Ok so, in light of my recent viewing of the new movie, and my immense disappointment with it, I have decided to go back on the

Ok so, in light of my recent viewing of the new movie, and my immense disappointment with it, I have decided to go back on the original series and write my own little tid-bit things for each episode. It'll take a while and people may not care to read them but hey, that's the luck of the draw. Read and Review, if you like.


She didn't care that she had exposed herself to her new partner. She didn't care that they had only known each other for half a day or whatever it was. She didn't care that she wasn't even supposed to have been in his room. The only thing she cared about was the fact that those bites had been made by mosquitoes. She actually felt quite annoyed at herself that she hadn't realised that herself, annoyed that somehow she had allowed Mulder's crazy theories to edge their way into her head and make her doubt herself, so much so that she couldn't even recognise a mosquito bite. Annoyed that despite her rigid insistence on facts and science, she had somehow panicked at the thought that one of his theories might have had some essence of truth in them. And the fact that he could get inside her head so easily scared her more than anything else….

As they walked back to the forest clearing, Mulder noticed the bruise on the side of her face. He reached across and tipped it gingerly, causing her to turn towards him.

"You ok, Scully?" He asked, nodding toward the bruise.

"I'm fine. Sheriff Miles hit me with his gun, that's all." She shrugged. They walked on a little further before Scully spoke again.

"Is it like this all the time?" Mulder bit his bottom lip.

"Pretty much, yeah. You want out?" She shook her head.

"No. Just trying to figure out if I should get better life assurance…" She joked and they chuckled quietly as they came back upon the clearing in the woods…

Scully couldn't sleep. She kept thinking about her report and how Kersh had seemed so despondent. She couldn't help but think about how he had looked at the metal implant she had shown him. He barely glanced at it, as if, somehow he had seen it all before. She assumed that it was just the demeanour of authoritative types in here. Always act as if you are aware of everything. And what was she thinking, making such an assumption anyway? She had been listening to Mulder for too long, which did not bode well for their future considering they had only worked together for a few days. She groaned as she turned over to peer out the crack in her curtains. The city looked so bright in the distance and all around her. No wonder she couldn't sleep.

In contrast, the only glare lighting Mulder's back building apartment was that of his TV set. He rarely slept, and on the occasions that he did, he usually had nightmares, which then ceased his sleep. Generally speaking, he ran on adrenaline and the day that that ran out would be a sorry day indeed. The TV was hosting some dodgy 80's horror movie that Mulder was mouthing the words to. He had clearly seen it before, and more than once. He thought about the events of the last few days, particularly his new partner. She was gutsy, independent and she knew when she was right, the latter of which of course would cause trouble because he knew when he was right too, even when he wasn't. Still, the image of her standing almost completely naked in his motel room wouldn't leave him anytime soon.