by Gunman

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Summary: When Masataka announces that he is going to leave the Juken Club, and possibly Tokyo, Maya takes desperate steps in order to keep him there.


Masataka Takayanagi was headed back to the Natsume Dojo after taking three tests for Science, History and Algebra.

He had passed with high marks, but it did little to alleviate his glum mood. His thoughts were seemingly elsewhere at the moment.

Said thoughts were focused on Aya Natsume, the youngest of the beautiful Natsume sisters who considered him less than nothing.

He wondered why he even bothered to think about her, since he was sure she never thought about him. Unless it was to get upset at him for hurting her precious Souichiro.

The guy had potential, of that Masataka would admit, but he was still, as Maya put it, light-years behind Masataka himself.

Maya and Aya were looking to make him into a powerful fighter, and thus far he was proving to be just that. But it still made Masataka wonder where he fit into all this. So far he had only been training Bob in technique. And thus far, the dark-skinned fighter had yet to win in their sparring matches.

Maybe I should just move. Go someplace where I can be more useful. He thought as he entered the dojo.

Inside said dojo, a certain blond-haired young man was getting his ass handed to him, once again, by his unwanted fiancée.

"Ouch!" the blond groaned as he stared point-blank at the hardwood floor.

"Sorry, Sou-chan!" Aya giggled.

"Ugh!" he groaned.

"I feel your pain, buddy." Bob said as Chiaki rested her head against his broad shoulder.

"I seriously doubt that." Chiaki said. "You've been getting your cute little rump handed to you regularly by... oh, speak of the devil." she said as Masataka walked in.

"In more ways than one." Bob agreed, remembering the times that he had seen Masataka go berserk, like the one time against Souichiro in the cafeteria.

"Where have you been?" Maya greeted the anti-weapons specialist in her cute child-like form, leaning against the wall next to the door.

"It was Test Day." Masataka said.

"Oh. Right." she groaned, remembering how she used to take tests as well. "How'd you do?"

"B, A-, and an A."

"Wonderful!" she smiled.

"So, how's it going here?" Masataka asked.


"Ouch." Souichiro groaned again.

"About the same." Maya said.

"At least he's not one to give up." Masataka replied as he set his backpack down.

"Something bothering you? You look... tired." Maya observed.

Sigh. "Captain, can I talk to you... in private?" he asked.

"Of course." she said, more curious than worried at his tone of voice.

Leading him out of the main dojo room, Maya sat down behind her table as Masataka knelt in front of it.

"So.. what are you up to now?" Maya asked, curious but not nervous.

"I'm thinking about leaving." Masataka said.

"WHAT?!" she gasped, clearly surprised. "LEAVING? WHO? THE SCHOOL? THE CLUB? WHY?" she cried out.

"There's not much here for me now." he simply said.

"But... but Masa-kun!"

"I'm serious, Captain. My brother wants nothing to do with me, my family doesn't seem to care, the girl I like is throwing herself onto another guy who doesn't seem interested in her, I've got no real career prospects in mind, and I don't even know what my purpose is anymore."

"That's Absolute Bullshit!" Maya shouted, jumping on the table to shout closer at him. "You're this club's Strong Right Arm! My second-in-command, for crying out loud! We need you!" she shouted again, practically ready to leap off the table and beat his brains in.

"Yeah... need, not want." he replied.

Maya spent the better part of an hour trying to convince Masataka to stay. But every argument she used was turned back on her, like he had already thought of it.

First she said that they needed his strength, but he replied that that was what Bob and Souichiro were being trained, more like groomed, for. Then she argued that they needed his levelheadedness, only to have him state that both she (Maya) and Chiaki were level-headed. (Even if Chiaki didn't fight.) Then she argued that they needed an anti-weapons specialist on their team, only to have him state that fighting without weapons wasn't that special. Her last argument consisted of her trying to tell him that she needed him to eventually take over leadership of the Juken Club. That argument didn't last long as now that she wasn't in school anymore, she had nothing but time to devote to the club, so what did she need him for?

Outside their room, the other three club members (and Chiaki) were pressed up against the door, listening intently as the pair spoke. One shouting, one talking.

Eventually Masataka wore Maya down in arguing, heading out of the room.

"Masa-kun! Wait!" she shouted, almost desperately.

He paused in mid-step, but didn't turn around to face her. "Yes?"

"You can't leave! You're too important to us! There has to be something I can do to make you stay!"

"There isn't, captain." he replied.

"Yes There Is! There has to be something you need. Something that will make you change your mind about all this. We need you here!" she said, cursing herself for involuntarily using that word, 'need', once again. "So tell me, what do you want?"

Masataka almost looked back to see the desperate expression on Maya's face. But he didn't. He just couldn't. He didn't want her to do something that would change his mind. If he turned around, he was sure he'd lose to her once again.

For several quite and tense seconds no words passed between them. It was nearing a minute when Masataka finally said,

"I want to be loved." he said in a whisper.


"I want what no one wants to give me. I want what you and the others have. I know that sounds petty and selfish... but to me it's a lot."

Maya pondered for quick second. "Then... maybe you and I could..."



"You don't love me, captain. Not like that. You still carry a torch for my brother. You and Souichiro are a lot more than friends. Chiaki and Bob are happy together. And Aya pines for Souichiro. I'm the one left out, so I'd rather go and find my own life away from those who already have it."

Maya was left speechless as Masataka pulled the door open, causing the listening quartet to fall face-first onto the floor. Maya was fuming at their eavesdropping while Masataka just sighed, shook his head, and stepped over them to exit the room. He grabbed his backpack and walked back to his apartment.

Once he had gone, and the quartet picked themselves up and left, Maya found herself stuck in a state of desperation and loss. On the one hand she couldn't force Masataka to stay, but on the other she couldn't think of a legitimate reason to keep him here.

But the thing that bothered her the most was that virtually all of what he had said was true. He didn't have a single legitimate reason to stay in Tokyo, or the Juken Club for that matter. There was nothing in this city for him. No girl, no job, no career. He was the clubs strongest fighter, potentially able to surpass Maya herself, and even the other more experienced fighters in the Executive Committee. However, even in today's society, martial arts experts were not really needed. And even if Maya gave him the leadership of the club, he would still be without purpose or direction. He didn't want to lead, it's not what he wanted.

No. Maya Natsume realized that in order to keep Masataka here, she would have to take drastic steps.


Authors Notes:

Alright, people! I need suggestions for this. Originally it was my plan to have Maya somehow get herself pregnant with Masataka's child, hence the title. However, while I have several ideas, I still have a little problem trying to fill in space for this. The idea is basically a two or three chapter story at best, and I just get the feeling that I could write more.

One of my ideas was for Maya to drug Masataka and then sleep with him in order to get pregnant. Another idea was for Maya to attack Masataka and knock him out then sleep with him.

However, those ideas didn't seem really... plausible, so I chose to leave it open for now. Which is why I need help for a second chapter.

Hopefully, someone will float me something. Thanks, and leave me a review letting me know what you think.