Not a Normal Girl

FullMetal Alchemist


Your minds in disterbia

It's like the darkness is the light

Rihanna; Disterbia

Chapter 1 (Fixed May.23.2010)

"Mikayla hurry up!"

The said girl tore her gaze from a pair of cute jeans and jogged to catch up with her friend, "Sorry! But those jeans were cute."

Her friend rolled her eyes, "I sware you can have such a short attention span. Come on we have some time to do things til the concert starts!"

Mikayla pushed some of her dark brown bangs out of her face, "What did you have in mind?"

"We could go to Borders so we can buy some manga!" Her friend suggested.

Mikayla smiled, "Ok!" She agreed.

They walked down the street and crossed a busy intersection of Chicago, Illinois and walked into Borders Books. They went up the escalator and went to the manga section.

"Oh! A new volume of Naruto! And it has Rock Lee on the cover!" Mikayla's friend exclaimed.

"Oh, Alexis you're so weird." She said to her friend who's name was Alexis.

Alexis rolled her brown eyes, "Your one to talk Mrs. Kuma Elric." She said.

Mikayla huffed, so she was just a tad bit obsessed with Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist. Kuma was one of her many nicknames in which her family and friends called her. She could probably make a whole list of nicknames she had but that's not very important right now.

Mikayla looked over to the side and a volume of FullMetal Alchemist caught her eyes. She walked over and picked up the volume three.

"Hey it's your father!" Alexis laughed pointing at Roy Mustang who was on the cover.

Mikayla rolled her eyes, "Yeah, yeah."

That joke all started when Mikayla had one of her random dreams. It was a crossover of I Am Legend and FullMetal Alchemist…and Roy Mustang was her father.

Mikayla let out a sigh and looked at her watch, "Lets see, its 7:00pm and the concert starts at 8:00. Do you want to go get something to eat?" She asked her friend.

Alexis nodded, "Sure, let me go buy this manga first." She said and walked over to the check out line.

Mikayla took the manga that was in her hand and volumes 11 and 16 to the check out line.

After getting their books they walked over to McDonalds and got something to eat. After eating we started walking to The House of Blues because that's were the concert was being held. I never told you who was performing did I? Chris Brown, Ciara, Ne-yo, and Rihanna are supposed to be singing and dancing.

They get to The House of Blues and get to their seats.

"I'm so excited!" Mikayla said.

Alexis laughed, "Yeah, me too!" She said.

The lights dimmed signaling the concert was starting.

Mikayla let out a scream when Chris Brown stepped out on stage.

After the concert the girls got on a train to go back up to the suburbs on Illinois.

"That was so cool!" Alexis said with a smile plastered on her face.

Mikayla nodded, "Mhm, and I got a Chris Brown and Rihanna t-shirt!" She said, with a smile plastered on her face as well.

About 30 minutes later the arrived at their destination where Mikaya's mother was to pick the two girls up. They stepped off the train with their stuff and found Mikayla's mother waiting for them in her Mitsubishi Montero Limited.

"How was the concert girls?" the Mother asked Mikayla and Alexis.

"It was great! I got some manga at Borders too!" Mikayla answered.

The mother rolled her eyes, "Not again." She groaned.

Mrs. Mitchell wasn't very fond of anime and manga. She thought it was a waste of time and money, but her daughter enjoyed it and she wanted Mikayla to enjoy the things she liked.

Mrs. Mitchell dropped Alexis off at her home and then rode a few blocks and parked the car in their garage.

Mikayla got out of the car and went to her room. She fell on her bed with a sigh.

"I can't wait till the next concert." She thought out loud to herself.

Mikayla got up and went over to her desk. She had gone to the library a few days ago and checked-out a few episodes of FullMetal Alchemist. She put one of the DVD's on the player and sat on her bed. As she did there was a clap of thunder making her jump.

"I'm glad we got in before the storm." She muttered to herself.

As she watched FullMetal Alchemist Mikayla started to get sleepy so she laid her head on her arms (she was laying on her stomach) and dozed off.


Edward Elric and his armored little brother; Alphonse Elric ran down an ally way trying to get away from a man named Scar. Al made a rock wall at the opening of the ally way.

"Now, he can't fallow us." Al said, but a few seconds later Scar used his right hand and destroyed the wall.

Ed and Al stood in shock and then ran down the ally. Scar destroyed the ally wall and blocked the Elric brothers' path.

"This is a joke right?" Ed groaned.

The brothers turned around when the heard Scar's foot steps.

"What the hell are you? Why are you going after us?" Ed asked, a serious look in his eyes but behind it all he was scared.

I opened my brown eyes slowly; my vision blurry. I sit up rubbing my eyes.

Where am I?

I looked around and found myself in an ally way.

I look down at myself and saw I was still in my Bears jersey and black shorts and my DC's were still on.

I must've forgotten to take them off last night.

I stood up and saw my red backpack and some of my stuff spread on the ground. I tried to think back to last night.

"I remember coming home and watching FullMetal Alchemist…my backpack was on the TV stand." I muttered to myself as I picked up all my stuff.

"What the hell are you? Why are you going after us?" I heard a voice say on the other side of all the rubble.

I stopped in my tracks. Ed…

I stuffed the rest of my stuff in my bag and peeked over the rubble.

"If there are creators then there are also destroyers." Scar said.

"So you're telling us we have no choice." Ed said transmuting a sword and Al taking a fighting pose.

"You've got guts." Scar said as Ed and Al charged at him, "But you're too slow!"

I stared in shock, what was going on?

Wait I remember this part! I thought as my brain finally clicked.

Scar blew up right half of Al's armor.

"Al!" Ed shouted charging for Scar.

"I said you're too slow." Scar said calmly trying to blow off Ed's right arm, but luckily he had auto-mail.

Scar suddenly stood still and turn towards my hiding place.

I hid behind one of the rocks hugging my legs to my chest.

Did he see me? I thought franticly.

I heard footsteps come closer and closer.

I shut my eyes tight ready for him to blow up the whole rock, which most likely would kill me too.

"What are you doing here girl? Are you here to kill me?" I heard Scar ask, his shadow looming over me.

I turned around slowly to look at him, "No…to tell you the truth…I don't know, how I got here." I replied slowly trying to keep myself from screaming.

"Either way, you've seen too much so you have to die now." He said about to put his head on my head.

I screamed but at the same time Ed tackled him onto the floor.

"Run!" He shouted at me.

I froze, my legs not listening to my brain yelling for them to move; to run like I was running the 100m dash.

A few moments later my legs finally reacted and I ran. But, I didn't get far; actually I didn't even get out of the ally when I heard the sound of metal shattering into pieces.

I stopped in my tracks turning around quickly.

Ed! I shouted in my head.

I'm so glad I finally got around to fixing some of this chapter! Enjoy! Oh by the way if you haven't already noticed it switches POV's frequently. Get use to it because it happends all through out the series. Its mostly between Mikayla's and Ed's but sometimes it will be Al's.