Explosion: Fight

Disclaimer: I don't own Dark Angel or any characters featured in either of the seasons.

Summary: After an explosive fight with Alec followed by an attack on Terminal City, Max finds things very different afterwards.

"I can't believe you did a run without my consent!" Max raged as Alec continued to ignore her, which only fueled her further into a pit of rage. "You stupid worthless imbecile! I wish I had just let your head explode!" That did it.

"First of all bitch, you were too busy making mooky eyes at that damned ordinary that your worship! The run needed to be done and since I'm technically 2nd in command, I made the decision! No one got hurt fatally! Second of all, I didn't ask you to save my life! You did that and ever since then you've held it over my head, literally!" Alec's eyes, that were usually laughing, were blazing in furry and would make anyone wise to back down. Unfortunately Max wasn't and didn't.

"You are a fuck up, an anomalie!" She retaliated, "you've been nothing but trouble since Manticore! I wish I had never met you or saved your sorry pathetic ass!"

"Fine, wish granted," he muttered right in her face, then turned rigidly and walked away from her, while also getting the last word in. still standing in her place, Max felt her self snarling at his retreating back and her anger just grow. She really wished everything she had just said was true.

But before that thought could go any further a large explosion racked through the already tormented buildings of the Freak Nation. "ATTACK!" Some shouted over screams and shattering metal and rock.

"IN COMING!" Another voice came out just before another explosion hit another end of T.C. Immediately in defensive mode, Max started helping her fellow transgenics and getting ready for the raid that was sure to follow.

Sure enough familiars followed, clearing the protection gates that surrounded the Transgenic city, and once they landed they were met with very pissed off people. The battle began.

How long had she been fighting? Max didn't know. It seemed like hours and millions of mindless faces blurring in front of her as she fought of the snake cultists. Occasionally she was able to see how her comrades were doing, from what she could see they were holding their own, and winning. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of Alec in pure solider form fighting. In fact that was one of the last things she saw before everything went black.