The Flame of Penance

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Chapter 1: Taking Action

Kim woke up in a familiar room, just not hers.

Her family had been staying at the Stoppable household until their house was finished being rebuilt.

Kim was thinking about what happened and was wondering if all that was just a dream. She looked down to see herself in her sleeping attire and her gaze slid to the right as she saw Ron sleeping with only a blanket and pillow next to the bed. She could also see that not only does he roll around in his sleep, but also that he didn't sleep with a shirt on. This brought a blush to her face as she was reminded of how well-toned, despite how skinny, he was.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the Kimmunicator chimed, which, for some strange reason, caused Ron to stir from his slumber.

"Go, Wade," Kim said as she yawned a bit.

"Ron, your mother is in the hospital for severe cardiac arrest," Wade told them in an alarmed tone.

"Laments terms please," Ron said as he yawned himself awake.

"Ron, your mom had a heart attack," Kim told him, equally as alarmed as Wade.

Ron understood that and was wide awake now. He ran straight into he closet and out completely ready.

Kim was slightly amazed at how fast Ron was able to get dressed. She ran to her suit case and Ron left the room to give her privacy. After a few minutes she was ready as well.

They both got into the Sloth and headed straight for Middleton General.


A middle-age woman with dark brown hair, wearing a violet jump-suit and an eye-patch over her left eye, walked to one of her subordinates, to which they stood in full attention.

"At ease," she told them and asked. "What's the status?"

"For the most part, their all fine, physically," on of the medical researchers told her. "They all have injuries that indicate a vicious, and rather short, fight, though Motor Ed has a mild concussion."

"So what all information was recieved from them?" she asked her interrogation officer with a bit of curiosity.

"Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure," he answered in all honesty. "The only real conclusion I can draw is that Ms. Possible wasn't the one that left them in this state."

"Oh?" she asked. "Was it her partner, Ron Stoppable?"

"Not from what I can tell," the officer admitted to his superior. "Going by all the information given by the prisoners, the whole thing was a trap, and the ninja had not only mortally wounded him, but also paralyzed him from the waist down."

"I did the inspection myself and found no traces of Ron Stoppable or Kim Possible ever being there," she told her subordinate. "Although there was what looked like a line that was burnt into the ground in the shape of motorcycle tracks starting from a junk pile that looked like some sort of explosion happened there and lead to where we found them, and then leading away and out of the junk yard," she finished with a hand to her chin.

"Well there is something else," the interrogation officer admitted.

"What is it?" another voice said as he walked in.

All three looked and then suddenly stood in attention and saluted the man walking in. The man stood at roughly 6'1", had brown hair with some gray at his temples, brown eyes, wearing a blue jumpsuit with a long trenchcoat over it and a patch over his left eye. "At ease," he ordered as he smirked at them.

"Permission to speak freely, Commander Fury," the woman said to the man, now known as Fury.

"Granted, Director," Fury nodded to his subordinate.

"What brings you here?" Dr. Director asked.

"I had a bit of free time and I decided to see what our subdivisions were up to," Fury answered her.

"We've recently apprehended three minor terrorists and apparently were beaten to the punch, as we found everyone, save for a small faction, all unconscious and were worse for wear," Dr. Director replied. "I was about to finish asking about what our interrogation expert had found out when you walked in," she finished.

Fury nodded and they both looked to the man with the info.

"Well, from what we've gotten out of them, due to the habits and conditions of the ones I was able to speak to, I'd concluded that either they hallucinated or they got some nightmares mixed up with reality," the interrogation officer told them.

"How so?" both asked.

"Well, they were both saying that they were beaten by a biker with a bike with flaming wheels and a blazing skull as a head," he told them. "But given the investigation, their statement might not be as farfetched as I'd first thought," he finished.

"Indeed," Fury thought aloud, causing attention to be drawn to him. "Tell me, who was it that was reported to be there but hadn't been accounted for?" he asked with a bit of intrigue.

"The science terrorist known as Hanz Demenz, otherwise known as Dr. Dementor," the interrogation officer replied. "From what our prisoners reported, he had retreated shortly after the biker had, from what they told me, destroyed a monster truck by flinging it over his head with a chain that had extended and hooked around the front axel," he finished.

Fury just nodded and turned to Dr. Director, "I think I should dispatch some of our higher field agents to retrieve Dementor."

"Why take such actions, commander?" Dr. Director question curiously.

"I have a good feeling of who our vigilant is, I just need final confirmation from someone who wasn't knocked out," he explained to his subordinate. "Director, I'll allow you to choose one agent to assist in leading this capture."

"Sir, that still doesn't explain why," Dr. Director stated.

"I've met an older version of the vigilant described," Fury explained to her. "If it's one for this generation and if we can contact him, we might have ourselves a very powerful ally in the future, be it near or distant," he finished.


As they were driving Kim looked at Ron, "I know you're scared, especially with this unexpected development."

"Actually, Kim, it wasn't entirely unexpected," Ron admitted to her.

"What do you mean?" she asked, clearly curious about what Ron was going to say.

"Mom has had heart problems for years," he told her. "Every doctor she saw was amazed that she was still alive for the past five year, let alone the whole Lorwardian invasion," he finished. "Though I'm doubting it, I really hope mom will be okay," he said to his girlfriend.

Kim gave Ron a reassuring smile, "Let's just hope for the best."

Ron smiled back, but he just couldn't feel as optimistic at the moment. Something in the back of his head kept him fearing for the worst as they parked the car.

Ron ran to the front desk and said, "Where's my mom? I need to see her."

"Would you please give us the room number for Naomi Stoppable?" Kim asked politely as she walked up behind the stressing Ron.

The woman at the front desk did just that and Ron rushed to the room, dragging Kim behind him. Being that they frequently visited Kim's mother when they were younger, they pretty much knew the place inside and out.

When they reached the room, they saw that everyone had a downcast look, even Hana looked sad.

"How bad is it?" Kim asked for Ron, seeing as he was a tad afraid of the answer.

"Bad," a blue-eyed, red-haired woman replied. "She died before she even left the house."

"When was that?" Ron asked. "And why didn't we find out until this morning?"

"You two were in the middle of a mission in Brooklyn," a middle-aged man with brown and some gray hair replied. "We didn't want your lives to be lost because of lack of concentration."

"What was the estimated T.O.D.?" Kim asked.

"In between 12:15 am and 12:20 am," a short middle-aged man with blonde hair and glasses told them while he was holding Hana. This man was Daniel Stoppable.

"If you consider the time zones, that's actually around the time we were both saved," Ron told them. "A flaming biker saved me and healed all the wounds that had been given to me before helping Kim. As it turns out, it was a trap."

"A flaming biker, you say?" Dr. James Possible thought with his hand on his chin. "Maybe I should call up Dr. Richards and see if his brother-in-law had been out at around 2:00 am."

"It wasn't the Human Torch, Dad," Kim told him. "His entire body wasn't engulfed in flames, just his head and the wheels of his bike, the rest of his outfit was that of a biker, and he used a chain that was apparently magic because not only did it extend, but it lifted Motor Ed's truck over his head without any indication of straining or breaking."

"More than that, his head was just a skull and flames, no skin," Ron said to them. "I don't know what he was called, but I do know that I owe him my life," he said to them

That was when Hana started crying, to which Ron walked over to her. This only caused her to cry out even louder.

"Hana, it's just me," Ron told her, hoping to calm her down.

She just looked up at him and he gave her his gentle smile. That was certainly enough for her to reach out to him.

Ron's smile deepened as he took his sister from his father's arms and she hugged him.

The presence Hana felt within Ron, although a tad scary at first, seemed to be comforting and didn't feel very hostile.

"Well, the only real thing we can do now is set up the date for the funeral," Daniel said, breaking the silence.

Everyone except Hana nodded.

End of Chapter

Kind of uneventful, but mostly I'm just trying to get the plotline down. Now this is set during the summer before they begin college, so don't be surprised about a few things that will happen. James Possible is a rocket scientist who was capable of caculating and build a rocket that is suppose to be the fastest man made object on earth, that would certainly give him enough credential to be considered one of the greatest scientific minds on the planet. Dr. Reed Richards is also a world renown rocket scientist, so them crossing paths a few times isn't farfetched.