.Because I have nothing to do for a small amount of time I decided to write this really short LucyXGray fanfic…Has nothing to do with my other one.

Disclaimer: If I owned Fairy Tail then Jubia would be obsessed with someone other than Gray and Gray would be falling in love Lucy.


Lucy bit her lip as she stared at the empty paper before her with the pen raised. Why was she doing this? Oh yeah she heard that putting down your feelings in a letter and never sending it made you feel better.

"Okay here goes" She began to think hard. How could she write down her feelings for him? A thought popped into her head and she started writing:

When I hear other people say your name I get shivers but the type that make me feel so relaxed that I block out the world. Whenever we go on a job I always fear for your life…I know you're strong and powerful but I can't help but worry.

I notice that other girls come onto you even when you don't and I can't fight away the feeling of immense rage and jealousy.

Even though I hate the stupid fights you get into, I still secretly root for you. These little things I can ignore but there are some things that I can't.

The most I important of them is the crazy state my heart goes into when you smile just at me or when you make a fuss about even a small injury on me. I know you do those things because you're my friend but I feel more for you…That smile of yours; I want it for myself all the time and attention you give me to be constant.

But I'm just being selfish, selfish Lucy right? If I were to tell you this, everything would be different. We won't be able to be friends anymore right? And I can't bear that…It would mean never seeing you smile at me again…A thought like that makes me want to cry.

So now I've told you how you make feel there's just one thing left to say; Although you're considered a man of the cold, you always make me feel so warm inside…I like you Gray Fullbuster and I like you as more than just a friend…I love you…

With a small smile Lucy set down the pen and nodded to herself "Yeah that'll do" She felt the small pang in her chest as she looked at the clock. Seeing the time she squealed "Oh no…Today's the surprise party we were going to throw for Master and I wanted to get there early!" She grabbed her keys and ran out of her house, heading for the guild.

No more than two minutes later the door creaked open. But it wasn't Lucy who walked in…

"Hey Lucy, I came by to tell ya that the party's been canceled seeing as the old man found out…Lucy?" Gray looked around the empty room "Great she must've already left…Ah well, Natsu'll tell her" He was about to leave when he noticed a freshly written on piece of paper near the drawer where she kept the pages for her novel.

Sitting down in the chair he stared down at the page with an excited smile "What's this then?"…


Just felt like writing something short and different from my usual writing. Hope you enjoyed it and please comment.