The Flame of Penance

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Prologue: Destiny's Blaze

The situation was dire as a blonde-haired eighteen year old male with freckles on his face was running for dear life in a junk yard in Brooklyn, New York. The man was Ron Stoppable, and currently, all he could do at the moment was run.

"What's the matter, outsider?" a voice taunted from above him as he kept running. "Why don't you use your Mystical Monkey Powers?" This was the voice of the ninja traitor of Yamanouchi, Fukushima.

"You know exactly why," Ron replied as he kept up his pace. "I don't know how you managed to nullify my powers, but if it were just you and me, oooooh," Ron growled in frustration as a bunch of hulking men were also chasing him.

"No thanks," Fukushima replied as he threw several shuriken at Ron. "I've already lost my honor to you, so I'd rather take pleasure in your torture," he finished while he watched with glee as one of them embedded in Ron's back.

Ron winced in pain, but kept running, knowing that he wouldn't be of any use to Kim if he was dead. What he didn't notice was that he seemed to be headed in a specific direction, like something was guiding him.

Fukushima jumped from on top of the junk heaps and straight towards Ron with his foot extended. His kick landed right onto Ron's wound, pushing the shuriken deeper.

Fortunately for Ron, the area the projectile initially hit wasn't near any of his vital organs.

"Why don't you fight back?" Fukushima asked rhetorically as he started to slash at Ron with a katana he pulled out of a sheith strapped on his back, being careful not to hit any of Ron's vital organs. He sliced Ron's legs and arms, stabbed both of his hands and thrusted the blade straight through his back and out of his torso, severing his spinal cord.

Ron could only lay there and drag himself to where he was headed, which was only a few feet away.

"You're still alive after all of that?" Fukushima asked, slightly astonished. "Impressive," he told him as he walked away. "I'll leave you dieing here, you don't have but a few more minutes anyway," the traitorous ninja said as he walked away. "Maybe I'll have my way with that woman you cherish so much," he finished with a devious smirk.

"NO!! LEAVE KP ALONE," Ron shouted, which only caused Fukushima's smirk to widen into an evil grin.

In about a minute Ron was alone, his eyes were drifting closed, his thought were revolving around one thing, or person, in this case. "Get up, move," he told his legs, knowing that he was paralyzed from the waste down. He still kept, unconsciously dragging himself towards toward that one specific junk heap. "PLEASE!!"

'How far wouldst thou go to save thine woman?' a bodiless voice spoke in an old english dialect.

"Who are you?" Ron asked.

'Please answer,' the voice said.

"I'd sell my soul and face eternal torture if it would ensure Kim's safety," Ron admitted to the voice.

'I'm not a demon, thine soul is safe,' the voice said in admiration at the honesty in the young man's voice. 'If thou wisheth for the power, then move towards the light.'

And Ron started seeing something glowing at the bottom of the junk pile he was pulling himself towards. He saw one of the glowing pieces within his reach, so he did just that and used the last of his strength to grab the piece, his blood flowing out of his wounds. The moment his bloody hand touched the piece, a burst of flames erupted from beneath him and the motorcycle he just touched.


In the Stoppable household, a woman started screaming, waking everyone in the household. Then, as suddenly as she started she stopped.

The only thing that could be heard within the walls was a baby crying, to which the current tenants of the house ran towards the nursery and to check on her.

As the man checked his wife's pulse, he feared the worse when he didn't get one, "James, call an ambulance."


"Vhat vas zhat?" a short, yellow-skinned man said in a heavy german accent. He was standing in front of a woman with auburn colored hair, green eyes and was currently covered in some sort of muck.

"I don't know," this came from a muscular man with long blonde hair and a goatie. "Seriously."

"That's the area where I left Stoppable to die," Fukushima told them as he prepared for the worst. He was shaking a bit, but what really got his fear on a high level was when he finally realized, "The barrier has been destroyed."

"You mean the one that kept the dude from using his freaky Monkey Mojo?" Motor Ed asked before he added, "Seriously."

"Did you really need to ask that?" another voice, that sounded altered from that of a normal human's voice. The owner of this voice was green, a bit ripped and looked to be covered in muck. "And what's there to worry about? You told us yourself that the monkey magic couldn't heal wounds, so the squeeb can't possibly be a threat now," he said to Fukushima,

"I understand vhat you are saying, Gill, but how do you explain zhe explosion and zhe barrier dropping?" Dementor inquired as he began to worry even more.

"This place is a junk yard, so some of the cars probably still have fuel in them, and some metal scraping against one another could have sparked and lit it," Gill told the German genius. "And the flames could have just as easily hit one of those pieces of paper you used to form the barrier," he finished, satisfied with his explanation. He then added with an evil grin, "Besides, the squeeb couldn't have possibly survived that explosion without those monkey powers."

As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

The woman was squirming in the muck, trying to maneuver at least one hand into her pocket, to see if she can at least find, maybe a laser or something to get herself out.

"It's useless, Possible," Gill told her as she continued her struggling. "That muck is concentrated, so it won't be coming off any time soon."

"Indeed, especially since ve confiscated all of your veapons und gadgets," Dementor told her, causing her to glare at him. "Ve'll break that spirit of yours soon enough, Kim Possible," he finished.

Everyone else laughed at this, save for Motor Ed, who just played the air-guitar.

During this supposed moment of defeat, Kim noticed that the flames seemed to be moving towards their location while not leaving any behind. 'Weird,' she thought, but still kept her composure.

A huge crash caused everyone to look in the direction Kim was looking. And the figure they saw surprised everyone.

Dementor himself started shaking, 'No, he can't be real.'

The figure was riding a motorcycle with wheels engulfed in flames and what looked like a battering ram in the shape of a skull as a figurehead. The figure himself was wearing a leather jacket and pants with spikes extending farther out of the shoulders than most. He was wearing a metal belt, boots and what looked like gauntlets, all with spikes on them. He had two chains slung in an x around his shoulders. But his most distiguishing feature was his head, which was a blazing skull.

The first word anyone heard, was, "Nice look, and what a wicked ride."

Everyone looked at Motor Ed like he was an idiot.

Given the state of his look, the biker couldn't smirk, but everyone seemed to just feel it.

"Too bad I can't say the same thing to you," the biker retorted as he pulled one of his chains off, and it seemed to extend when he flung it towards Motor Ed's monster truck. The chain wrapped around a hook in the machine and the biker used both hands and flung the truck over him and onto its back.

"Mein henchmen, abort," Dementor yelled as he pushed a button on his watch. The jetpack on his back started and he flew out of there. All those who were on Dementor's payrole pushed similar buttons and started flying after their boss.

There were only a few subordinates left and they were working for Motor Ed.

"Get him, he trashed my ride," Motor Ed said and all the punk gangsters he recruited started pulled out weapons you would find off the street, pipes, bottles, wrenches, crow bars, etc.

The biker just whipped his chain towards the mechanic and wrapped it around him. He then pulled the chain and Ed towards him and swung him at all of the gangsters. Needless to say, everyone involve with that tussle was unconscious, save for the biker himself. He just whipped the chain back around his shoulder.

Kim could help but smirk at how the mysterious vigilant biker dealt with the superior numbers. "It looks to me that you picked the wrong city to set up a trap," Kim retorted.

Gill's response was to cover her mouth with his muck, unfortunately, he also covered her nose as well.

Fukushima just slammed her head with the hilt of his katana.

Kim winced in pain but managed to keep herself conscious.

The biker didn't seem to take too kindly to how they were treating Kim, and pointed at Gill and motioned for him to come forward.

Gill complied, thinking he had an edge on this guy, walking forward as he began to think about what he'll do.

"Hand to hand, no weapons," the biker said to Gill.

Gill just smirked. "Fine by me," he said right before he fired several blobs of muck out of his mouth and right at the biker.

The biker simply held his hand out and flames shot out, burning all of the muck Gill fired.

This left Gill to be hesitant about how to fight this guy, so he just ran right at him, trying to swipe him with his claws.

The biker responded by simply ducking and giving Gill a strong uppercut into his jaw as he rose. The pain was increased given the spikes on the bikers glove. The biker then just slammed Gill right on the top of his head, leaving him out cold. He just tossed Gill aside, and looked around, only to see that Fukushima wasn't around, so he walked towards Kim.

Said person was a little fearful, but also grateful for the guy's help. The thankful look turned to a look of fear as she saw Fukushima try and attack with a downward strike, capable of slicing most in half.

The biker simply grabbed the chain with his left hand. The chain morphed into a katana and the biker blocked the attempt at a killing strike, all without looking.

Fukushima was suprised at how quickly the biker was able to react, but what shocked him even more was that he recognised the katana. "The Lotus Blade, but that's impossible, you can only bring out its full potential if you're blessed with..." he stopped his mumbling as he realised the identity of the biker.

The biker simply turned to the traitorous ninja and gave him a serious right hook. "Ain't irony a bitch," he said as he walked towards Fukushima.

Fukushima was frozen with fear as the biker walked towards him.

The biker picked up Fukushima's katana and melted it in his hands, he then pointed at Fukushima and said, "Guilty." He then picked him up up by the scruff of his gi, "Look into my eye," he said. "Your soul is stained by the blood of innocence, feel their pain."

Kim could only wince at the sound of Fukushima's screaming as she saw the biker holding him up. Due to lack of air and the blow the, currently screaming, ninja had given her, consciousness was slipping from her grasp. Right before she passed out she vaguely recalled seeing the biker's pants falling down. "Aww, man, what is the deal?" was all she heard as she lost consciousness.

End of Chapter

Pilot chapter, not an original idea, but certainly an interesting one. Ron Stoppable, basically taking up the role of Daniel Ketch. Now I haven't really read much of the Ghost Rider comics, but I do tend to read up on a few things to insure that the references are accurate. And Ron is capable of wielding the chain as well as the Lotus Blade, so that's two weapons that can change shape.

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