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Chapter 1

Italy, Rome. Jamaica, Kingston. Japan, Tokyo. Jordan, Am…

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen!"

Oh crap, I couldn't avoid thinking as I ran the brush for the last time over my waist-length, bronze colored hair. Busted. I could still try to play innocent, even though saying it was difficult to try to trick my father, Edward Cullen, was quite an understatement.

"Yes, father?" I answered popping my head through the cozy living room's threshold. His livid face met me. Mom just pretended to read a book, the slight crease between her brows the only thing giving away on her otherwise smooth face the distress the situation was causing her. I noticed the shadowed patterns the lively, bright fireplace was making behind her. My dad was not amused I was ignoring him.

"What are you doing?" Dad asked, piercing me with his golden eyes, as if trying to read in my expression what he couldn't already read in my mind. We both knew, though, that I was already rather good at hiding my thoughts from him.

"Studying," I grinned.

"Studying… Huh. And that is why you are so dressed up?" He asked eyeing carefully my not-dressy-at-all colorful cotton, bohemian tunic, leggings, golden anklet with charms and brown leather flip flops.

"This? Oh, it's nothing really. Aunt Alice will be complaining about my taste in fashion," I replied, chagrin taking over my features.

"Where are you going?"

"To the main house," I replied with an innocent face, turning my back at him. I did not elaborate. I didn't want to lie to him. Technically, omitting was just as bad as lying, but I tried not to let moral kick in that precise moment. I opted for not giving it to much thought, so I wouldn't get caught. He frowned.


His face softened as I frowned at him. I hated it when he got all inquisitor on me.

"What?" He breathed out, relaxing a bit his stiff posture.

"I told you this is so unnecessary…" Mom muttered from behind her book.

"You know, your paranoia is starting to get on my nerves," I commented, playing victim now.

"Oh is it?" Dad snorted, narrowing his eyes. "Then would you care explaining why you're so busy reciting all the countries and their capitals in alphabetical order over and over again in your head?"

"Renewed interest in geography, perhaps? You know, gotta keep it fresh, or you start forgetting things. Wouldn't want that to happen now, do we?"

"You're trying to conceal your thoughts. You're planning on sneaking out with that dim-witted mutt, I know it!" he accused, his face full of repressed anger.

I didn't appreciate much the derogatory way he described my Jake. I frowned deeply, irritated.

"As a matter of fact I am. Was, but since you already know about it, I guess it's not considered sneaking out anymore!" I backfired.

"You are not going as far as that door, young lady! I knew that scruffy mongrel had to do with it! Of course… It's always Jacob!"

"Edward—" Mom started with a sigh.

"It's all happening too fast! She should be thinking about other things! She should not be thinking about going out with anyone yet. She's just a child!"

"Dad," I hissed, "I'm not a child, ok? And anyway, since when have you been so against me and Jake going out? It's not like he's trying anything funny!"

Why are you making things so difficult, I thought for him to hear. I saw his expression become ironic before he laughed grimly.

"I'm not. I am your father and I just happen to see and point out things you don't notice. Not trying anything funny… Not openly trying because he wouldn't survive if he did, but always luring you in ways…"

"Oh, please, he doesn't lure me to anything!"

"Like I haven't—"

"Of course you haven't seen it and let alone heard it! It's not like you give us any kind of privacy, so I'm quite sure you know this, Edward!"


I tried to calm down. But when my temper was triggered like it was right now, it was rather worthless. Despite myself, I took a deep breath, and tried to reason with him instead of back talking.

"He's always been here. Always been with me. I don't know why you're acting like this now, Daddy. It's just so natural. Seven years is—"

"Seven years are hardly relevant! It means nothing, Renesmee. Anyone can wait…"

"Well, it's me who doesn't want to wait," I informed him. "And anyway… Nothing has ever happened… I don't even know if he…" I looked away as I crossed my arms across my chest. I knew it was a childish gesture, but I just wanted to drop the subject already.

I wasn't really sure of how I felt about Jacob myself. Until just recently, he had been my best friend and my—accelerated—childhood companion. And then one day, only a couple of weeks ago, I was racing him to the cottage from the main house, our bantering and exhilarated shouting and howls echoing in the familiar, murky, green forest. I was winning, until my sensitive hearing made me aware of the fact he was no longer running. I came to an abrupt stop and twirled around, but he was nowhere to be found. For a moment, I was alone in the woods; just the forest fauna, the huge, centenary trees covered in moss and I. Then, next thing I know, something or someone huge pounced on top of me, making me scream and knocked me down to the mushy, damp ground.

Jacob was laughing his guts out, his torso sloppily spread over mine, pinning me to the ground. I groaned and tried to pull him off me, but dear God, the guy was so heavy. He had gazed at me, amused, a smirk on his lips. It then dawned on us that we were impossibly and intimately close, and his eyes became intense. He gave me an unusual look, staring silently down at me, as if he'd never seen me before, as if he were trying to memorize my face. I remember that I had felt the heat creep up to my hairline before he cleared his throat and got off me, and awkwardly offered me his hand to help me up.

After that, we were careful around each other, trying to avoid physical contact if possible, talking to each other a feet or more away, in quiet whispers if we were alone. It was complicated because we were trying really hard to act normal —especially around Dad— but the awkwardness intertwined with an unspoken wish for something—however small—to happen was making it both difficult and intolerable.

So that's when I had realized Jacob was also a guy. I took me seven years to figure that out, and did it all by myself! Boy, wasn't I a bright one, I remember thinking, mocking myself.

Then Jacob decided to ask me out, kind of on a date— and I had been more then shocked...

Dad's always silky smooth voice, in spite of being altered by the fury, brought me back to the present. It was obvious he had followed my thoughts.

"You're seven years old, Renesmee! You have your entire life ahead of you, so much time to decide—"

"Edward, be reasonable," Mom soothed, caressing Dad's arm. "You already saw this coming. You know it's quite… inevitable. And she's not really seven, for all intents and purposes. You know that…"

"She is, technically," he retorted, also crossing his arms.

"You know what I mean." Mom eyed me appreciatively, and Dad also glanced reluctantly at my glaring 18-year-old silhouette.

Mom and I looked like twin sisters with obvious differences rather than mother and daughter. I definitely resembled Mom rather than your average, bubbly 7-year-old child. Of course, I was not your average girl. I smiled brilliantly at her. She didn't smile back. Was she also disappointed in me? I couldn't help frowning.

Dad grunted and rolled his eyes. Now that was such a childish gesture, I had to snort and couldn't avoid laughing. Dad looked at me as if I had gone crazy. Mom finally smiled, and laughed with me, leaning against me lightly. My smile turned warm as I turned to my adored father's face and softly put my palm on his cheek. God knew how I loved him, but he needed to stop being so unreasonably overprotective. I needed to make him understand. His eyes widened slightly, as he, even if it was just for a moment, saw things the way I see them, and felt, what I felt. Literally. He closed his eyes as the sensations filled him, and I gave him images he'd never seen in this way before. Of Jacob's face, of his smile, of his warmth and his generosity. The way I felt when he was with me, and how I felt when we were apart. The happiness, the longing. The impossibly binding mutual affection. I knew he understood. He had to understand what I felt. He felt the same way about Mom.

He moved his hand to his face and gently removed my hand. The images still went to his head as I held his hand.

"Enough, Nessie."

I looked at him with a worried expression as I pulled my hand away but only found reluctant acceptance in his beautiful features.

"Dad?" I asked anxiously. He sighed.

"I do understand, Nessie," he whispered, holding Mom's hand. He looked back at me, smiling lightly. "Truly, I do. As if I can't hear your thoughts all day." he grimaced at that. "It's just that…"

"Daddy, it's just a date… As friends. Kindasorta." But we both knew this went beyond that. Once our true feelings surfaced, once the words were said, although they were simply words... I looked at the beautiful, braided Quileute bracelet I wore on my left wrist since he gave it to me that first Christmas together. It felt like a tangible, silent promise that tied me to Jake. Jacob and I clicked ever so naturally. It's kinda like we were made for each other in so many ways. Like two pieces of puzzle or something.

"For your information, I'm not giving you up so soon!" he stated firmly, making a face as he read my thoughts.


"This is dreadful…" he sighed, pinched the bridge of his nose."We shouldn't need to be having this conversation yet. Being your father is the biggest pleasure of my existence, Renesmee. It is not, however, a simple task because you are so very opinionated, like your father, in addition to being also so very obstinate, like your mother…" The corners of his mouth twitched slightly while he glanced over to Mom, who chuckled. " But I was hopeful… I thought that this day…"

"You knew it would come."

He waved his right hand dismissively.

"It's alright, Dad. You're being way too serious. We're just hanging out. As usual." I assured him, hugging him and placing a quick kiss on his right cheek. Mom and Dad both looked at me, Dad with a serious face, and Mom with a half smile.

"Nessie, my baby…" she whispered, and hugged me tightly, kissing my hair. I smiled. She only called me Nessie when she was under great emotional stress. I felt kind of guilty for upsetting them. But it wasn't my fault either that they were so melodramatic! Dad hugged us both and kissed my forehead.

"We're not melodramatic. We just want what's best for you, Nessie," Dad clarified.

I smiled.

"I know." I stiffened. "Er… Can I go now? I'm kinda running late here." I informed them with a smirk.

Dad pouted. But I had to admit, it had been easier to convince him that I had anticipated. He's so highly opinionated I thought I'd never get my point across. Maybe Mom had to do with it. Perhaps she'd been giving him therapy and whatnot. He grimaced at that thought. I snickered.

"So where is he taking you?" He asked suspiciously.

"Council meeting," I shrugged, and did not elaborate, for I myself did not really know what to expect. I had thought of the werewolves and the elders discussing tribal issues, but Jake had said I'd have a good time and I believed him. Besides, anywhere would be fine, as long as I Jake and I were together. Dad grimaced again, and I saw Mom smiling, her eyes sparkling and a little far, as if she were reminiscing. I had the feeling she knew what I was talking about.

"You'll have a good time," she nodded approvingly.

"Off you go, then," Dad sighed. "We don't want to keep Jake waiting," he added with a face.

"Is he coming to pick you up?" Mom asked. I nodded.

"He said he'd be waiting for me in the main house," I added smiling warmly.

"I'm going to kill Alice and Emmett… Why didn't he come to talk to us instead of leaving you on your own with that?" Dad growled.

"He did insist in coming to talk to you himself, but I insisted it'd be easier, if I…"

"Sneaked out?" Dad suggested sarcastically. I grinned apologetically.

"Of course, you will not be sneaking out anymore, just so you know," Mom informed me.

"Sure, sure," I waved her off. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously. I knew Dad would be keeping a watchful eye on me from now on, whenever I started naming countries, or singing random national anthems all of a sudden.

"C'mon, we'll take you," Dad offered.

"I'll be fine, Dad," I sighed.

"We'll take you," he pressed. "There's something I need to talk to your Jacob about."

He ignored me as I rolled my eyes, and opened the door of our cottage for me and mom. It could be so stressing being Edward Cullen's baby girl. It was his turn to roll his eyes at that thought.

"You don't know half of how stressing is to be pig-headed Renesmee Cullen's father. I swear, you'll give me gray hairs, child."

"Not gonna happen, Dad."

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