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"Your weak, Sakura! You need to train more!"

"Your fate is to be forever; just give up we don't need you."

"Ya just give up forehead girl your why too weak"

"Man, your nothing, but troublesome."

"Leave me alone Sakura I'm reading and I don't have time to train someone so weak like you. It will just be a waste of both of our time."

They all thought of me as wake. My so call friends don't care for me. They don't even believe in me. Well they will have a big surprised. One day I well show them what I can really do.

I took the portkey that would take me to my real friends.

"Hey Sakura it's about time you get here." My twin brother Harry called out as he and the other Jog to me.

"Sorry Harry I had a solo mission and just got back and I had to take care of some things to make such I could stay here the last two weeks of school without going back." I said as they nodded

"Sakura I told mum about, what you want to do and she said that it was Ok, but she wants you to think about it first. She doesn't want you to jump in to things that you might regrets later on…" Harry said as we walked to the castle, I just nodded.

I guess I did have to think about what I was going to do more carefully, but am just so tried of the others seeing me as weak that I can't stand it anymore, I'm not weak and I may not have a bloodline or a demon like the others, but that doesn't make me weak I can't be with people that is like that who don't care for me and who think am weak but still I had to think about it.

You see a few weeks ago everyone of my friends got tired of how 'weak' I was and turn their backs on me at first I thought that it wasn't all that bad because I would have my teammates and they would be there for me but I was wrong! They left me too, they left me after my teammates kicked me out of their team. I don't know they started to treat me like everyone else did all but Naruto he has always nice to me, but only when we are alone.

So besides him I'm all alone I take missions alone not that it bugs me, no its just find, but I'm find I just get tried of the looks everyone give me.

That's why I told Harry to tell our mother that, I waned to leave the village. I know she would try to make me think thought it first and I should.

"Come on Lily let's go we have finals in five minutes." Hermione said as we stared to ran to our class.

In class still Sakura POV

I know all this is a little… will confining, so let me tell you what happen since I'm done with my finals which was a peace of cake, I can see that Ron and Harry are sweating over it, like always man they should study more and I see Hermione is done as will and looking over her work, same old Hermione. Well back to what I was saying it all stared when I was 11.

Flashback about three years ago

I had just getting home and I was so happy, because I would have Sasuke on my team. When I entered the living room I saw an old man there, he was wearing blue robes and half moon glassed. He smiled at me when he saw me. Then I saw a boy next's to him along with a woman that looked a lot like me but her hair was redder. The boy was skinny and looked about my age he had a sacred on his foreheads like the one I had on my right shoulder, and his hair was jet black and messy he also wear glass and his eyes were green like mine.

"Hello I would like to talk to you, come sit down." the old man said I looked over my parents and they seem looked sad and yet vary happy. I walked over with them and sat with them in the middle my, dad put his arm around me.

"What going on?" I questioned

"Miss. Haruno, first I'm Albus Dumbledore headmaster of a boarding school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" he said

"Witchcraft? What is all this about? There is no such thing as witchcraft. Is there?" I asked him, but he just smiled at me

"Did you know that you are adopted?" he asked me

"Yes, I know that. Mom told me when I was 9." I said looking at my mom, who gave me a warm smile.

"Well, then this will be a little easier. You see you are not a normal girl. You my dear you are, a witch and that's why we are here."

"Wait, there no such thing as which's or magic or anything like that." I said very such of myself. I was always too smart for my own good.

"Oh yes there is, and you have been doing it all your life, but you think that it is what you call jutsu but, what it really is your magic that comes out. It is vary rear to be able to do this especially without any training it usually it takes a whizzed years to master it and even then few are able to do it, but you do it as if it was 2nd nature . There were three others who could do this that used to live in this very village. There where your mother, Obito Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha, who went missing, 'died' or become a missing-nin, But they are all at Hogwarts teaching others like themselves along with normal teachers, they can also help you master this talent. As will" For the first time in my life, I did not understand what he was saying or what was going on.

"My mother? My real Mother, but how can that be? who is she?" I asked

"I think you should tell her everything from the being Rin" he said as he smiled at me, and looked at the woman. Who looked a little nerves as she stood up and walked to me. "Sakura, its good to see you again and I would like to tell you that I'm your mother and your real name is Lily Sakura Potter and this is your twin brother Harry James potter. I know that this is hard to take in, but please let me tell you what going on." she said I looked into her eyes and know she was telling the true

"Ok" was all I could say at the time

"Ok you see when you and Harry where born there was an evil wizard that wanted both of you die, this wizard almost did, but in the last minute I put a spell that would protect the both of them and when he pointed his wand at you and Harry it back fired and he lost his power I did the rest and killed him, but when I did ,it was too late for your father and I had lost my memories of you in the process. So they took Harry to my sister that lives far from here and they left you here with these people who where my best friend out side my team, of coarse they are also ninjas; but at that time teams didn't hang out much with others. Well I got my memory back a few mouths ago and that why I'm here, I want you and Harry to come live with me like a family and we can help you learned how to master your power." she said I looked at her and then looked at the two people who I always saw as my mother and father.

"you see your Chakra and magic are mixing together and when you use you chakra you also have access to your magic as and if you don't learn how to use this and you put too much magic or chakra then you could get very hurt or worse!! Even thought you have been doing this since you stared using your Chakra and you have been a really a good job, but Sakura you have been lucky you haven't gotten hurt so far. If you don't get training and learn how to use it along the basics of living in our world and then you would always be missing a part of you, you wont know what you can really do. That is one reason why am here; that and if you come to Hogwarts you will be train to with anything that will come your way in the future, the magic world is your true home my dear and ours as well we can not go long with out it" she said

"I can't I just can't Miss." the women who said to me my mother looked sad for a moment and I cleared it up for her. "It's no that I don't like your offer it's just that my home is here I can't leave here." I told them

"How about we make a dial you can stay here and come to school the days you don't have anything to do here? I'm such your classmates will help you with anything you need…" she said I then looked at the boy who was looking at me

"Will that will be find." she seemed to happy she hugged me and we all had dinner as Dumbledore told me and Harry about the school and how only a few of us could use this power that both of us have.

End of flash back

After they left I would always take off for three times a week sometimes I would make up that I had to go and see family that lived out of the village to spend more time with my family. One day my stepmother and stepfather died on a mission and I found out that I was all alone in the village…. will I did have the rocky nine plush guy's team and that was all I ready need for a whiled but now I just don't know...

Five days later

Ok so am done with all my exams and there is only a week left of school. I finally made a choose and I was going to go tell my mom. I knocked on her office door.

"Enter" she said and I did as I did I found that, Obito was there too,

"Sakura what is it?" she asked as she pulled me out a chair for me to set with them.

"Ya, what up cherry blossom?" Obito asked me smelling at me lie he always did. Obito has been dating my mom for about two years now and he is pretty cool, I just don't like that fact that his an Uchiha, but oh well, what can I do about that. He reminded me a lot of Naruto, but with more of Sasuke's look, one of his eyes was coved by and eye patch I found out that it was the eye that he gave to Kakashi. Both my mother and him where on the same team as Kakashi, and they know him pretty well. They still can't believe that he kick me off the team.

"Um will am here to tell you I made my mind up and this time I mean It. " I said

"What is it?" my mother asked me

"I don't want to be with them anymore I want to leave." I said

"Are you such?" Obito asked me I nodded

"Ok then I'll I talk to the others and then tell you the plan ok." I nodded I hugged Obito and kissed my mother cheek

"Ok I'm going with the guys ok I see you later." and with that I left.

Two week later.

Today was my last day in the village, tonight the night… the night I leave here, but right now its morning and am going to go train. I know the others won't be there it too early for them. I took out my weapons and got dress, I left my house with Harry who have was had stay with me for the last four days. He wanted to see more of the village.

It took us only five minutes to get there. Once there we got there I did all of my normal rounds, they where five times more then the Naruto and the others do. I did about 500 sit-up 600push-ups 700 laps I did some traits, and much more as Harry tried to keep up. When we rested Harry drank his water and handed it to me.

"So did you make a new song?" he asked me I nodded Harry was one of the few people that know that I liked to sing.

"Let me hear It." he said

"Find but it is sad it call "she walked always" I stared to sing

"She couldn't take one more dayHome was more her prison nowIndependence called outShe had to get it

A fight was all she neededTo give her reasonShe slammed the door with no goodbyeAnd knew that it was time

Now she's driving too fastShe didn't care to glance behindAnd through her tears she laughedIt's time to kiss the past goodbye

I'm finally on my owndon't try to tell me nothere's so much more for mejust watch what I will be

She walked awaycouldn't say why she was leavingShe walked awayShe left all she had believed inShe walked away

Not a day goes byfor the one she's left behindThey're always asking whyand thoughts of her consume their mind

God please let her knowthe love we tried to showwe'd promise anythingif you'd just bring her home

Tell her we love herTell her she's wantedOne more thing GodTell her please come homePlease come home

The choice is yours alone nowtell me how this story ends"

I stopped and looked at Harry.

"What do you think?" I asked him

"I thought it was great you are just like mom she like to sing too," he said I smiled my big brother was just sweet.. Mom don't know where he gets it from, but I'm such dad was like Harry.

"Thanks Harry." I said then my heart dropped when I head Naruto yelling my name

"SSSAAAKKUURRRAA-CHHHANN!!" We turn to see team seven strolled to us,

"What are you doing here Sakura?" Kakashi asked me coldly Harry didn't like the way he was talking to me I could tell by the way he looked at Kakashi.

"I was training." I said as I got up and help Harry up along the way.

"You knew your not part of this team anymore, so leave. I don't want to see you here again." he said I smirked at him as Harry looked like he was going to kill Kakashi

"Don't talk to her like that old man" he yelled and I giggle a little

"Don't worry Harry you are way sweet, I think you get it from dad" I said

"You think?" I nodded

"Lupen told me that we are a lot like him and them when they where in school and they would get in a lot of trouble. He said he will tell use some more things about dad when we see him again." I told him and he nodded

"Now that sound like fun." he said and I smiled at him

"Sakura, I don't see you leaving" kakashi said as I looked back at them.,

"Don't worry old man I going and don't worry you wont see my face here anymore nor will anyone else. " I walked by him but stopped

"you know what, you once said 'that people who leave their teammates behind is worse then scum,' will if that turn than someone who drops a teammate to leave them alone is worst of them all. I wonder what Rin and Obito would think." and then I left leaving a shocked Kakashi.

That night….

It was calm night as Harry and me head to the gate. No one was on the street as we reach the gate once there I told the guard that I was guiding Harry back to his village and they opened it, man they are so stupid we head to the forest where our friends where waiting for us and welcoming me home with open arms….