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A prayer to heaven

Chapter 1

It was Tony who found her lying in the visitors parking area in front of the navy yard, with ripped clothes, bruises and blood all over her body.

While running closer to her, he sent a prayer to heaven hoping she was still alive. To his relief, he found that her heart still beating.

Thank God

He wouldn't have survived the loss of another one of his family, in such a short time frame, even though he couldn't compare the feelings he had for Kate with those he was having for Abby. He loved her like a little sister just like everyone else in the building; except maybe Gibbs and McGee .

Only seconds had passed between the finding of her lifeless appearance and calling Ducky. After Ducky, he had called the ambulance, and Gibbs .

While he waited for everybody to arrive, he placed his jacket over the most intimate place, not wanting to let anybody else see her like this - especially Gibbs . This view made him nauseous and he wouldn't be the only one.

Tony knew Gibbs wouldn't survive this sight of her tortured body. Sure enough he would find the guy who did this to her, and he would show this rat what pain really was. And Tony made his decision right there kneeling next to her; his mentor wouldn't do this alone.

Less than two minutes later Ducky and Gibbs came running out of the entrance, which he left what seemed hours ago, although it had been only minutes.

Both came running closer, only to stop dead in tracks at the very moment they saw what had happened to their beloved little girl.

Ducky was the one who pulled himself together first; he bent down and started with first aid until the ambulance arrived.

Gibbs only stared down at the woman who had been his number one for so long now, the woman who was able to relax him and let him smile without a real reason for it. The only one for whom he would leave a coffee behind. He was scared to death of losing her, to lose the one thing that had kept him alive since the very day he met her.

He grabbed his cell and literally punched the speed dial button.

McGee was just finishing his report when his phone began to ring.

He went pale during the 30 seconds he spent listening to the phone.

Abby is hurt.

Get Ziva.

Need you for perpetuation of evidence.

Navy yard, visitors parking area.

That was all Gibbs had said, almost whispering.