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"Professor Itachi what are you doing here?" I asked

"Hello sakura here let me help you up." he said as I took his hand. "and call me Itachi when we are not trading or in class. And I was picking up a few things for the new school year and what may I asked are you doing here?" he asked

"Oh we came to pick up our things for the new school year too. We're all picking something different and I got stuck with the less things, like the paper, some notebooks and so on." I told him

"Will If your done, I could take you to get some ice cream." he said and I smiled at him

"Ya that would be great. Just let me get some ink and quills." I said as we went into the store and I got at lets 50 quill and about 100 inc bottles. I know we all use a lot of ink so it better to have more then run short.

Itachi then took me to get some ice cream. I got the 100 flavor ice cream while he got the normal vanilla. We both sat down at the table and eat it.

"So Itachi are you coming over for harry and my birthday dinner?" I asked him

"Yes, I am that another reason why I came here. It was to find you and your brother a gift."

"You don't have to get me anything, but if you want you can help me get Harry his gift. I don't know what to get him."

"Ok then, we'll finished this first and then go. What are you thinking of getting him? Which reminds me how was your trip back home?" he asked

"First question I don't know what to get him and for the 2nd

I found that they miss me. Its so hard to believe it, I mean Sai was the only one who saw thought us, he gave Harry a letter to give me, and then mom and Obito saw Kakashi and he bag them to forgive him for what he did to me, and then the other where trying to get me to tell them where I was. I don't know if I should forgive them or not, I mean they hurt me so much and I just cant get it out of my head."

"I say make them work for it. Like they made you work to get stronger." he said as we finished our ice cream

"That not a bad idea by the way who had the idea of having a party for all of the girls who turn 17 over the summer?" I asked him

"The headmaster it was suppose to be just for you, but then he saw that there are about 5 other girls birthdays in the summer so he desired have it for all six. You do know how the other girls are right."

"um some there is me, Jessica, Amy, um I think that all I know really oh and Hermione is next Monday." I said and he nodded

"Its going to be an intrusion to adulthood for all of you girls since it's the time that you acted as an adult."

"Man I hate big parties. Why don't guys have them?" I asked

"Because for men it's the father give them a pocket watch and for the girl they give her a necklace along with the big party. It goes to olden time, it was for the males to know that the witch is really for marriage."

"Oh great, I would hate to live at the olden times I mean come on who would want to be marry at 17.. Ok my mom married at that age, but still she was working to and that what I want I want to make a different in our world to make things better for others." I told him as we entered a broom shop

"so defiling the most dark lord is not good enough for you?" he asked me

"No its not that was something that Harry and I had to do we had no chooses in the matter. Hey what do you think of this?" I asked holding up a new book called Quidditch thought out the times. he smirked

"it would be nice to see him read something that is not note from his friends." he said and I nodded

"I think your right this would be good for him along with this one." I picked another that was called how to keep your broom updated. he once more nodded as we walked to the kit sets.

"I think he said that he need a new kit set for his broom so that what am getting him. I sewer your brother is easy to shop for." Itachi said as we went to pay for the things.

"is there anything that you would like Sakrua?" he asked me as we got outside once more.

"No not really." I said as we passed by a jewelry store. And I smiled as we passed the window.

"Jewelry? I never thought of you to be the girly type." he said as we passed the store.

"well I am a girl and I do like them even thought I don't use them very much." I said as we kept walking I made such the gifts were in my robes.

"well I better get going back I still have to write another letter to Sai. See you tonight Itachi-san." I said as I stared to walked to The Leaky Cauldron and floo back to the

Weasley place. And went to Ginny's room were I was staying with her and Hermione. I sat on my bed that was laid out and took the letter that Sai had given me.

Dear Ugly hag\Sakrua

Got your letter and I have a lot of questions for you. When are you coming back? Is it soon or is it a surprised for everyone and me? Tell me if you can. I for one real miss you and hope once you come back you tell me everything. Its not a choose. You have to and I cant wait to meet some of the new people you have meet. By the way did you know there are real witches and wizards? A whole school of them are coming here for the whole year! Its just crazy if you asked me but I wait to see what they look like.

Will better go please write me back even if its just a senates or two.



I smiled at the letter and took a quill and took a peace of paper.

Dear Sai

First of all stop calling me an ugly Hag. 2nd I be there in the end of this summer, and my friend and family would be more then happy to meet you as well. They are all coming with me and yes I did know about there being a school of witches and wizards am friends with a few of them. They are really kind. And they don't look any different from, you or me so there nothing to worry about there they do have other fashions but that about it. Anyways I really miss you too. And I well tell you everything when I get back. I hope to see you soon

With lots of love


I then fold it and gave it to one of the owls.

"sakura come are you up there?" I head Harry yell from down stairs.

"Ya am coming mom." I yelled back and head down stairs. Once more to join my family…