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Chapter 4

"Jacob Black, don't!"

Renesmee warned me, trying to keep her face straight, but shrieked delightedly as I put my arms around her shoulders and under her knees to carry her to the main house. We were returning from Port Angeles, where I had taken her to see the remake of some 80's vampire movie that she wanted to see so badly. I had left Embry and Seth in charge of the garage, as I took the afternoon off.

Nessie and I laughed the entire time at impossibility of all the nonsense going on in the movie, causing the people around to glare at us in annoyance. Once the blockbuster disaster was over, we took off to the Patisserie Le Jardin, a small café on the boardwalk by the harbor. It had to be the girliest place to grab a bite in the entire Washington state, with its lacy curtains, white furniture, pink flowers and candles as the centerpiece. I tried not to mind it too much, especially when I knew I'd be staring at Nessie rolling her eyes to the back of her head out of sheer pleasure over her favorite desserts. We sat there for hours, ordering and sharing a dozen different things from the menu, as we fooled around, joking about the lame movie, the bad actors, the prissy place we were at, and the people strolling by on the boardwalk.

I walked towards the house, with her complaining and squirming in my arms, feebly trying to release herself. But we were soon gazing at one another again, completely absorbed. A broad smile played on her pink lips; the rosy blush invaded her creamy cheeks; tendrils of bronze hair framed her beatific face. Renesmee's innocent, true beauty had always overwhelmed me, but never before as it did now. I was having even a harder time grasping the fact she wanted me too. Her delicate, curvy, feminine body in my arms was giving me a hard time to behave or react appropriately. But I would behave. Nessie was very, very young and very new to all this and I didn't want to frighten her, or seem way too excited. Especially if I wanted her 'understanding' father to let me live to tell the story.

As if she had heard those last thoughts and were determined to contradict them and make me give in to my instincts, Nessie softly put her small, right hand on my neck. Images of my face and of our first kiss invaded my mind. That first kiss… When I had stared at her perfect face, glowing in the moonlight, there was nothing I wanted more than to close the empty space between us, and kiss her until she forgot her own name. I had been debating internally whether I should follow my impulse or not. Wondering if she was ready, and if that's what she wanted. I've always been around in Nessie's life, but had she ever seen me as more than just her playmate, her old friend?

Although she was seven years old, her mind was as developed as her body was; she was a beautiful, smart, kind young woman, inside and out, but I had still been unsure. And then Nessie asked me in her sweet, pleading voice to kiss her. I have a bad habit of being unable to deny her anything, or maybe it was because of the way I was bound to her that I just couldn't refuse her wishes. The internal struggle ceased as soon as the sweet plea came out of her mouth. I saw myself staring idiotically at the hypnotic movement of her lips, then slowly lowering my head until our eyes and mouths aligned. In my memories, I recalled noticing she had stopped breathing. Her lips were parted slightly and I could smell her sweet breath. She smelled strongly of chocolate, but also of her own incomparable, irresistible scent. It was overwhelming, so powerful it had crushed my own will, leaving me at her feet.

Ours eyes never really closed, as we tried to take in the moment. She had lowered her gaze to my lips as they finally brushed hers softly. She sighed deeply, and she crushed herself to my body, tiptoeing even higher, responsive. I saw myself tilting my head as my lips lightly took her lower lip, and then her upper lip. My hand caressed her heavenly face as I took my time to taste her, to reverence her perfect lips.

Seven years. I had spent seven years unconsciously wishing for that moment to finally come. Only after Renesmee had lost traces of her childish features had I started to imagine the moment a million times, in a million different ways. Oh, how innocent had I been. Our kisses weren't even close to what I had imagined. Not even close to the way I thought it'd feel. I not only greatly enjoyed kissing her — which already brought me more happiness then I'd ever deserve — but I also felt her pleasure, her happiness as we kissed. Kissing with Nessie was such a unique experience. Everything about Nessie was unique. Unique was very good.

I had taken one of her hands, entwining our fingers and gently drawing it to my heart. I pulled away and looked at her, her face impossibly flushed, her eyes so bright and her smile so wide. I smiled in response, still spellbound by her beauty and the impossible pleasure that kissing her lips brought to me. I was lowering my face to kiss her again, but stupid Quil, Paul, and Colin considered the moment was appropriate for wolf whistling and shouting nonsense about public display of affection or something of the sort. Nessie had groaned and covered her face with both of her small, pale hands, concealing her lovely, tinted cheeks.

The images of her memory faded, but mine were still there, vivid, brought to mind. She stroked my cheek with her warm hand. I lowered my mouth to hers until our breaths became confused with each other. But, as soon as our lips touched the door cracked open and Edward was standing in the door. His resemblance with Cerberus, the guardian dog of hell's gates, was amazing.

"Hey, Dad…" I murmured, without looking up from Nessie's mouth. His eyebrows shot up even higher in annoyance. I smirked, so amused.

"Hi, Daddy," Renesmee greeted, grinning sheepishly.

"What's up, Eddie? You seem kind of pissed off," I asked, looking at him with false worry, still leaning towards Nessie. I really tried not to snicker, but failed miserably. Edward ignored me.

"Good evening, sweetheart," he replied, smiling warmly at Nessie, turned to briefly glare at me, and smiled again at Nessie. "Would you please go inside?"

Nessie rolled her eyes. She looked so much like Edward when she did that. I repressed a shudder.

"Sure, Dad… Uh, Jake, would you please…?" she asked, pointing at the floor.

I grinned at her and started walking towards the house. Edward didn't move an inch as I walked until we were passing by his side. He placed one of his solid, icy hands on my right shoulder.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked angrily.

"Taking her inside." I replied calmly.

"Why? Can't she walk? Did she break a leg or sprung her ankle?" he asked sarcastically.

"I'm supposed to leave her inside, remember?" I reminded him, pointing at the door.

"Well, tonight we can make an exception and you can let her walk on her own. I'm here."

"No," I insisted. He looked at his watch briefly and sighed deeply, exasperated.

"Jacob, in exactly six minutes and twenty-seven seconds I will throw you out anyway.

"I don't mind. But I will spend those last six minutes and twenty-seven…"

"Nineteen seconds, now," he informed me, as-a-matter-of-factly. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever, Dad."

"Just put her down!"

"Dad!" Nessie growled. "It's not eleven yet! Would you please stop being so difficult?"

"Edward, get inside now!" Bella yelled unnecessarily—we all possessed more than perfect hearing—from inside the house. Edward pursed his lips until they became just a thin line, but turned his back on us as he stalked inside. Nessie sighed.

"Is it ever going to end?" she muttered, rolling her eyes. I barked a laugh as I crossed the threshold, and she punched me in the chest. "It's not funny, Jake! You two really have to stop bickering over nonsense!"

"You, my beautiful, adorable Nessie, are not nonsense," I retorted, nuzzling the tip of her nose with my own.

"…All scheming against me!" I heard Edward grumbling to his family. "I swear that if I could drop dead, I would have by now!"

"You're such a drama queen, Edward," Emmett commented, concentrating on the video game he was playing with Jasper. "You gotta let Beauty and the Beast live their own lives."

I snickered. Edward snarled viciously.

"Oh, stop giving me attitude, missy!" Emmett laughed without looking up from the game. Need for Speed Undercover was the latest addiction in the house, myself included as one of the dependents. I sighed lightly as I remembered the last time I had played and beat Jasper's butt. He was still using his stupid little talent against me, making me feel extremely anxious every time he was around. I don't think he'll get over it until the rematch, scheduled for tomorrow.

"Emmett!" Esme scowled from the kitchen.

"Sorry, Esme!" Emmett apologized, but kept laughing under his breath. Bella came out of the kitchen and seemed fatigued, but extremely beautiful nonetheless. She and Esme took most afternoons to bake, after Nessie had discovered sweets were her life. At some point, I became immune to the vampire reek and just had to admit that Esmewasa marvelous cook. Esme always had a good month's worth of goodies for us. Bella smiled when she approached us.

"Hey, Bells," I greeted her. She caressed Nessie's hand. I gently put Nessie down, and gave Bella a bear hug, smacking a loud kiss on her forehead.

"Ew! Werewolf slime," Bella shrieked, pretending to clean her face from imaginary goo. I rolled my eyes. "So, how was the movie?"

"Stupid." Nessie and I said in unison. We looked at each other and laughed.

"Okay…" Bella said, tilting her head slightly, with a contemplative expression. "Well, stupid can be good."

"Stupid doesn't mean good, Bella," I clarified. "Stupid means… well, stupid."

"Wow Jake, isn't your vocabulary remarkable?" Bella commented, her voice dripping sarcasm.

"It was ridiculous!" Nessie conveniently interrupted what could have been a lengthy, unnecessary quarrel. "I'd love to see a movie where those ludicrous, so called vampire hunters try to kill a real vampire," Nessie chortled.

"It'd be a pretty short movie, then," Jasper sniggered, from his place in front of the T.V.

"And what's with the stabbing each other and pulling out their guts? Don't they know what a real vampire's like? That doesn't even follow the common belief!" Nessie criticized.

"You guys should go see it, though," I suggested. "It's really funny the way they burn, explode and implode. And the guts thing is hilarious, too."

"Sounds fun!" Emmett exclaimed.

"You'd love it, Emmett," Nessie said.

He briefly flashed a grin in our direction. In that moment, we heard the back door open, and Alice pirouetted to place herself in front of us with a radiant expression.

"I thought I'd heard your sweet voices," she said. She, Blondie and Dr. Fangs had been out hunting in the afternoon and had just returned.

"Good evening, kids," Carlisle smiled, from Esme's side.

"Hey, Tinker Bell. Hey, Doc," I greeted them, and peered maliciously at Blondie for a brief moment. She hissed. Alice's pixie face turned severe as her now deep, golden eyes ran over my destroyed jeans and my plain, white tee carefully. I backed off an inch, realizing she was going to start with that, yet again. However, she took me by surprise, not expressing her dissatisfaction on my appearance,

"Nessie, did you remember to ask Jake…?" she trailed off, her delicate face serene now.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Nessie turned to look at me, her heavenly face shining with hope. Oh no. It was the first time in my life that I felt fear by looking at her. "Jake, dearest, would you please spare me and go shopping with me, Rose and Alice to L.A. on Tuesday?"

"What a wonderful idea, Nessie!" Edward interjected his face lighting up. I noticed that he was seriously struggling to keep his face straight. Blondie snickered, as she turned to hide her face. Bella sighed, and avoided my anxious stare by all means.

Okay, so I had been avoiding that moment for years, always sneaking away as soon as the words 'trip', 'shop', 'clothes' and 'Alice' all came together in the conversation. I knew she hated my style, and that she had been burning to give me one of her extreme makeovers for years. But there was no way I was going to become one of science projects if I could avoid it. I frowned as I peered sideways at Edward's annoyingly satisfied expression. I couldn't believe he was really planning on unleashing the monster on me. A wicked smile broke on his face. Oh, he was going to, I thought bitterly. Traitor. I decided to try to talk my way out of it.

"Nessie, I don't think that's a good—"

"Are you going to refuse Nessie, Jacob? Edward asked, the surprise in his expression that though excessive, didn't seem fake. Stupid vampire! He just had to touch my weak spot. I grimaced and turned to look at Nessie's murky expression.

I knew for a fact she never really looked forward to hours and hours of walking expensive boutiques in the shopping capitals of the world. In that sense she was just liked Bella; a teenage girl that preferred being at home, listening or playing music, reading, learning relevant things, as opposed to spending all day in front of a mirror, unnecessarily painting her perfect face like she was going to war or out spending thousands of dollars in clothes she was only allowed to wear once. Nessie was bright, and a quick learner, but most importantly, she had always wished to enhance her own intelligence. She was also extremely curious, a trait she had evidently inherited from her inquisitive father.

Due to the circumstances, she had been educated at home, and Nessie gladly paid attention to anything her family taught her. Bella taught her literature; Edward tutored her on a little bit of everything, but mostly music and languages. Jasper was an excellent mathematician, so Nessie learned all the arithmetic she knew from him. Carlisle taught her sciences and history in his free time, Esme made her familiar with art in almost all its expressions. Emmett and Charlie educated her in the fine art of understanding and playing sports, and stuff like learning how to throw a decent right hook. Alice and Rosalie gave her good fashion sense, or shoved it down her throat is more like it. Even I had the opportunity of teaching her how to work engines.

I remember the first time I began to teach her. I took Nessie over to my place for a day, in one of my weekend visits from college. She was four then, and I had sat her in a chair as I repaired my old car. I recalled how her infantile beauty had seemed so out of place in my shabby, improvised little garage. She had observed, awed, asking questions about what I was doing the entire time. I found myself teaching her about everything you could find under the hood of a car. And amazing as it was, by the time we were done she already knew half the parts and what they were for. Currently, Nessie was already an expert, since Rosalie was also, shockingly, a good mechanic.

"It's alright, Jake," she said gloomily. "You don't have to go if you don't want to."

I stared at her heartbreaking face. She didn't like shopping with Alice any more than I would. Wasn't it being together for better or for worse what made relationships strong? What could it hurt to go with her and endure it together? My head hung heavily as I agreed to let the misery have me.

"I already told you, Alice, there is no way in hell I'm going to fly if she's going to pilot."

I crossed my arms over my chest, stubbornly. We were in the Cullen's hangar in the Seattle Airport. I was leaning against Alice's beautiful, black Bugatti Veyron— the most ridiculously fastest car available— Nessie sitting on the driver's seat, door open. Blondie smirked clearly pleased by my opposition to flying with her.

Alice had let me drive to the airport, where we were going to take off to L.A. in the Cullen's elegant, pearly white Cessna Citation Columbus — we came up with calling it 4C's for short. I had been prepared to scorn at Rosalie's protests about me being the driver. They didn't come, though. On the contrary, she had seemed secretly pleased about something. I should've known that was a bad sign. Normally, Emmett, Jasper or Edward flew the family's jet. I've flown with them numerous times, on family outings and vacations, and I trusted them. But asking me to trust the psycho blonde was out of the question. Alice knit her perfect black brows together.


"I thought you hired someone!" I ranted, throwing my hands up. "You know, like a real pilot."

"I didn't complain when Alice didn't let us have a real driver this morning," Blondie scoffed from the top of the jet's stairway, tossing her long, blond hair. I glowered at her. I started to pace, trying to cool down, so I could make Alice see some sense.

"Jacob!" Alice exclaimed, annoyance printed all over her fairy-like features. "Do you think that I… No, do you really think that Edward would risk his precious daughter with a less than expert pilot?"

Touché. She face shined with victory; she knew I couldn't rebut that. Of course she had a point, but I was still unwilling to admit it. Nessie took my arm, and tugged it.

"C'mon, Jake," she cooed, her expression then became teasing. "She's a better pilot than Emmett," she added, winking at Rosalie. Blondie laughed. I would've said that it was a really attractive sound if it hadn't come from her.

"I'm sure Emmett will be glad to know that," I muttered, stomping towards my death… er, the 4C's.

"Oh, he knows," Rosalie sniggered, turning her back on us as she lost herself in the cabin. I rolled my eyes and sighed deeply. This was going to be a long day.

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