Ok, here's the sequel to W.i.t.c.h and the Winx Club. It takes place in Heatherfeild during W is for Witch. Will Winx and the Red Fountain guys (yes, they're finally included) be able to take down Nerrisa and stop Phobos, Miranda, and Cederic? Well I'm not going to just tell you! Read and find out!

Disclaimer: I do not own W.i.t.c.h or the Winx Club, blah blah blah


This may be one of the most peaceful nights I've had in a long time, Cornelia thought to herself as she put on a coat of pink nail polish. And it probably was. Lillian was going trick-or-treating with her mom, considering it was Halloween, her dad was at a conference out of town; Cornelia would have the whole house to herself. Also, Cornelia added with a smile No fighting or any guardian stuff. Nerrisa had been staying clear of W.i.t.c.h ever since Phobos had joined them. Which meant less fighting and more normal stuff. Like, for example, Wills swim meet, which she had placed second in. Even Caleb had come out to support her.

Maybe Phobos being here isn't such a bad thing. I mean, if we get a little break, I guess its ok. Now where did I put that other nail polish jar? Cornelia went to look in her closet. Just as she opened the door, Napoleon, the Hail's cat, jumped out, causing Cornelia to spill her nail polish on her hair!

Cornelia glanced at the streak. "Ah! Napoleon, you fur ball! You dyed my hair!" she exclaimed. Normally she wouldn't have yelled at the cat, knowing she wouldn't get a response, but she had recently discovered her little sister was the heart of Earth, and Napoleon, was her familiar. Therefore, she could yell at him and actually get a response.

"Forget the hair, doll," the black cat replied. "It's Halloween night!"

"And what," asked Cornelia, "You're afraid of ghosts?"

"Not ghosts," he said, lowering his voice to a whisper, "Witches. And one witch in particular, Nerrisa!"



"Will, are you sure this is a good idea?" Caleb whispered to the guardian leader. The two were walking out of the Merriden prison. Not far behind were Phobos, and the newly released Cederic and Miranda. They were going to help guard Phobos; considered Nerrisa had gained even more power.

"No, but what choice do we have," she replied, "You said it yourself, Nerrisa is stronger then ever. We need their help."

"Blunk have idea of who else could help." The Passling said, but neither Will or Caleb heard him.

All of a sudden, Will felt her phone vibrate. De-activating her guardian form, she grabbed her cell phone out of her pocket. After looking at the caller ID, she picked up.

"What's up, Cornelia?"

"Will, we've got Nerrisa trouble. Napoleon says she's going to strike tonight."

"What? How does he know?"

"I don't know," the earth guardian replied, "But were meeting at my house ASAP. I already called Irma and Hay Lin."

"Ok," Will replied, "We'll be there soon."

"By the way, who did Phobos choose to help 'guard' him?"

"…Miranda and Cederic." Will replied lowering her voice slightly.

"Great. Does it have to be them?" Cornelia was so loud Will had to cover the phone so Phobos and the others wouldn't hear her.

"Cornelia, it's not like anyone else can help."

"Blunk knows."

"Not now Blunk." Will said.

"But Blunk knows someone who can help protect prince." The Passling said.

"Why didn't you say something earlier?" Caleb asked. Blunk slapped his forehead.

"Hang on a second, Cornelia…Who Blunk?" Will asked, holding the phone away.

"Alfea fairies," Blunk replied, "And boyfriends. They said they help if needed."

"Who are you rambling about, Passling?" Phobos asked, clearly irritated.

"Some friends of ours who helped stop Nerrisa about a month ago." Caleb replied.

"Yeah," Will added before turning back to the phone call, "Cornelia, you still there?...Ok, we'll be there soon, but in the mean time, does Hay Lin still have Stell's number?...Really? Great! Have HL call her to see if Winx can come help us out tonight…Oh, Cornelia, have her see if the guys can come, too…Awesome. Later."

"So who are the Winx girls?" Miranda asked.

Will turned and smiled at her. "A couple of fairies from another world. We fought with them against Nerrisa. I'm sure they can help."

"Unless you have a problem with that?" Caleb said, eyeing Phobos.

"Not a problem at all," he replied coldly.

"Great," Will replied, "Lets get Matt then go to Cornelia's house."

With that, they folded off to Heatherfeild.