Explosion: Spooked

Disclaimer: I don't own Dark Angel or any characters featured in either of the seasons.

Summary: After an explosive fight with Alec followed by an attack on Terminal City, Max finds things very different afterwards.

"She's coming around, get back." A distorted voice broke through the hazy blackness. Soon sparks of light seemed to make their way through too. Slowly cracking her eyes open she saw nothing but a mesh of colors and shapes, much like a stupid painting you'd find in Logan's apartment. "Max? Can you open your eyes?" The voice wasn't as distorted as before, it was becoming clearer with each word. "Max, can you hear me? Come on open your eyes, focus them." Squeezing them shut, Max tried to clear her mind, get her bearings, before opening her eyes. Everything was a messy blur before shapes began to form and those forms became more sharp and clear. The person over her was; it was him. "Max can you talk?"

"Fuck," she groaned as she tried to move her head but pain blinded her.

"Yeah, not a great idea there, you have a serious wound. Once a stretcher is here we're going to take you to infirmary. Do you know who I am?"

"Yeah," she didn't want to say it. She was still there, in the 'other' place. He proved it.

"Okay do you see anyone you don't know?" What kind of question was that? Well considering how 'out of character' she had been the last few days, prolly wanted to check how much more looney she was.

"No, I know everyone," she mumbled closing her eyes to try and tame the pounding in her head.

"Here's the stretcher," a new voice came through her pounding, she knew it but not with a definite familiarity.

"Thanks, alright you two lift her legs from her knees down. You, you help me move her shoulders, and you get her head. Keep it supported and try not to move her at all. Got it? Good. On the count of 3." Max slowly drifted at the sound of the instructions and numbers. 'Mmm, sleep feels so nice right now. Think I'll just drift for a bit.'

"How is she doc?" Alec asked staring through the window.

"She's stable, and the wound is cleaned and stitched. But that's not what you are asking is it?" Dr. Sala quipped watching the young solider stare without blinking. "She scared you didn't she?"

"Truthfully. I didn't know how to react to her. She was saying so weird things. Do you think she is losing it?"

"No, I think the blow to her head caused her to have confusion, which maybe lead to a slight case of hallucinations. To her, they were real. Everything was. You did the right thing."

"Then why do I feel like I abandoned her?"

"You did the right thing, the way she was reacting to you was only going to worsen the wound. Once you were gone from her sight she ended up passing out. Having Case there when she woke up goes along with the hallucinations and confusion, at least until she is well enough to comprehend everything correctly." Dr. Sala explained, "Alec you're holding some things back aren't you? About when you found her." Most wouldn't have seen it, but she did. Dr. Sala saw his slight tense before immediately resuming his original posture of tense, but relaxed.

"She kept telling me she was sorry."

"How is that powerful enough to affect you the way that it is?"

"She was saying sorry for sleeping with me during heat," Sala raised an brow at this, "and things like that. It was weird."

"Have you two ever-"

"No." Alec said quickly, Sala nodded.

"She said something else, and it's really shaken you." She surmised tipping her head to the side, "Alec does it have anything to do with trying to figure out what is going on in her head?"

"No, I don't think so. It was just a jumble of things." Nodding again, Sala moved to walk past the young X5. As passing him she patted his shoulder and continued throughout the ward checking on the wounded. Alec just continued to stare ahead, trying to make sense of Max earlier

"I'm so sorry, I miss you, I want you; as my friend and so much more."

A.N - I know this is way over due, and short. Sorry. My computer crashed, losing everything I had written to continue this story. Figured this would due till I can really re-write what I had. Hope it's will do for now, and if anyone has ideas I am always open to hearing them. Maybe you'll have a better idea for this story than I do! Anywho please let me know what you think!