?"

"Yes." she said simply. "Shenhua not take 'no' for answer."

"Somehow... I didn't think you would." he said, kissing her lips softly as their make-out session started the day for them.

(Lagoon Couriers office)

"So... you and Miss Saigon, huh?" Revy asked as she finished polishing her guns.

"Yeah. I was kinda shocked myself." Masataka said as he sat down on the office couch.

"I've gotta say, you work pretty fast." Benny said.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... less than a week in Roanapur, and you've already got two jobs and a girlfriend." the computer geek said.

"Along with a lot of fighting and people dying." Masataka replied.

"Yeah. That's kinda the norm around here." Dutch said as he walked into the room. "You'll get used to it. Or you'll go crackers."

"Rock?" Revy said.

"I'm ready to go." the salary man said.

"Alright, then. Let's go." Dutch said.

Masataka just grinned as he got up off the couch and followed the group out to the Black Lagoon.

(Office of Mr Chang, Floating Lotus)

"Are you sure about this, Shenhua?" the Chinese Triad leader asked in Taiwanese.

"Yes. He will be a strong ally." Shenhua replied in Taiwanese. "He is loyal to his cousin, but he will be loyal to me as well."

"He does seem a little... naive about all this."

"That will change. I'll make sure of it." she said, nodding to the man and walking out of his office.

Mr Change leaned back in his chair and stared at the ceiling.

You can't fool me, Shenhua. Mr Chang thought. You actually like this guy. You don't want him to change. He must have made quite an impression on you for you to change like this. I look forward to see just how powerful you really are, young man.


Authors Notes:

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